Rose wrapped the shawl further around her body as the dusk chill blew. She could see her husband's figure hunched over the grave. Rose knew why he was here. He had gone for a walk that morning and never returned even after dinner and Maria had told Rose he would be here. Her heels clacked on the pavement and she broke into a fast walk, sensing her husband needed her there. She could feel his pain and his tears and she couldn't even see his face yet. His head hung glancing downward and his hair fell into his face. Rose knelt beside him and the grass, she touched his face gently and he looked up to see the tears in her eyes. Her tears threatened to fall seeing her husband so heartbroken, immediately he pulled her to him and hugged her for dear life.

'Oh Roseā€¦'He began but couldn't finish his sentence. She rubbed his back, attempting to bring some sort of comfort to him.

'Jack, its cold out here.' She whispered to him. She could feel his body shaking but didn't know if it was from the cold or because he felt so emotional. Pulling away from Jack, she shakily traced over Fabrizio's name on the marble cross. 'He shouldn't be buried out here alone.'

'He should be alive, Rose.' Jack managed. The lump in his throat was agony.

Rose touched Jack's face and smiled a weak smile. 'I just feel so lucky that you are here with me.'

Again, Jack pulled Rose to him and kissed her hair. 'Rose I wouldn't ever leave you, not even in death. I'll love you forever Rose.'

Tears fell down her face and Jack brushed them away gently. 'I cannot even imagine how Maria feels. How she dealt with his death.'

Jack shook his head, he couldn't even think about losing Rose or any of his children. 'A part of her died with him and that part wont even return.'

Silence fell over them for what felt like a long while. Rose began to shake from the cold and Jack rubbed her arms. Darkness fell over the sky and the whole churchyard was pitch black. The gravestones could be seen sticking upright as far as the eye could see. There was so many people nearby who had once lived. Rose shivered but not from the cold. 'Shall we go Jack?'

He got to his feet and helped Rose to hers. She wrapped her shawl further around her body and Jack placed his arm around her. 'I hate it here.' He glanced into the distance. 'Somewhere in this yard there are people's husbands, wives, mothers and father, even children.'

Rose felt her stomach churn heavily. She didn't want to think about such things. She tugged on Jack's hand to go and he touched Fabrizio's grave one last time. It could be there last time they ever visit here. Jack turned, silently and Rose could see the tears shining in his eyes even in the darkness.

'Its not right Maria been out here alone. She should come back home with us.'

Rose shook her head knowing Maria would never return, or even leave Italy. 'No Jack, its not use. She will never leave here.'

'But she seems so unhappy out here.'

'She's not unhappy Jack. Today we had a wonderful time.' Rose told him. 'Although, she did insist I visit her doctor.'

Jack turned silent for a moment, he squeezed her hand. 'Whatever for Rose? Are you ill?'

Rose shook her head once. She felt a single tear fall down her cheeks and she took a deep breathe. She could smell the soft scent of the flowers in the fields which surrounded the churchyard.

'No, Jack. I'm pregnant.'

Emily Jade Dawson was born in March of 1923 in Philadelphia. The last born child of Jack and Rose Dawson and as the only girl, she was the apple of her fathers eye.

Thanks to everyone who has ever read this story and taken time to comment. It feels good to end it and looking back I actually feel sorta proud of it. I didn't want to give it a really happy ending where everything was happy and blah blah blah. I was going to do one more chapter which was kinda tragic but didn't want to leave it in a bad way so I decided to leave it here. Hope you all enjoyed it.