! is for Closing and Afterword

Well, here it is, folks. This has been my first drabble collection (with A is for Accusation being my first ever drabble). It's been a pleasure for me to write, but also a learning experience.

After a reviewer showed regret that this would be ending, I decided that I may well do another collection of a similar nature. I'm still working out details, but all I know is that I'm going to have each chapter in it be between 50 (dribble length) and 500 words. If anyone has any prompts for it, send them my way!

On that note, thank you to all the people who took the time to review (or even just to read) these little things. With regards to wordcount, all these are 100 words; the word-counter on is a little bit dodgy. (For example, it adds quite a few words when you put in a horizontal ruler.) Excluding title (invariably four words) and author's notes (of which I used as few as possible), they are all 100 words. (That is, of course, with hyphenation and everything to make it more confusing.)

My greatest thanks to anyone reading this, and I hope you've enjoyed the story.

A/N: On a side note, skipping the title and this AN, this chapter is exactly 200 words- known as a drouble. And, yes. I'm very much aware that no one cares.