Warning: There is rape and abuse here. If you don't want to read it...i guess you can skip it. But if you don't like the pairing Hinata X Sasuke then just leave now.

"Hinata Hyuuga! Tsunade is requesting you immediately!" a messanger burst through my apartment door. I only had my own place because I finally got free of my father. 'Course he got to choose it and pay for it.

"I'll be there in a minute." I snapped, grabbing clothes.

"She said to just grab your gear, don't worry about getting dressed. The thieves won't wait." he added.

I looked down at my light blue nightgown. It went to my knees at least so it's not like I'd be exposing anything. "Fine, let's go." I slipped on my sandles and I ran to the front gates. I saw Tsuande and went to her just as she sent team Kakashi off. "I'm here Tsunade-sama."

"I already sent Kiba and Shino, catch up with team Kakashi and go with them. Be careful though Hinata. These guys are ruthless and have some skillful jutsu. Do not let them catch you. Go!"

"Got it!" I hurried into the trees and soon caught up to Naruto and Sakura, Kakashi and Sasuke in front of them. "Kakashi-sensei, Tsuande-sama told me to go with you." I informed him and he nodded. We were quiet as we ran. I looked over at Naruto and noticed how close he was to Sakura. Ever since they had gotten together my crush on him disappeared. Why bother going after a guy who hardly looks at me? After getting over him, I focused on my training and being stronger. I shortly became more confident and even stopped stuttering. I didn't hold back Kiba or Shino anymore and I became friends with Ten-ten (Neji's girlfriend now) Gaara, and Temari. Thanks to all of them I was more comfortable with myself and everything I did showed it; my fighting and techniques are more confident and stronger, I no longer faint, I'm becoming a medical ninja, Tsuande has even been teaching me and I can handle her training, and I even stood up to my father. All because I got over Naruto.

"Up ahead!" Kakashi exclaimed and I broke out of my thoughts. "Be careful everyone." he warned before we came up to the large group of bandits. They were ugly as hell but freakin' huge!

Two immediately came to me and I quickly hit their chakra points. Three more came, holding shields and spears. I waited until they were close, about to hit me, and back-flipped over them. I got one of them with the chakra points before a second came. I deflected the spear with a kunai and chopped at his neck. The third one came and I grabbed his arm, about to punch me, twisted it behind him, and knocked him unconscious like the last one. I turned and saw one of them sneaking up on Sasuke. I took him out just as Sasuke turned. "Thanks." he mumbled.

"Don't mention it." I panted, getting a bit of a work-out.

I looked around and saw Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Shino, and Kiba were okay and had everything under control. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a few of them running away and took off after them. "Hinata! Don't take them on alone!" Kiba yelled, trying to focus on the couple of guys taking him on.

"I'll try not to!" I yelled over my shoulder before disappearing in the trees. I followed them until I came upon a clearing that I had just seen them stop at. "Where'd they go?" I thought.

"Hello cutie." Strong arms wrapped around me and a hand clamped over my mouth before I even had the chance to activate my Byakugan. Crap! I couldn't move at all! I started squirming and the guy held me tighter. "Now, now. Don't fret. We'll take good care of you." I screamed into his hand as the ground suddenly gave out and we fell into a black tunnel. "Somebody help!"