I sat in a Room,waiting for the Results of my Test.I nervously shifted on the Table in the Doctors Office.I'll admit it:I was scared.I didn't know what to expect and i sure,as hell wasn't expecting what i found out...

*Present (1days later)*.

I walked around my Bedroom,gathering everything i would need.I didn't tell anyone what was going,just that i needed time Doctor had said,i needed to be at the Hospital by 4Pm,and it was already 2:30pm.I sighed,looking around.I had no idea how this had wait,I Did!.I was stupid..I shake my Head,as i finish packing the Bag i'll be taking.I only told my Mom,and Dad what was going else,not even my Sister or the time i finished,it was time for me to word killed me,just thinking it.I drove myself to the Hospital.I arrived and went inside and met the Doctor in Admitted me and he walked with me up to the Floor i would be staying we got up to the Floor,we got me a Room and i put my stuff in it,looking Doctor said,

"Well..I have a few Papers and stuff for you to Sign,alright?".I was all 'New' to me.

He said,

"Alright,well..The Nurse'll come in with everything you will need to 'll be doing Testing Later on Tomorrow okay?".I nodded, left me .To deal with all of this.I looked through my Bag and put everything into the my Clothes into the tiny Closet they had,in the at all,like my Nurse knocked then had me Sign alot of told me,this was seemed, next Day,as 'Promised',i did have stopped at around Doctor came in around 3pm and said,

"Jesse...How're you?".I rollled my eyes,

"Fine..Just,fine!..".He said,

"I can see ,i know this is hard,but..I think you should meet someone..".

I looked at somebody?..Why?.I asked,

"Why?What good would that do?".

"I think hearing and talking to her,would help...You think you have it bad?..C'mon".

I rolled my Eyes and got out of the Bed,sore from all the damned Tests!.We walked a bit down the Hall until we came too a said,

"Hold on".

He went 2minutes later,he said,


I slowly walked in,seeing a Girl on the Bed,messing with ,like a Phone or whatever. He said,

"I'll let you Two talk..Take it easy,Amber okay?".She shrugged.

He walked out,leaving me standing there,again alone.'Amber' looked up and said,

"You gonna sit or what?".I satdown in a Chair by her Bed.I noticed,she had Music playing.I asked,

"Whatcha got playin'?".She looked up at me and said,

"You're not around your so-called 'friends' anymore,right now..Speak normally?..This".

She took out the Earphones from the was,'Beautiful Soul'.I cringed but tried to hide such noticed,and said,

"Yeah..Cringing much?".I shrugged.I said,

"Your point would be?". It switched too another song of Mine,'That was Then'.I said,

"Mind turning my shit off,please?".She said,

"Nope,not gonna..Why're you here,though?".I said,

"If you want me to leave the Room,say so!".

She rolled her eyes and said,

"No!.I meant HERE,as in,the Hospital!".I said,

"Just...Because of something..Not something,i wanna share with the World..".She said,

"Jesse,your not out in the Public right now, not surrounded by Paparazzi,watching your every damned move..Your secure..".I rolled my said,

"What,what would *I* know,right?".I looked at said,

"Please..It's written allover your Face.A Kid like me?.What would i know?.Alot,actually and you have 2 Choices".

"What would those be?".She looked me in the face and said,

"You can either,1)Make your time here 'Fun' and Wise, or 2),you can Sullk it away,feeling sorry for yourself,which you're doing,while you KNOW others probably already,have it worse than you do!.Your choice...".I roll my Eyes and said,

"Whatever..Why do you care?".She said,

"Why do you NOT care?".I said,

"Why do you wanna know so damned badly?..You don't even know me!".

"Mm maybe..I bet i can guess why you're in here,though..Just by from what i've seen and heard".

"Go ahead..Try!".She shakes her head and said,

"Nah..I'll wait for YOU to tell me".I was starting to get ticked!.I said,


"Because..If i force it out of you,you're not gonna Trust not gonna open up if i force you..So nope".I changed the Subject.I asked,

"WHatever...Why're you here?.What's your Story?".

She turned off her iPod and said,looking at me,

"You'll find out,eventually".

"What's the mean?".

She smirked,and said,

"It means,when you Trust me,enough to tell me why you're here,then i'll Trust you enough to tell You why I'm here...Deal?".I said,

"Damn..You like shrugging,or something?".

I smirked,