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The Shinobi Knight

Chapter34: A Happy Ending

Land of Lightning: Kumo / Hospital

A white ceiling...how he hated it, it and the white walls around him. That was the first thing he took notice of upon waking from his peaceful slumber followed soon after by the Kami-forsaken sun beaming through the closed window. A groan escaped him as he felt pain flare up from what seemed like his entire body though unlike other times he was actually glad that he felt pain. It meant he was still alive...

'I'm alive,' Naruto thought in wonder. 'And I'm me again...Yami...where did Yami go?' he tried to pull himself together and sit up only to feel something heavy pressing down on his legs. "Yugito...Haku..." he breathed out upon seeing their sleeping faces with their heads resting on his legs. They were seated beside his bed, dressed in what looked like their civilian clothes.

His words had jolted them awake however...

"Naruto?" Yugito blinked before shouting. "Naruto!" she yelled as she lunging at him, pulling him into a hug. "You reckless idiot!"

"Naruto-kun..." Haku trailed off with a small smile.

"Do you know how worried we were when you took off to fight Yami?" Yugito questioned.

"...I'm sorry," Naruto sighed and leaned back in the hospital bed. "It was something I needed to do."

"You...you..." Yugito said as she pulled away and clenched her fists. "You idiot!" she shouted as tears flawed down her cheeks. "Don't you ever do something like that again, understand?"

"I won't," Naruto agreed. "Haku?" he asked as he turned to the dark haired Yuki.

"I'm glad that you're alright, Naruto-kun," Haku smiled tearfully.

"Come here," Naruto said and pulled her into a hug as she cried. "I'm alright; everything's going to be alright from now on," he whispered to her as she shook in his arms. "What happened to Yami?" he asked the Nibi Jinchuuriki.

"After you both reappeared on the battlefield, Fu-san grabbed Yami and escaped. A few teams were sent out but they found nothing," Yugito replied.

"I see..." Naruto trailed off. "And the sword?"

"Sword?" Haku answered. "We couldn't find the other swords."

"Miaka-dono and Hotori-sama took the sword we found with you," Yugito added.

"The five swords merged into one," Naruto mused. "They became the sixth sword."

"It's with the dragons now," Yugito nodded.

"And hopefully it will never need to be used again," Naruto sighed. 'Hey Kurama? You okay?'

"My chakra is split again," Kurama replied. "Though at the same time I feel whole; I can speak with both of you now like I could before with your shadow clones."

'So you can talk to Yami?' Naruto asked in thought.

"Yes," Kurama answered with a grunt.

'Where's he now?' Naruto inquired.

"A long way from here," Kurama replied before falling silent again.

"So what happens now?" Haku asked the question.

"The Akatsuki are defeated, Kumo is the last of the major villages and practically rules the Shinobi World now. Yami won't be bothering us again and Pandora's Box is locked up once more. I think we all need a well deserved vacation," Naruto grinned. "I feel like I'm forgetting something important though..."

Hovering a few miles away from the village was a massive floating construct in the shape of a sphere created by Pein. This artificial 'moon' housed the brother of the Yondaime Raikage, the Hachibi Jinchuuriki and sensei of Team B, Yotsuki Kirabi. He'd been imprisoned in this thing for a week now and even with the Hachibi no Kyogyu, Gyuki sealed in his body he was starting to get hungry and thirsty.

"I hate to say it but I don't think we're going to get out of here anytime soon," Gyuki spoke up.

'It'll be fine, yo,' Kirabi waved off his concern. 'All we have to do is wait for Naruto.'

"That kid..." Gyuki mused. "Even after all this time he still has people waiting for him."

'Huh? You say something?' Kirabi asked with some confusion.

"It's nothing," Gyuki replied dismissively. "That kid just reminds me of someone I knew a long time ago."

'Really?' Kirabi asked. 'Who?'

Land of Water: Eastern Sea

The water was calm and peaceful as the lone ship sailed across its surface heading away from the Shinobi continent towards distant lands. The crew were going about their business as the man in charge was barking orders left and right. While this was happening, a single figure clad in black and orange stood at the front of the vessel staring out at the endless ocean.

"Yami?" a woman's voice caught his attention and he turned his head towards her as she approached him. "Shouldn't you be resting? You're still recovering and shouldn't push yourself too much."

"I'm fine Fu-chan," Yami responded with a smile. "I'll be alright."

"...You've changed since your battle with Naruto," Fu commented.

"When all of this started, he and I were only half of a person. But when we became Salvation we were made whole again," Yami explained as he turned his gaze back towards the sea. "He and I now share the same heart and soul. He loves those two girls that stand by him and I..."

"You...what?" Fu asked him.

"...I think actions speak louder than words," Yami grinned sheepishly before wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Yami, what are you-" she was cut off when he pulled her close and brought his lips to hers. She resisted for a moment before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back. Eventually they pulled away, blushing heavily as she took a deep breath. "So I guess I know where you stand now."

"...And you?" Yami asked almost nervous.

"I will always stand by your side," Fu answered with a smile as they sailed off towards their next great adventure.

Land of Lightning: Raikage Tower

Four years passed quickly for those that lived in Kumogakure no Sato; the strongest and most powerful of all Shinobi villages on the continent. With Kumo now being in possession of all nine Biju, no one was stupid enough to challenge them resulting in an era of peace never before seen in the Shinobi World. Of course there would come a time when war would begin again—it was a part of human nature after all—however it probably wouldn't happen in their lifetime.

A year after the final battle; Naruto married both Yugito and Haku, re-founding the Uzumaki clan in Kumo. Two years after that both Yugito and Haku gave birth to a boy they named Uzumaki Minato and a little girl Uzumaki Kushina respectively. Naruto had two broken hands after his wives had finished with him and even Kurama had sympathized.

Speaking of Naruto...

"I am so late!" the now twenty-year blond hero was making a mad dash for the new Raikage's Tower, the old one having been destroyed during the Akatsuki attack four years ago. "Why today of all days?!"

"Raikage-sama is waiting for you on the balcony, Naruto-kun," spoke the Raikage's personal assistant.

"Thanks Mabui-chan!" Naruto yelled over his shoulder as he passed her and ran up the staircase.

"He never changes," Mabui shook her head with a smile.

'Om man, I am so late,' Naruto thought as he ran through the corridors towards the Raikage's Office. 'Why didn't you wake me up?'

"I'm not your damned alarm clock, brat," Kurama shot back. "Besides, I was busy last night."

'Yeah, and I bet Matatabi-chan was as well,' Naruto countered. 'Speaking of Matatabi-chan, since both of you were created by the Rikudō-Sennin, doesn't that mean you two are brother and s-".

"Finish that sentence and I will eat you," Kurama growled at him, making sure that his Jinchuuriki realised it wasn't an idle threat.

'Okay, okay,' Naruto thought defensively. 'As long as you're both happy.'

"Whatever," Kurama dismissed it. "Eyes front and center, its time you faced the music."

"Here goes nothing," Naruto said aloud as he opened the door to the Raikage's Office and slowly entered. 'I hope he isn't too ups-'.

"Aian Kurō!" E shouted as he grabbed Naruto's face and squeezed.

"Aaaahhhhhh!" Naruto yelled as he tried to break away. "I'm sorry I'm late! Now can you please let go of me!"

"You overslept again?!" E bellowed at the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki as he let go. "On today of all days?!"

"I knew I should have used the Hiraishin no Jutsu but I kind of forgot to place a marker in your office," Naruto explained.

"You placed one at the Uzumaki compound, one at that ramen stand you always visit and one at the training grounds. Yet you keep forgetting to place one here where you get assigned your missions? And to think I selected you for this," E sighed at the absurdity of it all. "Go get ready and be back here in five minutes," the blond was gone a moment later. "Sometimes that kid is worse than Kirabi."

"Yo, yo, yo, lay off nine-o for the day," speak of the devil. "He'll be fine; so take this as a sign," Kirabi rapped.

"...Aian Kurō!"

"Here we go," Naruto grinned as he approached the balcony where his wives were standing.

"We promised ourselves that we would be the first ones to bow to you when the time came," Haku spoke up with young Uzumaki Kushina in her arms.

"You did it," Yugito smiled at him with Uzumaki Minato in her arms. "You really did it," she said as she and Haku bowed at the waist, holding their children close to make sure they wouldn't drop them.

"I'm glad you're with me," he said. "But you never need to bow to me."

"We love you," Yugito told him sincerely.

"Always," Haku added.

"I love you too," he smiled back before stepping out onto the balcony where the village populace was assembled below. "...From this day forth a new era begins!" he shouted to the masses as he stepped out onto the battlefield. "For today onward I am the Godaime Raikage!"

The applause was deafening...

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Aian Kurō = Iron Claw
Hiraishin no Jutsu = Flying Thunder God Technique

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