I had to do something to calm her down. And that led to me doing something even I didn't expect:

I hugged her.

End recap.

"S-sasuke-s-sama?" she gasped, tensing up in my arms.

"Don't worry Hinata. I'm not going to hurt you." I mumbled. "I'm not like those guys."

"S-sasuke-s-sama, p-please let go." she whimpered. I let go and she wrapped her arms around herself, pulling her knees up. We sat there for a minute in silence before she unfolded herself. "C-can w-we go home t-today?"

"Sure. Let's go."

-Sasuke's house-

The walk back had been very quiet and tense. As soon as I unlocked the door she headed straight for her room. I sighed as I headed for mine. I hadn't meant to upset her. I had to do something to make it up to her, of course, after she had a little time to calm down. I sat down at my desk and started writing. Tsunade had asked me to tell her if anything happened with Hinata, like a breakdown or freak-out or...well...something like this. Probably to see how much those guys messed her up and if she can fix it. Not that Hinata was screwed up! Just that those men definitely affected her, and in one of the worst ways possible.

-later that night-

-Hinata's P.O.V-

I sat on my bed the whole time since Sasuke and I had gotten back. There was no way I was going to sleep tonight, there was just too high a chance of having a nightmare that relived all of that. I wasn't sure if Sasuke had gone to bed already or not since he hadn't made a lot of noise.

I jumped as he knocked on the bedroom door. "I'm coming in, Hinata." He waited a second for any word of protest before opening the door. He walked over to where I was, one hand behind his back. "I'm..uh..I'm sorry about earlier today, I didn't mean to upset you."

I shook my head. "I-it wasn't y-your fault. Y-you didn't know I-i would react like that. I-i should say s-sorry." I mumbled.

He shrugged, "Ok, let's forget about the apologizing. But I brought you something that might cheer you up." He slowly brought his hand and showed me a bowl full of forbidden chocolate ice-cream and two un-opened cans of whipped cream.

"T-that's for me?" I asked.

-Sasuke's P.O.V-

"Yeah, I went out and got it while you were still in here. If you don't want it, then I'm sure Naruto will like it when he gets back from his mission." I smirked as she quickly shook her head and took the bowl. I put the cans on the bedside table and started to walk out of the room.

"S-sasuke-sama!" she exclaimed.

"You really don't have to use -sama with my name, Hinata." I huffed as I turned back around. "And yes?"

"Um...C-can you stay w-with me t-tonight? I-i don't w-want to be alone." she mumbled, getting quieter toward the end.

-Hinata's P.O.V-

What a stupid question! Of course he wouldn't stay in here, he had his own room and I'm sure he wanted to go to sleep now. "Ok." he responded, coming back over. I moved to the side so he had some room to sit.

"T-thank you...f-for the ice-cream t-too." I stuttered. It was nice having him near me, knowing that if something happened he could, and would, protect me.

"You're welcome." he mumbled and I started eating. I ate the ice-cream a little slower this time so I could savor it and have it fill me up more. Once I was done I placed the bowl on the table with the whipped cream cans.

"T-that was good." I murmured.

"It's kinda late. I'll put the whipped cream in the fridge and then you can get some sleep. Okay?" I quickly shook my head.

"No! P-please don't m-make me s-sleep. Please!" I started begging. "P-please..."

He slowly put one arm around my shoulders and pulled me a little closer. "You can't stay up all night Hinata and expect to get through tomorrow."

"I-i can do it. I-i don't want to s-see everything again." I allowed him to pull me closer and I relaxed against his chest. It was oddly...very comfortable.

"I'll wake you up if you start to see it again okay? And I'll be here when you wake up." he promised. His last words were more of a murmur as his heartbeat lulled me into sleep.

-Sasuke's P.O.V-


I snapped out of my light doze as I heard a whimper. Hinata was still asleep but she was apparently starting to have a bad dream. "Hinata." I mumbled, giving her shoulder a little shake.

"No! P-please. N-not again." she whimpered, curling up a bit.

"Hinata." I said a little louder, giving her a little more of a shake.

"No! N-not again!" she sobbed. "P-please, let me go."

"Hinata!" I exclaimed as she started crying and thrashing around in my arms. 'Hinata, wake up!"

"Ah!" she screamed as she woke up. "No!" she cried, pushing me away. I fell off the bed and on my back. "S-sasuke-s-sama?"

"Down here." I groaned. She peeked over the edge.

"I-i'm s-sorry."

I got up, 'Don't worry about it." I looked down at her on the bed, curled up, glancing everywhere frantically. "Hinata," I started, sighing as she jumped, "let's get you to Tsunade, maybe she can do something."

'Okay." she mumbled. She got up and we set off for the Hokage's building.


"Tsunade-sama!" Shizune snapped as we walked into the office behind her.

"What? What's going on?" she jumped awake, knocking her empty sake bottle onto the ground, a paper stuck to her face.

Shizune gave an annoyed sigh but didn't scold her at this second, "Sasuke and Hinata are here."

"Hinata?" she mumbled, becoming more awake immediately. "Thank you Shizune, you can go." She waited until she closed the door behind her. "Okay, why are you two here? What happened?"

"Hinata had refused to go to sleep but I managed to get her to but then she had a nightmare. Is there anything you can do that can help with that?" I reported as I handed her the paper from earlier that explained what had happened at the training field.

She quickly read it over before speaking to Hinata. "The only thing I can do is give you some medicine that will put you asleep. It's what we use sometimes in the mental asylum for patients who refuse to go to sleep and for some of the insomniac ones. Would that be okay with you?"

-Hinata's P.O.V-

I nodded. If I didn't have that nightmare again it was fine. "Tsunade-sama." Sasuke spoke up. "Have you found out about the markings yet?"

"Yes I have and I'm glad I did." She opened a draw in her desk and pulled out a little scroll. "It was hidden behind some larger scrolls, in the forbidden area." She opened it up. "The Dragon Marking Jutsu has been forbidden for a long time now. It allows the person who cast it to mark a certain person. When they wish to, since a little of their chakra is in the markings, they can activate it and the person that has the markings has to go to them no matter what. It also allows them to find that person."

"But we've got them in custody, so why do we need to worry about it?" Sasuke asked.

As a look passed on Tsunade's, my heart dropped into my stomach. Oh no, please no. "We didn't get the leader, who placed the mark on her. Somehow he escaped and we sent Kiba, Kakashi, and some ninja dogs to get him but he just disappeared. None of them could find his scent."

My knees wobbled and I started to fall, my mind going into shock. Sasuke caught me and laid me down on a small couch near the wall. "Hinata, are you okay?" he asked. I slowly shook my head, not even really hearing him or seeing him. They didn't get him. I wasn't safe. He could still get me and use me again like he did before. "I think she's going into shock." Sasuke replied to something Tsunade had mumbled as he looked at my wide eyes. "Hinata, don't worry." I turned my head to look directly at him.

"H-he can s-still get me. H-he's gonna use m-me again." I grabbed Sasuke's shirt and pulled him down to me. "D-don't let him get m-me, S-sasuke. P-please." I cried into his shoulder. Tsunade came over and laid a green-chakra hand on my forehead, quickly putting me into an empty sleep.

-Sasuke's P.O.V-

"I'll have Shizune get that medicine for you and deliver it tomorrow morning. Hinata should be out until then. I'll also have an anbu keep watch over you guys occasionally and I'll make sure the men at the gate are aware of every single person who comes near the entrance. I'll also inform the patrol group so they can keep their eyes out." She placed a hand on my shoulder. "He will not get her again. If he makes it past everyone, it's up to you to protect her, Uchiha. Got it?" The fire in her eyes told me that she was ready to kill this man herself for hurting Hinata, a girl she had come to love as much as her second daughter (Sakura being her first).

"I will. Thank you, Tsunade-sama." I gathered Hinata's limp body into my arms and quickly took her back home.