Chapter 2: Fast Forward

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At my ten-year high school reunion, some people laughed at me because I married a loser. Others laughed because I married the guy I tortured all through middle school and the most part of high school. If that didn't get them laughing, they sure would start when they found out that I married Fredward Karl Benson.

"Honey, I'm home!" I heard the deep calling voice of my husband say in a joking, cheesy way. I grinned and rolled my eyes, hearing the excited shrieks of two children from another room in the house as they always did when their father came.

I got up from the king-size bed that was in our bedroom to go and say hi to him. I was still in my pajamas, for my job already ended that day and I came home and after showering I just changed into pajamas. I was wearing a blue camisole and blue and white plaid pajama capris, but I put an unmatching soft red bathrobe over it because it was cold. I didn't care that it didn't match; who did I have to impress?

I went downstairs; we lived in a two-story house, the same one I used to live in when I was a kid, but my mom moved out because she finally got married and moved in with her husband. By the front door stood my tall husband, Freddie, as he was around five-foot-nine or -ten. I stopped growing when I was around sixteen, staying my same five-foot-two my whole life.

Clinging onto the top Freddie's leg happily stood my five-year-old son, Sean. He was taller than Freddie's hips, smiling up at his father with a big grin. He had short, straight blonde hair. His hair wasn't bleach blonde, nor was it dirty blonde. It was somewhere in the middle. Like mine. His eyes, big like mine but brown like Freddie's, stared up at his dad as if he hasn't come home in centuries, when really he's only been gone for a little more than six hours.

In his right arm, Freddie held our four-year-old daughter, Francesca. Her slightly frizzy, very curly brown hair fell a little past her shoulders. She had blue eyes, the same color as mine, but her eyes were small like Freddie's.

In Freddie's left arm, he held a giant brown paper bag with a bunch of groceries in it.

"Hey baby," I said, smiling at him even though I could barely see his face with the bag and Francesca in the way.

"Hey Sam, a little help?" Freddie asked weakly. He was still weak, not being able to hold his daughter and a bag of groceries at the same time while breathing.

"Nah," I said, smirking, just to see how he'd respond.


I smiled and rolled my eyes, taking the brown bag out of his hand. I brought it to the kitchen table, but I decided I'd sort out the food later, for I needed time to say hello to Freddie.

Freddie held onto Francesca as he walked into the living room. Sean put his feet on Freddie's foot and rode on his leg into the living room.

We sat on the couch, Freddie and I on either ends with Francesca and Sean between us. The couch was only supposed to fit three people, but Sean and Francesca were both small and thin, so they pretty much counted as one person.

"So, how was your day today?" Freddie asked, using his 'kid' voice, so I knew he was talking to the kids.

Sean and Francesca started talking at the same time, and then they looked at each other and immediately started arguing. They were both very smart but also very aggressive and hated not having it their way. And let me tell you, it's not good for both siblings to have that trait.

Freddie and I glanced at each other behind Sean and Francesca's backs, and we both grinned. The two of them bickered the way Freddie and I used to, and still do sometimes. But now we bicker in a loving, playful, flirty way. But now that I think about it, I think it was always like that, but neither of us knew.

"Okay guys," I said, smiling. "You can take turns. Francesca can start."

Sean frowned and pouted, folding his arms. "Mommy! You love her more!"

"Sean," I said, ruffling his hair with my hand. "You know that's not true."

"Can I do eenie-meenie-miny-moe?" Sean asked, referring to the little game that people use to choose something. He then started without anyone responding. After finishing, it landed on him 'by chance'. I grinned with satisfaction. That little cheater. He's becoming more and more like Mama everyday.

"Today in Kindergarten, everybody talked about their grandpas. Mommy, daddy, do I have a grandpa?"

I glanced at Freddie and swallowed. He and I never talked about our dads in front of them. We actually haven't talked about them in years. They knew my mom, but she wasn't around that much. Their only close grandparent was Freddie's mom, and I could tell that they got annoyed at her sometimes, but they don't admit it.

"Uh, no," I said quietly.

"Why not?" Francesca cut in sadly. "We have grandmas!"

I looked at Freddie, as if asking for his help, suggesting that he takes this one.

Freddie sighed. "Guys..." And that's when it happened. He explained death, in the most gentle way possible, bringing tears to my eyes.

Sean looked sad after his dad taught him death, but then his face brightened as he said: "Mommy, daddy, you two are never going to die, right?"

Freddie looked at me.

"Not for a very long time, sweetheart," I said. I couldn't say no. God forbid something happens to Freddie or me, I don't want our kids to think of us as liars.

Sean's face turned red and he sucked in his lips. Freddie and I looked at each other at the same time because we both knew that when Sean did this, he was about to cry.

"Come here, buddy," Freddie said, getting off of the couch and kneeling in front of Sean with his arms spread wide open. Sean put his arms around Freddie and started bawling.

Francesca started crying too, just for the heck of it I guess. Both of them started crying when the other one did so there was balanced attention.

I put Francesca in my lap and quieted her, letting her bounce in my lap.

Sean was cooled off quick, and he went off to play with some toys. "Franny wanna play?" he asked his sister, but she was still crying.

Francesca gave him an angry look, and Sean looked really sad. "She'll play with you in a bit, sweetie." When she calms the heck down, I thought.

Sean smiled and ran to the basement, where all of their toys were.

I gave Freddie a look when Sean ran off. Francesca was still on my lap as she cried hysterically, probably not even remembering why she was crying.

Freddie kneeled in front of Francesca and me on the couch and he said, "Hey Franny, guess who you're getting a visit from?"

"Who?" Franny mumbled.

"The tickle monster!" he exclaimed, and immediately started tickling her until she was giggling. When he stopped, she was still grinning. She took my arms off of her and slid off of my lap, and with that, she ran to the basement to play with Sean.

I sighed with satisfaction.

"Hey Sam," Freddie said. He stood and took my hands, pulling me off of the couch. He placed his hand on the back of my head, kissing me passionately. We've always kissed passionately. We never stopped having sparks and we never will.

"I was right twelve years ago," I said softly after we pulled away.

"What?" Freddie asked quietly.

"About twelve years ago, when we were sixteen, I said you were going to be a great dad to our kids. I was so right."

"What made you remember that?"

"The kids, with our dads?"

Freddie smiled, holding my body close to his. "I can't believe something as dark as death brought us together."

"And made those two little wonders," I said, hearing the giggles of Sean and Francesca downstairs.

"You know, we should celebrate Father's Day," Freddie said. "Make the best of it. Remember our dads, and remember our day."

I touched Freddie's soft hair on the back of his head, remembering his face. We were twenty-eight now, and he was a successsful computer programmer for the Pear Computers while I was a part-time cashier at a fast food restaurant. He went to college. I didn't. But I waited for him. I didn't see him as much while he was in college, but on the day of his graduation when we were twenty-two, he proposed to me. We got married quickly after, and had Sean when we were twenty-three and Francesca when we were twenty-four.

I smiled and nodded.

"You like the idea?"

"Duh. I like all your ideas, Freddork."

Years later, when Freddie and I were thirty-six, we sat in that same living room with those sme two kids.

Thirteen-year-old Sean, who looked like a blonde-haired and big-eyed Freddie, had just gotten home from his first date with Carly's daughter, Stacey, who she had with Griffin after she married him. He even styled his hair the way that Freddie used to and still does. "I think I'm in love," he said softly, grinning.

"Yeah, like a girl would want to be in love with you," twelve-year-old Francesca chuckled. Her hair was long and wild like mine. She liked guys in school. The guy she liked in school often changed, like a normal twelve-year-old. She was a romantic, and she didn't hide it. She must've gotten that trait from Freddie, because even if I am a romantic deep down, I keep that deep down.

"Be nice," Freddie said to her, holding my hand under the blanket that was over the four of us. The four of us still barely fit on that couch, but they were still both very thin, especially Francesca.

Francesca ignored him. She noticed that we were holding hands and she smiled. "You guys have been together for like twenty years and married for like fourteen, right?" she asked, calculating that without a thought, having math smarts like her dad.

Freddie and I nodded, and I squeezed his hand. He squeezed back and I grinned at him and brought myself closer to him, and he took his hand away from mine and instead wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"But didn't you guys hate each other at first?" Sean asked. "Weren't you only friends because of Aunt Carly and Uncle Spencer?" They were very close with Carly and Spencer, and called them aunt and uncle.

"Yeah," Freddie chuckled. "This is true."

"Do you guys remember the day you met?" Francesca asked.

"Nope," I said with a shrug. "I didn't really care that day. It wasn't too memorable. I thought I hated him, but I really loved him all along."

Francesca said, "Can you tell me at the story of the day you fell in love?"

Freddie and I exchanged smiles, and I sat up a bit. "Well...

I opened the door to Carly's house on a regular Saturday in June. Well, it was a regular Saturday to me, but apparently not to Carly..."

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