Chapter One – The Beginning

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Summary- Edward Cullen belongs to no one. Edward Cullen will never commit to anyone. Edward Cullen is a 'no strings attached' kind of guy. Well at least that's what he thought until Bella Swan came along. Bella Swan was looking for nothing, but got everything. What happens when two opposites attract?


Nothing said 'welcome to a new town' other than rain and an overcast that looked like it would never leave. There was the constant smell of a fresh down pour upon the roads and a never-ending length of trees and shrubbery. So this was my new home, Forks, Washington. I Bella Swan, vowed to my mother that I would always put 100 percent in to everything I did, when I was just 12 years old. I was so naïve then, so caught up in my tiny little world that I didn't notice reality coming straight for me. But that's how every 12 year old is, isn't it? They have no cares in the world, no responsibilities. Unfortunately for me that all changed in a split second. One accident can change your whole life. At least that's the lesson I've learnt, you can be given the most beautiful gifts in the world, but they can just as easily be taken away. My mother was my gift, although she didn't cook and she never stuck to one thing for very long, she was the one thing I had that I doubted I could ever let go of. But that wasn't my choice to make, so when her life was taken my world was shattered. So here I am outside Charlie's house, my estranged dad, with my broken heart in tow. But I'm not really here, because when my mum died so did I. And at that point in my life I resorted to the worst possible things, drugs, sex and alcohol. But that's who I am now and I knew Charlie would never understand that side of me.

Charlie looked at me over the centre consol of the car, I could see the longing for familiarity in his eyes. We hardly knew each other, yet I was his flesh and blood. At that moment I made a silent promise to my mum that I would put 100 percent in to trying to make this work. To being happy and making a new home for myself, but somehow I knew it would never be the same. Because as long as she wasn't here neither was I and I would never be the same person.

I reached for the handle of the car, and slowly attempted stepping out into this new world, my new 'home', if you could call it that. I turned around slightly to give Charlie a reassuring smile that I was doing alright, but really I felt that any minute now I was about to have a nervous break down. I needed a cigarette and soon, my nerves were out of control and I need to calm the fuck down.

"Bells I know you probably don't like this situation, but I'm here for you and if you want to talk I'm all ears." Charlie tried to start a conversation, and as awkward as it was I knew he felt strange around me.

"Thanks, but I think we'll keep the whole family script to another perfect family." I gave him a 'I don't really care for this conversation' look and finally stepped out of the car, the cool wind hitting me. I wrapped my coat around me a little tighter, staring up at the house that I would be living in. It was a weatherboard house that was painted white, but the paint was peeling at certain areas. It had a small front porch and an old swing on it. It looked quaint and 'homey' I guess, but it defiantly needed work. I could see my breath in front of my as my labored breathing began and I defiantly knew my flask would come in handy very soon.

I slowly dragged my feet up the porch steps with the amount of enthusiasm as a little kid getting an injection. Charlie was already inside the house looking back to make sure I was following. I think he thought I might run off or something, but then where would I go? I turned around to take a look at the new surrounding neighborhood. It mostly consisted of old houses just like Charlie's, but one really stood out. About 3 houses down on the opposite side of the road there was a modern mansion. It looked amazing from the outside and I wondered who would build such a house in this area. I shook my head of silly thoughts and headed inside, it was probably just some rich fucker that wanted to flaunt his money.

The house looked so strange to me. I mean I was never used to luxury, but this house was something different. There were pictures of me up upon the walls, which Renee must have sent Charlie over the years. Just thinking about her was hard but I had to get used to it. But I also had assisted help to solve the pain and the spot in my heart where Renee once occupied a place.

"Do you want me to show you your room?" Charlie broke me out of my thoughts.

"Sure" I gave him a weak smile and followed his lead up the creaky stairs. Those stairs would be a fucking problem, I thought to myself. If I wanted to leave during the night for a cigarette or to just clear my head I would have to come up with a plan.

Charlie stopped outside a door and opened it. I looked in to see a room full of purple vomit. What the fuck? Did he think I was 2 years old?

"I hope you like it, if not you can just go down to the shops and buy anything you want to decorate it." He looked so awkward talking to me, so I though I'd put him out of his misery.

"Sure, I'm just going to lie down if that's okay? I'm really tired from the flight." I headed into the room with my one duffle bag, because really I didn't want to drag all my memories here with me.

"Alright, I've got a shift at the police station now so if you need me my number is on the fridge. I tried to get out of the shift but it's not really an option when you're the chief, sorry Bells."

"It's okay, I'm just going to get settled" I turned around and sat down on the bed, Charlie left down the stairs. I waited to hear the click of the door closing and then the engine starting in his car, to pull out my flask and cigarettes that I was so desperately needing.

I walked over to the window and opened it; it opened with a creak like it hadn't been touched in years. I lit up and took a drag feeling my body relax instantly. I sat down on the edge of the window and breathed in the fresh air. I looked out across the street, noticing the nightly activities of my new neighbors. Most houses still had a few lights on seeing as it was only 8:00pm. The mansion across the road still caught my eye and I kept glancing at it every few minutes. Something about it irked me, something strange. There was now a silver Volvo in the driveway, which I hadn't noticed before. I tapped the ash off the end of my cigarette and closed up the window. I sprayed some of that girly shit perfume my mum would insist on getting me for gifts, to try and smother the smell of smoke before Charlie got home.

I was starting school on Monday so I needed all the cigarettes I could get for the next 2 days until my nerves settled. I knew how it would be when I started on Monday. New girl, no one wants to hang out with but every wants to know about, and no one can mind their own fucking business. I just hoped the new school would be as slack as my last in Phoenix so I could get the occasional smoke in.

I sat down on my bed and took my Converse off. I sat contemplating my next two days of freedom. Charlie had previously told me he would be working quite a bit and that he was sorry. I think he just took on extra shifts to avoid the awkwardness of me being there. I knew this was an inconvenience for him so I was going to try and make this as easy as possible for him. I guess I would walk around the new town and see what there is to do.

I switched the light off and lay back on the bed not bothering to take my clothes off and pulled the covers over myself. It really had been a long day and I wasn't usually one for an early night but I think I can make an exception for once. Before I knew it I was dozing off, into the nightmares that were awaiting me.


What a great fucking day! First I had Stanley on my case about when I was going to 'accept the fact, that she was the only girl for me and that we should become an 'item''. Which was obviously never because she was just a fuck buddy, not even that, just a 'fuck'. Second Mr. Banner was becoming 'impatient' with my lack of respect for his teachings in biology. It seemed I had been skipping out on a few too many classes and I wasn't paying enough attention in his all-important lectures. I don't know why Mr. Banner thought he was so special, I wagged every one of my classes equally and I didn't see any of those teachers giving me a hard time. That was probably because they chose to rant about my 'bad' behavior, behind closed doors, in the staff room, where sad little teachers go and most likely the principles office.

I didn't have time for any bullshit today, I just wasn't in the mood. I knew Carlisle would be on my case sometime soon, like in the next few weeks, about my lack of attendance in school. I was just lucky he was away this weekend so we could have a 'my parents are out of town, and I got the house all to myself' party.

I walked out into the rain just outside the school steps. Of course it was raining, it's Forks, if it's not raining there's been an apocalypse, and you've been lucky enough to survive. I headed towards Jazz's car where everyone had gathered around. Alice and Jazz of course, were obviously in a smothering contest because you couldn't see the other ones face, for the life of you and Emmet was groping Rosalie by the side of the car in a love-fest I just wanted nothing to do with. Emmet was my older brother, but just by one year. Jasper was my best friend and for the life of me I can't remember why I put up with his fucking shit, but I do. Alice is his girlfriend and soon to be 'baby momma' if they kept on going the way they were. I just wanted to get the fuck home. It had been a shit of a day and the weekend was finally here.

"Jazz, I'm heading the fuck home, I'll see you later." He gave me a half wave and I nodded my head in acknowledgment. I flipped Emmet the bird before walking over to my silver Volvo and heading home.

Thank God Carlisle wasn't home and was still at work. He had that 'can do no wrong' presence around him and he was the go-to man in town. Everyone knew who he was and everyone loved him. And that sure as hell sucked for me. If I did one thing wrong it would look bad for Carlisle. And I think that's why I rebel but I wasn't about to get into all that sentimental crap. Carlisle was my father and the one who raised me in the absence of my mother, but now we have Esme. And Carlisle and Esme are so perfect for each other and I'm really happy to see him happy, he deserves it. But enough crap I needed a cigarette and I needed it now. I walked up to my room and opened my balcony door; it was still early about 8:30pm. I looked across the street at Chief Swan's house, apparently his daughter was moving in today. There were so many fucking stories going on around the school about her and she didn't even attend the fucking school yet.

Just as I looked across the road I saw a petite figure cross one of the windows and then the light went out. I didn't even know why I even fucking cared. It was just more gossip around the school and basically the whole town. I threw the last bit of the smoke off the balcony and onto Esme's perfectly trimmed hedges, serves her right for spending so much time tending to bushes.

A text message from my phone broke me out of my thoughts. I headed back inside to grab my phone off my bed. I knew who it was before I read the message. It was Jessica. I had a special message tone for her. It yelled ALERT! Out loud continuously until I got the phone. She once asked me to give her a personalized ring tone and so I did. I smirked to myself at my witty thinking. I opened the message wondering what she wanted this time, because I was seriously contemplating changing my number.

Are you coming to the party tonight? I know I'd like it if you came. :) – Jessica

I rolled my eyes at her attempt at flirting and sexual innuendos', and that fucking weird horny face. Everyone knew she was as horny as a jackrabbit, and don't get me wrong she's a good fuck, but come on. She was so fucking annoying. Some girls just don't get it.

I didn't bother replying to her text. If I did she would become way to needy and think we've become 'gal pals' or some fucking weird shit like that. And that would defiantly become a problem.

I grabbed my keys and leather jacket off the back of my chair and made my way to the car. I needed a night out and to just get smashed. I drove to the address Stanley had given me earlier in the day and that she had insisted on writing on my hand. I parked half a block down and made my way to the house where the music was blasting. It was going to be a long night and one that I hoped I could forget with enough alcohol.

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