The Love Story of Ceara and Caine


This story is about a vampire girl named Ceara (means black) and a human male named Caine. Caine is everybody's perfect boy like you'd expect. He does his homework, gets A's, has a girlfriend, star of the school and perfectly tanned who doesn't notice Ceara. Ceara is a runaway with three younger sisters because their parents died. She's a gothic-punk who doesn't give a fuck and yet, becomes totally obsessed with Caine.

Chapter One: The Beginning

In the middle of the night, I awoke, a dark thirst washing over me. Slowly, I rose and, careful not to wake my sisters, made my way to the front door. I stepped outside, letting the fresh summer air surround me for my last day of freedom. In a new town, a new start all because my ex boyfriend couldn't keep his fangs to himself.
Thinking as I turned the corner, I crashed into a young couple, no older than myself, out on a date. While trying to get up, I caught a glimpse of the guy. He had light brown hair and jade green eyes. His skin was perfectly and completely tanned. I blinked because I could have sworn I'd seen him before. His girl pulled me out of my trance.
"OMG you freak. You ruined my outfit and didn't even apologize." She dusted herself off and glared at me. I was thinking about running past them saying OMG excuse me and getting out of sight, but that wouldn't be any fun. So, I tried this approach.
"Oh no. I ruined your $400 outfit? God, I should feel sooo bad, but I don't." I smirked but my thoughts were as plain as my sarcasm. Idiot, of course a guy like THAT already has a girlfriend. My stomach grumbled as I past the two. Turning the next corner, I drained a stray (homeless person). The feeling of his blood running down the crest of my chest and down my chin made it almost unforgettable. Within moments, I pulled my teeth out having murdered this poor boy. Continuing on my way to the bar, I flirted with a stupid twenty year old boy who eagerly followed me down a dark alley. I drained him then and there as we were making out. He moaned and screamed when he figured out what I was doing but it was too late. He lay there, disoriented and completely stupefied. I made my way from bar to bar, draining others who were to follow. Finally, I called it a night. It wasn't until four that I found a bed and sleep soon consumed my eternal need.