Well this is the last chapter to TPE 3. I'm not going to be writing a fourth, or if I do not for a long time. I may write one shots. I hope you enjoy.

We talked for hours, deliberating over our plan. Hit Girl was going to attack a high class drug dealer, he hung around central park, strangely enough Hit Girl knew exactly where. Me and Kick Ass were to stay back and wait for Mighty Mole. Then we would get information from him and, for want of a better phrase, kick his ass.

Dave hadn't liked the plan at first, it would put Mindy in danger, but after a lot of persuasion, on Mindy's side, he accepted it. We were going to put the plan into play that night.

"How can you be sure he'll come?" Asked Dave for the (what felt like) thousandth time, as we finished getting ready to leave.

"I've already told you. We can't be sure but if it doesn't work, we'll have got rid of another drug dealer in this city." I, calmly, told him.

"How can you be sure he is the reason?" Asked Dave, exasperated.

"Somebody is in charge. It won't be just one person, controlling every drug dealer in New York, but if we get rid of him, hopefully we will help." I sighed.

"We're not discussing this anymore." Mindy told Dave, angrily.

Dave immediately shut up and turned from his future wife. He stalked out of the room, mumbling to himself. "You are sure about this, aren't you Penny?" She asked quietly, once he had left.

"Yes." I replied, exhaustedly.

"Ok then."

Night had fallen and I re-applied my mask. The couple vanished upstairs, I hoped just to put on their costumes. I stood up and explored the downstairs area, in a little more detail. There were pictures of the happy couple all over the place, even one of Mindy's twentieth birthday party. I had not been invited. Was I really that bad?

I smiled, as I saw a picture of the three of us together, in our normal attire. Granted I looked like I had been slapped in the face, but it was nice to see.

I turned to the kitchen and walked in, grabbing a glass from the cupboard. I looked towards the gin on the side and considered taking a swig. I chose water instead, my mind didn't need to be any more clouded.

"You ready?" Came an unsteady voice behind me. I gulped down the water and turned to Kick Ass.

"Always." I caught up to him, as he walked away.

"To be honest with you, I'm not sure whether or not this new 'nice' you is making me more or less uncomfortable." Dave said, only half joking.

"You'll get used to it." I said, sadly. It was great, being able to feel stuff, but the main emotion I felt then was just… embarrassment. Mainly, for the way I had acted.

We walked towards the park and Hit Girl kissed Kick Ass, on the cheek, before going to find the drug dealer known simply as 'Norman.' We, me and Kick Ass, walked close behind, keeping a close eye on our team mate.

After a while we heard low voices, someone was with him. "I think someone's coming for you tonight, Norman. You better have him on speed dial." They said waving, while walking away.

Norman said nothing but shook his head, slowly. He vanished into the shadows and Hit Girl walked towards the area he had vanished into, "Hi, haven't seen you… shit." The man said and I heard a loud wallop, followed by a low yell. Kick Ass moved forward slightly and I pulled him back. "Not yet." I whispered, "She's got it covered."

They appeared from the shadows, Norman was trying to block her attacks but once she got out one of her, many, butterfly knives, he was done for. They fought for a long time, I could tell Hit Girl hadn't released her full power on him, otherwise he would have died almost straight away.

At first, nothing could be heard but the sounds of the battling couple, however, soon enough there was a long low rumble, from in front of me and Kick Ass. "What the fuck?" We both breathed.

Even the two people fighting in front of us stopped and stared into the distance, holding each other at arms length. A large vehicle came out of the trees and Norman ducked into a bush, with an evil laugh and a muffled, "So long suckers!"

Hit Girl retreated, to stay by me and Kick Ass, forgetting the drug dealer. "Is this him?"

"I hope so." I muttered.

A large black car appeared in front of us, blinding us with it's headlights. It reminded me of the one Bruce Wayne uses, in Batman Begins. A man in a strange suit got out of it. He had a brown tight suit, that left nothing to the imagination, with a black cape. His face was covered only with a large eye mask. "The Termination Triad, that is if that's what you are called nowadays." He said, darkly.

"Mighty Mole. How nice to finally meet you, properly." I said, with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

The man came out of the car and walked towards me and my team. "You do realise I now have to destroy you. You are a little close, to my operation, for comfort."

"Naturally." I responded before a fist, aimed at my face, made contact with the air beside me. He was slow, fat and cocky. A deadly combination.

I ducked and kicked his thigh, just above the knee, it crumpled. I punched him in the stomach as he fell, sending him away from me. As I walked towards him, I saw a group of his minions stood around us. "Guys, you got them covered?" I asked, not taking my eyes off of the victim at my feet.

"For now." Kick Ass responded.

"Then, enjoy!" I shouted back. I heard the sound of my team mates charging at the enemy.

I realised my prey was grinning wildly at me. "You'll never win, you know. If you destroy me, someone else will take my place and then someone will take their's and so on and so fourth. More dealers will crawl out of the cracks. You can never control it." He snarled. I stood above him and stared, engrossed in his words.

I stood over him, so my crotch was almost over his face. I then bent down and punched him three times each side of his face before pulling him up and growling, "I can try." He spat blood on my face and I stood up straight. I moved back and kicked him as hard as I could, under his chin. I heard a snap and I wasn't sure whether I broke his neck or his jaw, either way he passed out.

I turned back to find Kick Ass and Hit Girl surrounded by men with knives and guns, sneering and jeering at the couple. I pulled out my MPK5, my old faithful friend, and pointed it at them, "Hey!" I shouted and the group laughed at me.

I smirked and let a shower of bullets leave the gun. A few crumpled to the ground.

Inevitably, I heard the soft clicking as the gun lost all ammo, I hadn't brought any more with me. Shit. The rest of the group, who were left standing, ran at me, ignoring the victims ready for the attack. I threw away the gun and searched for my pistol, Fuck! I had left it and my taser at home.

I grabbed one of my butterfly knives and threw it into the forehead of the nearest drug dealer to me. I looked over his shoulder as he fell, to see Hit Girl and Kick Ass fighting their own battles. More and more dealers seemed to appear, they were like the Hydra's heads. I leaned down to get another butterfly knife out and felt the full force of someone's foot in my face. I fell back and they kicked me in the side, while another stamped on my face. I grabbed my knife and dug it into one guys calf muscle, stabbing him quickly. He fell back with a scream.

I managed to push myself off of the ground and kicked someone in the face, I then tried to cartwheel away but somebody caught me and pushed me back to the ground.

A man with a dagger in his hand stood near my face. He grinned sadistically at me and I felt another person kick my side. I felt like a football, both sides of me were becoming more and more bruised by the second as I was repeatedly kicked. Tears streamed down my face, I knew I was screaming but it didn't feel like me.

The dealer with the knife, knelt down next to me and held the weapon near my face. The kicking slowed down and I avoided the man's eye. I looked over at my team mates, they were in a similar situation to me. I could hear Hit Girl's screams, over Kick Ass's grunts. I was pretty sure, I saw a guy start undoing his belt in front of her.

"No!" I yelled at him, trying to crawl towards her, only to feel someone stomp on my back.

"Don't move, bitch." The guy with the knife instructed me. I let another tear fall down my cheek, I felt so helpless.

I was turned over, forcefully. The guy stood over me and through my swollen eyelids I saw him grimace. He lent down and held the knife to my throat.

There was a gunshot behind me and every person looked up. There was a bright light and I looked up to see a silhouette. I closed my eyes, assuming that he had come to help the army of drug dealers, my team and I were fighting. The guy at my throat suddenly fell on my chest with a bang, blood spurted from his forehead. I pushed him off and walked towards Hit Girl, stumbling slightly. I punched the man, who looked like he was going to rape her, under the nose, pushing the bone into his brain, instantly killing him.

I looked at the silhouette, he hadn't moved. He nodded at me and I turned to Hit Girl.

I put out my hand, for Hit Girl to hold. She was trembling and hugged me, holding me tightly. We turned to look at Kick Ass, who was walking towards us quickly. I let go of Hit Girl, so she could embrace her fiancé. To my surprise instead of hugging they stood back to back, ready to face any attacker together.

I searched my person, for some kind of weapon but found nothing. Shit. I thought, terrified.

The silhouette ran towards me, shooting a few guys in the face as he did so. He stood beside me, "Here, I'm sorry it's all I've got left." He told me, a familiar lisp making me feel warm and safe.

"Chris?" I asked, as I took a broad sword from him. As I stared at him, I recognised the costume, his original costume. The black and red spiky wig, the red cape and tight red and black costume. It didn't fit him well anymore but it still made him look good.

He stood beside me and pointed his gun towards another dealer, coming towards us. "Do you have enough ammo?" I asked him, before I sliced a man's head off from his body.

"I think so." He told me as he passed me to shot a female drug dealer, who had a dagger aimed at my neck.

I jumped, span and kicked someone in the face, they fell to the floor and I stabbed them in the stomach. "That will have to do!" I shouted back.

Someone else pulled out a broadsword and smiled at me. "You got this?" Chris asked, looking over my shoulder to the man.

"Of course." I replied.

I moved forward and hit the sword, I then lunged forward and slashed the air, almost hitting the man's stomach. He started to retreat and I forward flipped towards him. I grabbed his shoulder and flipped over the man, before stabbing him.

I ran back to help Chris but he had finished off most of the dealers, I turned to look at my team mates, they were in the middle of a passionate kiss. I turned away, to look at the army of corpses at my feet. As they came up for breath, they gazed into each other's eyes.

I smiled, their affection for each other was weirdly touching. I looked at Chris who was walking towards the limp body of Mighty Mole. "Is he dead?" I asked.

Chris bent down, to check his pulse. "Yeah." He whispered. Chris then stood up and took my hand in his, leading me back to my team mates. "You two ok?" He asked draping his arm around my shoulder.

Dave held Mindy closer to him, "We're fine."

"Good." He replied and looked down at my swollen and bruised face. He kissed me softly, on the forehead.

"Thank you." I whispered.

Chris then kissed my lips gingerly, so as not to hurt me and rested his forehead on mine.

We looked back at Dave and Mindy, the man wore a strange expression on his face. "Come on, I'll give you a lift home." Chris offered and both accepted.

We entered the car and Dave gave him instructions to his and Mindy's house. They removed their masks but had to leave the car mostly in costume. Once we arrived, Dave asked whether he could speak with me alone. "Alright."

"Alright, what?"

"I can learn to trust him. He saved us today. Just, please be careful." He said and I hugged him tightly, before going back to the car.

Chris drove me home and walked me to the door. "You're not going to give up are you?"

"How can I? Mighty Mole wasn't the only one and New York needs me and my team." I told him, stroking his face.

"I know." He whispered.

"We make a pretty good team." I told him, truthfully.

"That we do." He laughed, softly.

He kissed me, "Good night."

"Don't leave." I almost pleaded. "I-I" love you "don't feel safe." I groaned. Feelings still weren't something I could talk about easily.

"Alright." He sighed and followed me in. We snuggled on the sofa before he said, "We do make a very good team…" I looked up at him, he was obviously thinking aloud, "Red Mist can't come back. Chris D'Amico is dead. Maybe… maybe a new superhero could join your team."


"It looks like you need all the help you can get and you evidently need protection." He said, lovingly.

"Thank you." I whispered, before kissing him passionately.

Chris joined our team as The Phoenix, soon after that. He even came with me to visit my father and his new wife to apologise to them about how I had behaved at their wedding.

Mindy and Dave got married in that fall, I was even a bridesmaid, and a few years after that me and Chris followed suit.

Our team grew over the years, never seeming to stop. We literally ruled over the whole of New York.

A wise man once said "We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing." I planned never to stop.

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