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The Shinobi Knight

Chapter22: The Gallant Jiraiya

Land of Hot Water: Forest / Hideout

Jiraiya heard the distant sounds of explosions behind him followed soon by a blast of light and then silence. Guilt and anxiety rushed through him when he realized that something awful must have happened back there. He shook himself and pushed on forward intent on rescuing the Hyuga heiress whom had clearly been captured and was being held by their enemy.

"That's far enough...Ero-Sennin," a familiar voice chuckled causing him to stop.

"You...I've heard about you," Jiraiya said as he looked up and saw a man who looked just like his current student. "You're Naruto's clone...or something close to one...your name is Yami, right?"

"That's me," Yami smirked as he pulled a barely conscious Hinata and Neji to his side. "You want these two?" he asked with a knowing smile.

"What do you want?" Jiraiya asked the question.

"It's simple really...hand over the key you have in your possession and I'll release these two...unharmed. I promise you that and you know that I always keep my promises," Yami replied.

"You're not Naruto," Jiraiya glared. "How can I know that you won't just kill them the moment I give you the key...how do you even know what the key is?"

"No I'm not Naruto...but he and I are the same no matter how much either of us hates to admit it. The only difference between me and him is that I refuse to answer to anyone but me. As for how I know about the key...that's a secret...now...hand it over," Yami gestured.

"...Fine," Jiraiya said finally and formed a single hand-seal. 'Kuchiyose no Jutsu,' he thought as a red-black toad and a large scroll was released from his mouth.

"Jiraiya? What do you think you're doing summoning me?" Gerotora demanded.

"So that scroll contains the key?" Yami asked.

"Who're you?" Gerotora asked rudely.

"Silence lower life form," Yami sneered back. "You are of no concern to me...give me the scroll now."

"No way am I turning it over to you," Gerotora shot back.

"Then these two will die," Yami shrugged and gestured towards the two Hyugas.

"What the devil is going on Jiraiya?" Gerotora asked his summoner.

"I don't have time to explain...just...give him the scroll," Jiraiya responded.

"You're sure?" the toad asked.

"Yes," Jiraiya nodded.

"...Alright," Gerotora nodded reluctantly and threw the scroll to the ground in front of them.

"Thank you," Yami smiled. "Now catch," he immediately pushed Hinata and Neji off of the tree branch and down towards the ground forcing Jiraiya and Gerotora to jump after them. "Got it!" Yami laughed as he grabbed the scroll. "Mangekyo Sharingan," he whispered and his eyes turned black with an overlapping red design. "Kamui," he whispered and the scroll in his hands was sucked into what he liked to call a black hole.

"What did you do?" Jiraiya demanded when he saw the scroll disappear.

"I'm saving it for later," Yami shrugged and turned back to him. "Now there's just one loose end to tie up...can you guess what it is?"

"I thought you said you weren't going to hurt them if I gave you the scroll?" Jiraiya narrowed his eyes.

"Them? No...you on the other hand? Yes," Yami sneered. "Amaterasu!" he exclaimed and black flames exploded towards the Gama-Sennin.

"Fuka Hoin," Jiraiya quickly pulled out a scroll and sealed the flames away before they could touch him. "So it's true, you really did steal the Uchiha's bloodline...but how are you able to use the Mangekyo?"

"Too unlock the Mangekyo you have to kill your closest friend," Yami smiled. "The closest thing to a friend I have ever had was the Kyuubi...someone Naruto stole from me during our last battle a year ago. That sense of loss...it was enough to awaken his true power...or at least a bastardized version of it."

"What are you talking about?" Jiraiya questioned. "What do you want exactly? What is it you're after?"

"I seek naught but blood and carnage," Yami answered. "Though there is something else I want...something only one other person has ever had...these eyes I have acquired are nothing more than a means to an end. The Kyuubi and the rest of the Biju are the same to me. What do I want? That's simple...I want to be complete."

"What do you mean?" Jiraiya questioned further. "Do you want Naruto?"

"It doesn't matter now...there is something else I want and I know you're not going to give it to me willingly," Yami shook his head.

"And what's that?" Jiraiya inquired.

"Your head," Yami snarled and lunged forward with his fist covered in lightning. "Chidori!"

"Why do you want me? What did I ever do to you?" Jiraiya shouted back as he moved to counter with a spinning ball of energy in hand. "Rasengan!"

The two attacks clashed in the center and shockwaves rippled through the forest around them. A loud booming sound filled the air and both combatants were blown away from each other. Jiraiya struck the side of a still standing tree while Yami landed against a nearby cliff edge and groaned.

"You...you were never there for me, for us!" Yami ranted in anger as he stood once more. "You left us despite being our godfather, despite the fact that you were our father's sensei...you left us alone surrounded by the hatred of others. You didn't care and now you see before you the results of your neglect."

"I was tracking Orochimaru! Sandaime-sama said you would be okay!" Jiraiya reasoned.

"And you believed that old fossil?" Yami snarled back. "That bastard took away everything from me! My father, my life, my family, my childhood! He may have been a brilliant leader but he was an absolute idiot when it came to me. He chose not to tell me about the Kyuubi or my father because he was afraid that I might leave the village. He was proven right when we got the hell out of that nightmare three years ago and headed for Kumo! And you're even worse! At least he was thinking of the safety of his home and people. You just left and didn't even pay me a visit! Fuck it, I haven't even met you before today and I wish I never did!"

"I know we've made some mistakes-" Jiraiya started.

"Some mistakes? You fucked everything up from the start! To hell with the pedophilic snake! He's dead! Deal with it!" Yami snarled back. "And that was because of Naruto, not you. He fixed another of your mistakes...why should he have too? Why should I have to? Why should we have to prove anything to you of all people? In Konoha it should have been them proving themselves to us not the other way around! They disregarded everything the Uzumaki clan, the Senju clan and my father stood for and now they've experienced the consequences of their actions."

"And who are you to judge them?" Jiraiya demanded with anger.

"I am the one who will establish piece and order," Yami said mockingly.

"What?" Jiraiya's eyes widened at the words.

"The Rikudō-Sennin...he was an interesting man," Yami commented. "Strong, powerful and he had a Will of Fire that would just not back down. You ask me who I am? I'll tell you...Naruto and I are the Rikudō-Sennin incarnate."

"What?" Jiraiya asked in surprise.

"Nicely done on training my other half," Yami smiled. "A revolution is coming Ero-Sennin and Naruto and I are going to be in the center of it. The day when he and I finally end our personal war will be the day that the world will either be saved or destroyed forever."

"...So Naruto is the Child of Prophecy," Jiraiya mused.

"No he isn't...at least not completely," Yami corrected. "He and I together are the Child of Prophecy whom will bring about the revolution of this world. Unfortunately for you, you won't be here to see that new world come into existence."

"We'll see about that," Jiraiya said as he formed a series of hand-seals. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" he slammed his hand down on the ground and a seal matrix spread out on the surface. An explosion of smoke signified the summoning of a large red and black toad wielding a sakazuki-like shield in its left hand and a samumata in its right. "These tears of blood, overflowing with rage! I went from Sannin to sage! The most holy hermit sage of Myobokuzan toads! I am Jiraiya-sama—awk," he sang and danced and fell on his ass when the toad beneath him moved slightly.

"You're an idiot," Yami scoffed.

"Hey! Gamaken-san! How often must I ask you not to bob at a crucial moment?" Jiraiya asked the giant toad.

"I am ungraceful," Gamaken responded simply.

"Enough playing around...I'm going to kill you now," Yami declared. "Dark Knight of the Fallen Kingdom; I humbly ask that you grant me power. The power of the forgotten, the power of destruction and the power of reincarnation. I call upon you...Crusader! Ascendo!" a blinding light erupted from the Onijin in the blonde's hand. When the light died down the black knight Crusader stood and expanded his wings. "Let's start shall we?" Yami chuckled as he took to the air.

"Against someone like him I can't afford to play by ear," Jiraiya told his summon. "We'll be going all-out from the start...I'm using Sage Mode," he finished as he rubbed ink onto his face below his eyes.

"What? You don't mean..." Gamaken asked.

"Yes indeed...I'm summoning the elders," Jiraiya confirmed. "So buy me some time!"

"Aye, aye; ungraceful as I am, I shall try," Gamaken agreed.

"Katon: Sempu Hosenka!" Yami exclaimed as his wings expanded and fire shot out towards the toad. Gamaken raised his shield however the blast blew him back several feet as the flames engulfed the area around the three. "Had enough yet?" Yami taunted.

'So this is the power of a knight? It's like fighting Hanzo,' Jiraiya thought. "His actions and motions are calculated down to the number of water drops on his neck. I don't understand how this can be though...how does he know the secrets of this world...how does he know my secrets. It's almost like he has an inside source of information...but where is he getting his information from?'

"Come here!" Yami shouted as flew forward with his sword raised at his side. Gamaken swung round and tried to gut him as the blade came in and connected with the side of the samumata. "Katon: Hishishi no Jutsu!" the Onijin caught fire and in a slow but steady motion cut through the samumata.

"Oh no," Gamaken gulped as his samumata was cut clean in half forcing him to jump away. "Hurry Jiraiya!"

"Go home Gamaken-dono! I've got it from here!" Jiraiya shouted as he jumped up.

"Good luck," Gamaken said finally before he disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"Die Ero-Sennin!" Yami exclaimed as he swung down with his sword on the Gama-Sennin. There was an explosion of smoke from the impact and dust flew everywhere followed the sound of a deafening boom that echoed through the air. "What?" Yami blinked when he felt his sword get pushed back forcing him to take several steps back.

"Lad! Why d'ya always hav'ta summon us t'such rowdy places?" a new female voice questioned. "Ah can't fault Bunta fer yelling at ya!" she added.

"Now, now Shima, let 'em be," another male voice echoed as the dust began to clear. "Ah'm sure Jiraiya-boya's done got his reasons."

"I do apologize for the circumstances," Jiraiya told the voices. "Boss' ma'am," he greeted.

"But lad, I thought ya hated this form with passion," the male voice commented. "Sayin' it would make you unpopular wit' da ladies?"

"Well beggars can't be choosers," Jiraiya returned. "For my opponent possesses one of the knights of the Rikudō-Sennin and the bloodlines of Konoha and probably others too."

"So our opponent is Crusader huh? I've only heard legends about him," the male voice mused.

"Yes...so please lend me your aid for just a little while," Jiraiya requested. "Shall we begin?" he asked as the dust completely cleared to reveal his form. He was hunched over and had two small but elderly toads embedded in his shoulders as well as webbed hands and feet. His pupils were goat-like and there was a red ring around his eyes as his nose enlarged.

"Just what the hell are you? You're not a normal shinobi even by my standards," Yami asked curious.

"I'm just a human," Jiraiya answered truthfully.

"This power you wield...it reminds me of Naruto's burst mode," Yami mused. "It's almost as if...as if they're two sides of the same coin."

"Ya gotta start bein' able ta go into sage mode by yerself Jiraiya-boya," the male toad on his left shoulder spoke up.

"Well I'm still a babe in swaddling clothes compared to you two," Jiraiya commented. "Yami...let me introduce you two Shima and Fukasaku...the toad elders of Myobokuzan."

"Now hold still," Shima spoke up as her tongue exploded from her mouth towards the black knight. "Zessenbaku!" she echoed as the tongue quickly wrapped around Yami's arms and shoulders.

"She's fast," Yami thought as he tried to break free.

"I'm next," Fukasaku said and his tongue shot out a moment later. "Zessenzan!" he exclaimed as the tongue seemed to cut into the black knight's armour. "His armour is pretty dense; this ain't working."

"Let's try this then," Jiraiya smirked as the toads' tongues retracted. He jumped forward and concentrated his chakra into a familiar sphere that spun in the palm of his hands. "Cho Oodama Rasengan!" he exclaimed as the chakra ball enlarged to twice the size of his own body.

'He's too fast,' Yami thought as he wrapped his wings around himself just as the attack struck him.

The jutsu detonated in a massive explosion hurtling trees away from them and scarring the earth itself as the blast reduced everything within a mile to a crater. When the blast died down Jiraiya stood in the center of the destruction feeling the scrapes and cuts he received from his own jutsu but they quickly healed thanks to his sage chakra's accelerated healing.

"I think we got 'em," Fukasaku said with a smile.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Yami's voice echoed across the battlefield surprising the three. His body was now that of human again; he stood unharmed with a set of spiritual bones wrapped around him and his eyes now that of a red helix.

"What is that?" Jiraiya questioned.

"It's called Susanoo...it's one of the Uchiha clan's stolen abilities," Yami chuckled darkly. "But what can you expect from that clan huh? They always lie, con and cheat their way to the top. Even the Kyuubi recognizes their taint on this world...my world."

"You're insane," Jiraiya said simply.

"Maybe so...but I won't stop until I get what I want," Yami responded. "And right now I want your head nailed to my bedroom wall!"

"Jiraiya-boy!" Fukasaku shouted.

"I know," Jiraiya nodded and formed a hand-seal.

"Sempo: Goemon!" the sage and both toad elders exclaimed as they unleashed a massive blast of oil, wind and fire at the shadow.

"Of crap," Yami muttered as he brought up his hands to defend. The flames washed over him like lava, consuming him and burying him in a whirlpool of oil and fire.

"Did we get 'em this time?" Shima asked as the blast died down.

"Probably not," Fukasaku replied as their opponent became visible again. Yami stood atop the burning oil, still encased in those spiritual bones with that same damned grin on his face.

'Damn...under these conditions where my ninjutsu are being nullified...at this rate...even in Sage Mode I'll be killed. He reflects Naruto personally so is Naruto this strong too?' Jiraiya thought worriedly as he started at the unmoving shadow. "Any ideas?" he asked the two toads.

"If neither Taijutsu nor Ninjutsu are gonna fly then the only thing left is Genjutsu," Fukasaku suggested.

"But I'm a dud when it comes to Genjutsu," Jiraiya responded.

"No way! Not gonna do it!" Shima shouted out.

"Don't be selfish Ma," Fukasaku told her.

"What are you talking about?" Jiraiya asked confused.

"It's a duet," Fukasaku replied. "Our most powerful Genjutsu is a jutsu where we confound an opponent's sense of hearing with a song. Once they fall under the effects of the jutsu then it's our victory."

"Amaterasu!" Yami exclaimed and black flames erupted from his eyes.

"Oh shit," Jiraiya cursed and pulled out a scroll. "Fuka Hoin," the flames were quickly pulled into the seal before they could strike the Gama-Sennin and he sighed in relief after checking to see if he'd missed any.

"We got him," Fukasaku said after a moment and started singing along with Shima.

Magen: Gamarinshō

Yami stopped as he suddenly felt dizzy and the world around him started to distort. 'What?' he thought as he felt his body go numb and no longer under his control. 'It's a Genjutsu!' his eyes widened in realisation as he looked around and saw that he was in some kind of cubic barrier guarded by four toad samurai..

"You are inside a Genjutsu paralysis that binds your psyche," Jiraiya explained. "Now you won't be able to move."

"You'll pay for this Ero-Sennin!" Yami shouted in anger.

"...Naruto is the Child of Prophecy...you're not him anymore," Jiraiya sighed in acceptance. "Goodbye...Yami..." the world around them faded.

Jiraiya stood over Yami's corpse, a large stone sword stuck through the shadow Uzumaki's chest. "It's done," Jiraiya said finally as he stood up and backed off. Shima coughed and Fukasaku sneezed a moment later. "Are you both alright?" he asked them worried.

"The Genjutsu song hurts the throat lad," Fukasaku strained.

"It's a real pain keeping tempo with Pa...this just ain't easy at all," Shima added.

"My apologies," Jiraiya told them as he started walking away. "Please take your rest now...you both deserve it."

"Not bad Ero-Sennin...as expected of a member of the Sannin," a dark and distorted voice said from behind him.

"What?" Jiraiya shouted and turned swiftly.

A fully recovered Yami swung up with the Onijin and sliced the Gama-Sennin's left arm right off. Jiraiya backed off, trying to get out of range of that sword and clutching his wound.

"Lad! Your arm!" Shima shouted in shock.

"I know..." Jiraiya rasped.

"What's going on? He was dead! His had no pulse and we stuck a sword right through his heart! He should be done for!" Fukasaku shouted.

"Oh I'll admit you almost had me there," Yami nodded with a smirk as he hefted his blade onto his shoulder. "If I were human you would have got me for good that time...but I'm not human. I'm a demon...or so Konoha has made me out to be. There is only one weapon that can actually kill me for good...well until I just reform and come back. Naruto's Ryujin is the only thing that can kill me and make me stay dead for more than a few minutes."

"Are you saying-" Jiraiya's eyes widened at his words.

"No matter how many times I'll be killed I'll just keep coming back stronger and stronger until your dead. Even Naruto knows that...though admittedly it takes longer to reform after a fight with him. That's why I keep fleeing after from him when I'm in a losing battle," Yami shrugged with a grin. "Oh and you let your guard down...sensei," an explosion of smoke behind the Gama-Sennin caught him by surprise.

'What?' Jiraiya turned as he heard the chirping of a thousand birds.

"Chidori!" Yami exclaimed as he drove his lightning-covered fist through the sage's chest.

"Jiraiya-boy!" Fukasaku shouted in worry as Yami pushed them back into the trunk of a nearby tree.

"Game over," Yami whispered with a sinister grin on his face.

"Pa...Ma...run now...Naruto...tell Naruto...everything..." Jiraiya rasped out as Yami withdrew with a snort.

"And so ends the Gallant Jiraiya," Yami sneered. "You were a strong opponent and a good teacher...but you were useless godfather when it came to us."

"Run...now..." Jiraiya gasped for air as Yami's eyes turned red once more and the two toad elders disengaged from the hermit's shoulders.

"Amaterasu," Yami whispered and black flames engulfed Jiraiya's body, disintegrating him in a matter of seconds.

"Jiriaya-boy!" Shima shouted as he husband pulled her away.

"Come on Ma! We have to get out here!" Fukasaku yelled as the two toads fled into the nearby river.

Yami ignored them and simply stared silently at the burning flames. He stood there without a word as his partner, Fu dropped down beside him after an hour had passed. Yami finally allowed the flames to die down and he sighed in relief that another one of the people had wronged him had paid the ultimate price for their actions.

"...Are you alright?" Fu asked him worried.

"I'm fine," Yami said roughly and turned away. "Come on, we're leaving...it's almost time."

"You need to talk about it if something's bother you," Fu told him.

"...I don't need anyone," Yami responded. "I've never needed anyone before and I don't need anyone now."

"Not even me?" she asked hesitantly though he did not answer. "How did you know about this? About everything?" she asked him next.

"There are only two female Jinchuuriki," Yami replied. "My Onijin recognised that both of you would be the wielders of the Two of Five swords of the Rikudō-Sennin while Naruto and I would wield two more. That girl that has allied herself with my other half was chosen because she embodies balance in its truest form...neither good nor evil. She is pure...that is all."

"Then what about the key? And everything else?" Fu inquired.

"...A piece of my parents were sealed in me the day I was born just the same as the Kyuubi," Yami answered. "I remember...I remember everything...even the Kyuubi...with this key I now have access to the Kyuubi's Yang chakra...now all we have to do is wait for Naruto to awaken his true power and then I'll take it from him. Once I have that power...I can finally execute the final stage of my plan," Yami said clearly.

"Pandora's Box..." Fu whispered worried. It was a rather dangerous artefact which held all of the evil in the world...so that left the question.

What was inside that box that Yami wanted so badly?

Author's Notes:

Jiraiya of the Sannin defeat! Yami's true strength revealed! Now that Yami has access to one of Minato's three Jinchuuriki keys he can finally attain the other half of Kyuubi's chakra located in Minato's own body. I'm sure some of you were wondering how Yami knows so much about the world when Naruto doesn't and the reason why is because he has Minato, Kushina and the Kyuubi's memories stored away inside his mind like a library.

And for the record Yami does not care about the Biju like Madara does and has no interest in the Juubi's 'completion' but instead he wants something else, something far more dangerous. One last thing, I've probably made a few errors concerning the timeline of this fic so below is an overview of exactly when events happen and the times between them to clear up any confusion.

Also the reason for the Konoha clans travelling together as part of the Konoha Remnant were because of the age old strategy of strength in numbers. I'll admit Yamato is good but he is not Hashirama Senju and has never been able to suppress a Biju without the aid of the Shodai's necklace. At most he could keep a Biju pinned for awhile before it would eventually break free but from what we've seen he's only ever suppress Naruto and even then that was only because he wore the Shodai's necklace.

Naruto Timeline:
Age 12: Naruto leaves Konoha, joins Kumo, attains Ryujin, Wave Mission, confronts Yami the first time.
Age 13: Yami attacks Fire Temple, Snow/Spring Mission, Konoha destroyed at Chunin Exams
Age 14: Suna/Iwa War breaks out; Team B kills Orochimaru and recovers Tsunade. Naruto's ascension. Fall of the Waterfall.
Age 15: Team B Jinchuuriki Training; Yami and Fu kill Jiraiya and most of the senior Konoha Remnant. Current...

List of Knights:
Uzumaki Naruto – Duke the White Knight – Lightning and Energy Manipulation – Sword & Shield
Uzumaki Yami – Crusader the Black Knight – Lightning and Fire Manipulation – Sword and Wings
Momochi Haku – Eternal the Ice Princess – Extensive Ice Manipulation – Sword and Wings
Nii Yugito – Freedom the Earth Queen – Extensive Earth Manipulation – Sword and Gauntlet-Blades
Fu – Justice the Sky Empress – Extensive Wind Manipulation – Sword and Six Secondary Swords


Gama-Sennin = Toad Sage
Kamui = Might of the Gods
Chidori = One Thousand Birds
Rasengan = Spiralling Sphere
Kuchiyose no Jutsu = Summoning Technique
Katon: Sempu Hosenka = Fire Release: Hurricane Phoenix Immortal Fire
Katon: Hishishi no Jutsu = Fire Release: Fire Lion Technique
Zessenbaku = Fighting Tongue Bind
Zessenzan = Fighting Tongue Slash
Cho Oodama Rasengan = Super Great Ball Spiralling Sphere
Susanoo = He with the ability by all means
Amaterasu = Illuminating Heaven
Fuka Hoin = Fire Sealing Method
Magen: Gamarinshō = Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Singing
Chidori = One Thousand Birds

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