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Moving on, this is set two years after Chris and Todd's death.

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Rated "M" for violence, bad language and possible sexy scenes.

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I watched as the newlyweds danced. They looked so fucking happy. Everyone in that fucking place looked so fucking happy. I hated it. What was there to be happy about? Outside that room people were dieing, being murdered, being raped or being condemned for something they didn't do.

I guess, I was just cynical, I was an unemotional, unlovable, freak and the truth was I loved it. Who needs emotion? I hadn't felt happiness, love, I hadn't even shed a tear since Todd's funeral. Believe me I had tried. I watched the saddest films, tried to love people, tried to make myself happy but nothing would work.

I was cynical about love, about relationships, about happiness. None of these truly existed. Even if nobody agreed with me.

It was exactly two years since my big brothers death. My father had decided, as some kind of tribute to his only son, he would marry Nina, the woman he now danced with, a black woman with a calm temperament and a wicked tongue. I had liked her at first, there was nothing to dislike about her, until she told me that I should go and see a psychiatrist. From that moment on I had loathed the woman my father adored.

In his speech my father had said that "Todd would have loved Nina like a mother" an insult to Todd's actual mother who was sat at one of the lower tables, with her husband Brian. I disagreed, first of all, Todd would have disliked her because I did and secondly, my father couldn't make those assumptions when Todd had never met the woman.

I was sat alone at the top table, glaring at the couples who danced in front of me. My mother was stood, not too far away, flirting with some men my age. I rolled my eyes at her and tried to smile but the action was so foreign to me that it felt unnatural.

Bud was even married, he had moved to LA with his wife Kimi, a very lively, bossy woman, who I disliked profusely. He was now Chief Inspector, after the Red Mist case he had gone from strength to strength and I had stayed exactly where I was. Even Mindy and Dave were still together. It made it hard for me to be around them, I was sick of hearing them being disgusting with each other. They were worse when they were Kick Ass and Hit Girl as they seemed to find each other irresistible. When they were being normal people they were just gut wrenchingly sweet.

I glared at my father who cradled his new wife's face in his hands. She was grinning up at him and staring at him with her strange green eyes that made me feel very uncomfortable. I always felt she was judging me, like I needed anyone else to judge me. Although they shouldn't have, the newlyweds made a nice couple, not stunning but alright. My fathers large figure against her slight one, they almost looked like two puzzled pieces that when pieced together looked whole. I made myself feel sick.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see a man similar age to me smiling down at me. He was some sort of cousin that I couldn't remember the name of. "You wanna dance?" He asked kindly.

I looked down at my self surprised, Is this guy serious? I was wearing a black dress suit, I wore no make up, not helping that my complexion was terrible. The truth was I had simply stopped caring. "No, sorry, I don't dance." I explained, forcing some kind of kindness in my voice.

"Suit yourself." He mumbled. He turned from me and looked towards my mother. He started towards her and I realised my mother was up to her matchmaking tricks again, Bitch.

I returned to my hotel room as soon as I didn't have to stick around anymore. I flopped onto the bed and crawled under my covers, before falling swiftly asleep.

I was awoken by the door to my room opening abruptly. I reached for the knife, under my pillow, but didn't throw it. "Why?" My dad's angry voice asked simply.

I looked at the clock beside me 7-30 a.m. "Why, what?" I asked drowsily, letting go of the knife and rolling over to look at him.

"Why on earth do you want to ruin my marriage, before it has even begun? Nina is very upset! You ruined our day single handedly!" He shouted.

"How?" I moaned, closing my eyes.

"You acted like a stropy teenager the whole day! You wouldn't speak to anyone, to those you did, you were rude and in some cases intimidating! You didn't smile once and you made me feel like I had made a huge mistake!" He yelled.

I sat up quickly, "I'm sorry if it was hard for me to be happy, on the anniversary of Toddie's death." I choked over his name, "You made an assumption that he would have loved your wife, when he never met the woman, and if I made you feel like it was a mistake to marry her then, evidently, you aren't very sure of your relationship yourself." I calmly said, but with anger in my tone.

"If that is how you feel." He paused, disappointment and betrayal on his face and in his voice. "Nina and I are about to go on our honeymoon, so you have a few weeks to cool down and to come up with your apology. You better go back to the Penny I used to know and love, above everyone else, sometime soon because I do not wish to be around this person you have become." He said, as he left the room. You and me both.

I led back and closed my eyes, waiting for guilt to come. The next thing I knew, my phone was ringing beside me, it was now nine a.m. The guilt hadn't come, just sleep. I picked up the phone and gruffly answered, "Hello?"

"Hey, Penny. You coming home tonight?" Dave's voice was anxious.

"Yeah, should be home in a few hours. Why?"

"Tell you later. Same time and place."

"As always." I put down the phone, without saying "goodbye."

My father had decided that getting married near my old university would cheer me up, needless to say it hadn't. Dave's voice would have worried me, if I wasn't made of stone.

I got up and changed. I left the hotel, with a few minutes to spare. "Penny?" I heard my mothers voice behind me. "Penelope." She moved my fringe out of my eyes and I suppressed a growl. "Wow, I really have messed you up."

"Excuse me?"

"I saw how you have been lately, according to your father this has started recently. Is it because I'm out of prison?" She was about to go on but I stopped her.

"It's not been that recent, mum. It's been ever since Todd's funeral. I love that you're out of prison, I'm glad you have your freedom. 'Time heals all wounds,' right?" I added, using one of her many 'wise' phrases.

"Some wounds time can't heal, Penny. Maybe it's time you went to see someone. It really helps, I had to see counsellors upon counsellors, after what I did." She didn't like to say 'after I murdered that man.'

"No." I said simply.

"Please Pen-"

"No. That is the end of this conversation." I coldly repeated. "Want a ride home?" I didn't wait for her answer and walked towards my car, my mother followed. She got into the car, in silence.

The journey was quite. When we returned to New York I dropped my mum off at home then made my own way to my house, wondering what that night would hold.

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