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Kill for Me

Chapter 2

Takuya gaped at his girlfriend in horror, his face pale and his chocolate-colored eyes wide. Zoe was standing over a woman's unmoving body, her clothes and face splattered with blood.

"Z-Zoe?" Takuya repeated, his voice shaking. "W-what's going on?"

"Takuya," Zoe said softly. "It's not what you think."

The brunette took a cautious step forward, looking at the woman's corpse in disgust. Her face was no longer recognizable, but he already knew that the dead woman was Mitsuki.

"Y-you kiled Mitsuki?" He swallowed the bile that had risen to the back of his throat, then noticed the bloody pipe on the ground. "And you killed her with that pipe? Zoe, what the fuck happened?"

Tears burned in Zoe's eyes and she tore her gaze away from her boyfriend. "I...I had to do it... There was no other way around the situation..."

"What situation?" Takuya demanded, his voice now harsh. "For fuck's sake, Zoe! You killed her! What was going through your mind?"

Instead of answering, Zoe fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands. She began to cry, her body trembling with anguish. Takuya's expression softened and he walked over to her, crouching down by her side.

"Zoe... Can you tell me what happened?" He asked, pulling her into his arms.

"I want to...but you'll think that I'm crazy," she replied miserably, wiping her tears off her face.

Takuya stared into her emerald eyes. "I won't think that you're crazy. Just tell me what happened."

Zoe sighed, numbling sitting back onto the ground. "You all started when I was on my way home from school. My dad called and asked if I could pick dinner up, since he's working late tonight. I went to Kawakami's to get some take-out. And while I was waiting for my order to be finished, I saw that Mitsuki was there too. She was in a booth with three guys, and one of them had his arm around her. The guy's name is Seiya, and apparently he's Mitsuki's 'real' boyfriend. I overheard them talking and found out that they planned on screwing my father over tonight."

Takuya's eyes narrowed. "What? Screw him over? How?"

"Apparently Mitsuki and Seiya scam people to get money. And since my father is wealthy, the planned on threatening him for cash. Seiya's into all kinds of illegal stuff from what Akemi told me. But anyway, moving on, after I found out what they were going to do, I rushed home. I tried to call my dad to warn him, but he was in the middle of performing surgery. So I decided to take a walk to try to think of a plan...and that's when Mitsuki showed up," Zoe replied.

"Is she the one who gave you that cut?" Takuya asked angrily as he lightly touched the bloody wound on her stomach.

Zoe nodded, wiping a bit of blood off her face. "She followed me down the trail, we started to argue, and I told her that I knew what she was planning to do. She had a knife..."

"Dammit, why didn't you call me?" Takuya demanded. "You know that I would've helped you. I left my house way earlier than I planned just so that I could see you. Why else do you think that I'm here?"

"I didn't want you dragged into this," she told him. "Hell, it was bad enough that I had to intervene. But if I hadn't, my father would've been screwed."

Takuya groaned, but understood the situation. "So Mitsuki sliced you with her fucking knife...did she hurt you anywhere else?"

"No...I punched her and she lost her knife in a ditch. She started to choke me, but I managed to get her off by hitting her in the head with a rock. As soon as she fell off me, I had to act quick or else she would've killed me. I saw an old pipe sticking out of the ground and grabbed it. And then I...I..." Zoe's voice trailed off as she glanced at Mitsuki's destroyed face.

"You beat her to death," Takuya finished for her.

The blond let out a cry of dismay. "I didn't know what else to do! I couldn't go to the police seeing how I had no proof of anything. And then Mitsuki showed up all of a sudden and things just got out of hand. If I hadn't killed her, she would've killed me! I'm sorry, Takuya! But I had to!"

"Shhh..." Takuya hugged her against his body, kissing her forehead. "It's okay, Zoe. I know that you had to do it."

"But what am I going to do?" Zoe sobbed. "According to Mitsuki, Seiya's coming over in a little while. What am I going to do about him?"

Takuya thought for a moment. "Looks like we'll have to take care of him."

The girl looked up in surprise, more tears running down her face. "Wha...what do you mean?"

"Zoe...if Seiya finds out what happened to Mitsuki, he'll kill you. And he'll probably try to fuck your dad over anyway," Takuya told her, gently brushing the tears off her face. "I won't let him do that you or your dad."

" are we going to do this?" Zoe asked.

"Seiya's going to be stronger than Mitsuki, so killing him with a pipe wouldn't be as effective. Go into your dad's toolshed and find something that will get the job done," he said. "And when I say 'get the job done', I'm sure you know what I mean."

Takuya helped Zoe stand up and kissed her softly on the lips. Zoe stared at him gratefully, relieved that he didn't think she was completely out of her mind.

"Thank you, Takuya. I love you," she whispered.

The brunette smiled. "I love you too. I don't care if this is wrong...I refuse to let this bastard ruin your life. Go find me something, and if your dad has a pair of work gloves in the shed, bring those too."

Zoe nodded, rushing down the trail towards the house and toolshed. While she was gone, Takuya cast a disgusted look over at Mitsuki's broken and blood-soaked body. He walked over to the corpse and gave one of the legs a kick.

"Fucking whore," he muttered. "You deserved to get your head bashed in..."

A few minutes later, Zoe hurried back over to Takuya with the items he had requested. Takuya pulled the work gloves on and took the other object that Zoe had returned with; an axe. He set the axe on the ground, then crouched down by Mitsuki's body. The woman's cell phone was sticking out of the pocket of her skirt, and Takuya snatched it into his hands.

"I'm going to find that Seiya guy's number and tell him to come down the trail," he told Zoe.

"He might think that's a weird request," Zoe speculated. "But then again, it won't matter as long as he comes down."

After finding Seiya's number, Takuya sent him a text message telling him to go down the trail behind the house. Once he was done, he tossed the cell phone aside.

"My dad won't notice the axe and gloves missing," Zoe told him a moment later. "He has about ten more pairs of gloves and he has another axe that he uses instead of this. He won't notice if this one is gone."

Takuya smirked and grabbed Mitsuki's legs, dragging her off the path. While he moved the corpse out of sight, Zoe quickly used her hands to dig a hole next to the bloodstains on the dirt. Once the hole was deep enough, she scooped the bloody dirt and tossed it into the hole, making sure to conceal the evidence as best as she could.

"I'll hide this better a bit later," Zoe said hastily once she had scooped and buried most of the dirt. "We just don't want Seiya to find out what we did."

There was still a bit of blood left on the trail, but she kicked the dirt around to conceal it. Once she was finished, she sank to the ground, her heart pounding.

"Don't worry about it," Takuya told her reassuringly. "Just let me take care of Seiya. You've done enough. As soon as I'm done taking care of him, we'll destroy the evidence."

Zoe looked at him in surprise. "Wait. You would...kill for me?"

"I'd kill for you a thousand times if I had to," he said. "Don't worry about that bastard, okay? I've got him."

She nodded silently, too numb to speak. The image of Mitsuki's grotesque face kept flashing in her mind, and she shook her head to rid herself of the image.

"You alright?" Takuya asked, crouching down beside her.

"Yeah...I'll be fine," she replied, giving him a brief smile. "I guess all we can do now is wait..."

The couple waited off to side behind one of the thick trees, staying away from the trail. Takuya glanced down at his cell phone, reading the time to be 4:10 in the afternoon. By now, they had been waiting nearly twenty minutes since moving Mitsuki's body out of view.

"According to Mitsuki, Seiya should be here soon," Zoe said in a quiet voice. "Hopefully he goes down the trail like we told him to."

Takuya glanced down at the axe in his hands. "We'll just have to be patient and find out for ourselves."

After a few more minutes, Takuya and Zoe heard a noise coming from down the path. Zoe's heartbeat quickened and she silently followed Takuya to get closer to the trail. From there, they could see a figure approaching from the distance.

"Is that him?" Takuya whispered.

Zoe squinted, then nodded. "Yeah, that's Seiya..."

They waited for Seiya to draw closer, beginning to hear his angry mutters as the seconds passed.

"Why the fuck does she want me to come down this damn path?" Seiya groaned. "Fucking idiot..."

Takuya tightly wrapped his hands around the handle of the axe, sneaking his way closer to the older man. Seiya looked around the area, his face scowling in contempt.

"Where the hell is the bitch?" He hissed. "Mitsuki! Where the fuck are ya?"

Just as he passed the tree that Takuya and Zoe had been crouched behind, the brunette jumped out and leapt and Seiya. Before the raven-haired man had time to react, Takuya swung the blade of the axe down as hard as he could. The axe broke right through the top of Seiya's skull, slicing all the way down to where his mouth was. Seiya's eyes were wide and his body twitched as he succumbed to his fatal wounds. Takuya's eyes were dark and he viciously ripped the blade back out of Seiya's head, sending blood and brain matter in every direction. As soon as the blade was out of the man's head, Seiya toppled to the ground in a bloody heap.

Zoe looked at Seiya in disgust, the sight of his split head gut-wrenching. After twitching for a few more seconds, Seiya was still miraculously moving.

"Fuck," Takuya muttered, raising the axe above his head again. "Better put this bastard out of his misery...though he does deserve this..."

With that, he swung the blade down a second time, this time slicing right through Seiya's face. Blood squirted out of the man's face, splashing Takuya in a similar way that Zoe had been. However, Takuya kept swinging the heavy blade down into the man's face, wanting to make sure his face was no longer recognizable. Bone crunched and blood squirted onto the axe and Takuya's work gloves, staining them crimson. When he was finished, not only was Seiya's face completely destroyed, but he had nearly been decapitated. Takuya panted, looking down at his work with a mixture of horror and fascination.

"Zoe," he said, turning to her. "Get some black trash bags, lighter fluid, a pair of work gloves for yourself, and a shovel."

"Okay, be right back." Zoe hurried off again, in pursuit of the items he had just requested.

Once she was gone, Takuya sighed and went to pull Mitsuki's body back out onto the trail. He looked at the pair of corpses, still taking in what he and Zoe had done.

"It had to be done," he grumbled to himself. "There was no other way..."

Within five minutes, Zoe had returned with the items that he had requested. She pulled her work gloves on and looked at Takuya.

"How should we start?" She asked.

Takuya thought for a moment. " would be easier to move the corpses if they're...well, cut up..."

Zoe swallowed, but nodded nonetheless. "We have to do this as quickly as possible. My dad won't be home for about another two hours, but this might take awhile."

"Yeah..." Takuya picked the axe up, standing over Mitsuki's body. "Here it goes-"

"Wait!" Zoe grabbed two of the trash bags and began to tear them.

The brunette raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing?"

"Ripping these up to put the bodies on as we cut them up," she replied. "We don't want all that blood getting on the ground."

Once she had finished making a make-shift tarp to cover the ground, Takuya helped her dump the bodies onto it. Zoe then took the axe, letting it glimmer in her hands.

"If you don't mind...I wish to cut up Mitsuki's body," she said in a low voice.

Without waiting for a reply, she swung the axe downward, severing Mitsuki's head from her body. Zoe continued to swing the blade down at the deceased woman, her emerald eyes taking on a darker color. Bone crunched, muscles made a sickening squishing sound as they were cut, and blood squirted in every direction. Zoe's arms quickly became sore, but she ignored the pain and continued to cut the corpse into pieces. Takuya watched in disgust, yet couldn't help but to be slightly fascinated. The trash bag covering caught most of the blood, but a bit ran over the edge, staining the dirt crimson.

"Just a bit more..." Zoe panted, feeling blood and a few drops of persperation trickle down her face.

By now she had cut off Mitsuki's head and limbs, leaving only her torso. Zoe decided to cut it at the waist, deeming it to be the easiest method. She swung the axe down a few times until the job had been done, leaving Mitsuki's still-warm entralls to leak out. The blond raised the blade over her head one last time and swung it downward. The axe sank deep through the dead woman's chest, destroying her non-beating heart.

"Bitch!" Zoe let Takuya grab the axe before sinking to the ground. "Fucking bitch..."

Takuya gave his girlfriend a sympathetic smile, before getting to work on Seiya's body. He did it in a similar fashion the way Zoe had done it, lopping off the man's limbs. The brunette was quickly covered in warm blood, feeling it splash over his face and clothes, leaving behind a sticky feeling. He did not tire as soon as Zoe had, but he could feel his arms begin to grow numb once he was about three-quarters of the way done. Yet he ignored the sensation, knowing that he had to hurry. A few bits of bone splintered and and littered the plastic tarp, and Takuya thought he saw a vein fly out of the man's arm.

"Almost done," he muttered, slicing off the last part of the corpse.

Takuya had decided to save the head for last and let out a smirk of satisfaction as it flew away from the body. He then crouched down by Zoe and looked at her.

"You alright?" He asked.

"Yeah...just tired," she yawned, sitting up. " do you think we should do this?"

After a bit of deliberation, they decided on wrapping each piece up in plastic, then tossing them down the nearby river. The couple worked as fast as they could, knowing that time was a factor. Although Zoe's father still wouldn't be home for awhile, there was no telling on whether or not anyone else would wander down the path. The blood-slicked body parts slid around in their hands, making the wrapping difficult. There were many pieces to work with as well, as the arms and legs had been cut into several pieces themselves.

"Shit," Takuya cursed, feeling a muscle pop between two of his fingers. "This is fucking gross."

Zoe did not reply vocally, but gave him a sickened look instead. She turned Mitsuki's head downward as she covered it in a ripped up plastic bag, not wanting the dead woman's eyes to gaze upon her. Bloody hair stuck to her fingers and she shook it away with a whimper.

"Stay calm," Takuya told her, looking sick to his stomach as well. "Just be strong and keep up the work. If I finish before you, I'll help you."

"No...I've got it," she replied quietly.

A few minutes later, both of the bodies had been wrapped up, each individual piece separate. They each took another trash, though this time, kept them in one piece.

"Put as many pieces in the bag as you can drag," Takuya told Zoe. "When we get to the river, we'll dump them out of the bag and let them float down the current."

Zoe put half of Mitsuki's body parts in the bag, unable to drag any more weight. Takuya had managed to stick nearly three-quarters of Seiya's body parts in his bag, yet he was afraid that the bag would rip as he dragged it. The walk to the river itself only took about five minutes, but the heavy bags slowed them down so that it took them fifteen instead. Once they had reached the river, they stood over the edge and dumped their bags out, watching at the wrapped-up body parts floated away.

"You think anyone will trace this back to us?" Takuya asked, a bit nervous?

"I don't know," Zoe replied truthfully as they made their way back to retrieve the rest of the parts. "The river stretches out for miles, so as long as we cover our tracks and get rid of the evidence, we should be okay."

Takuya nodded, thinking to himself. "Yeah..."

Once they reached the trail, Takuya gathered up Seiya's remaining body parts, as well as some of Mitsuki's. Zoe took the rest of Mitsuki's parts and followed her boyfriend back down to the river. For a moment, they silently stood there, watching as the parts sank and floated down the river. A bit of the water turned red from the leftover blood on the bags, but quickly dispersed and cleared up. After a few minutes, Takuya took Zoe's hand into his and led her back down the path.

"We need to get rid of the axe, the gloves, our clothes, the pipe, and the bloody sand," Takuya said.

Zoe winced. "And Mitsuki's switchblade if I can find it. It fell down a ditch, so I don't know if I'll be able to find it."

"We'll see how it goes," the brunette replied. "First we'll dispose of the weapons and the sand. Then we'll run into your house, shower, change, and get rid of our bloody clothes. Do I still have any extra outfits here?"

"Yeah, you have one or two in the bottom drawer of my dresser. Let's hurry and get this over with," she told him. "I'm feeling kind of..."

"Paranoid?" Takuya finished for her. "I am too. But we can't let ourselves get psyched out. We already disposed of the bodies. Now all we've gotta do is destroy the evidence."

The couple reached the trail, where Takuya opened an extra trash bag. Zoe began to use the shovel to scoop the bloody dirt into the bag, while Takuya tossed their work gloves, the pipe, and the axe off to the side. He doused the items in lighter fluid, then pulled a lighter out of his pants pocket. He picked up a small stick that was nearby and lit the end of it, making a tiny flame. He then tossed the stick amongst the other items, watching as the fire began to eat away at them.

"The fire won't destroy the pipe or the axe," he explained. "But it'll hide any fingerprints that we left."

Zoe brushed a lock of hair out of her face as she scooped up the remaining dirt into the trash bag. She scanned the area, making sure no blood had been left behind. Fortunately, when Seiya and Mitsuki had died, all of their blood had landed on that single spot on the path. Even when Takuya had dragged Mitsuki's body off to the side, only a few drops had escaped from her corpse.

"Looks like it's gonna rain soon," Zoe said, now carefully rolling the bloody make-shift tarp up. "I hope that everything burns before it does..."

"It should," Takuya replied, helping her stuff the tarp into the same trash bag containing the sand. "When we dump this shit into the river, the blood will come right off the tarp and the sand will just sink to the bottom. I doubt that anyone will ever see that blood."

The two of them dragged the bag over to the side of the river, dumping its contents out into the water. By the time they had returned to the small fire, the gloves had been burnt completely, while the axe and pipe had been charred enough to destroy any prints. Takuya stomped the already dying fire out, picking the shovel up a moment later. He scooped the burnt contents into the same bag and took one final trip to the riverside with Zoe. They dumped the contents, not sticking around to watch them go down the current.

"I couldn't find her knife anywhere," Zoe said softly.

"Don't worry about it," Takuya told her. "If it rains, the blood will be washed off. And you've never touched it, so your prints wouldn't be on it."

Zoe gave him a weak half-smile. "Yeah, I guess. Let's grab the shovel and the lighter fluid and go back to my house. We'll go in through the back door just in case someone walks past the front."

The couple arrived at her house a few minutes later, quickly stashing the shovel and fluid back into the shed. They then crept in through the back door and slipped their shoes and clothes off. Naked, Takuya and Zoe rushed upstairs into the bathroom, where Zoe put their blood-soaked clothes into a small bag. While Takuya got the shower ready, Zoe went into her room to pull out clean clothes for the two of them. She brought the two outfits into the bathroom silently, stepping into the shower after Takuya.

"What are you going to tell your dad?" Takuya asked as the hot water splashed over them. "He'll notice that Mitsuki's not calling or showing up."

"I'll try to convince him that maybe she ran off with her 'real' boyfriend," Zoe replied, leaning up against him. "Or I'll just tell him that I called her and she never replied."

"We destroyed everything," Takuya said, though it was more to himself. "We got rid of the bodies...the weapons...the bloody sand... We got rid of their belongings, including their cell phones and wallets. Speaking of which, I snatched the money out of Seiya's wallet."

Zoe chuckled, shaking her head. "Why am I not surprised?"

Takuya shrugged and smirked. "Hey, I ended up with ¥3,000 so it worked out."

They began to wash the blood and dirt away from their bodies, letting everything go down the drain. Their hair was scrubbed clean and they even made sure that there was no blood under their fingernails.

"Let's finish up the shower already," Zoe said hasitly. "I don't know what time it is, and we still need to get rid of our bloody clothes."

Takuya nodded in agreement and turned the water off. The couple stepped out of the shower and toweled off, throwing their new clothes on as quickly as possible. Upon glancing at the clock, Zoe nearly screamed.

"Shit! It's 6:00! My dad's going to be home in a half hour!" She exclaimed.

"Fuck!" Takuya grabbed the bag of clothes. "Quick, follow me. We still have a half hour to get this done."

Zoe groaned. "But he might be home sooner. You never know when he's gonna get off work."

The two of them sprinted out of the house and down the path, with Takuya tightly clutching into a lighter. Once they were down far enough, the sky was nearly black with clouds. Luckily, it had not begun to rain yet, therefore giving them the chance to burn everything. Takuya dropped the bag onto the ground and lit it up, watching as the fire quickly engulfed it. The plastic melted from the heat and the clothes were soon burnt to ashes.

"Okay, I'll dispose of the clothes and everything," Takuya said hastily. "Try to clean up any plastic residue from the bag."

The brunette used a few sticks to scoop up the destroyed clothing, while Zoe kicked the dirt around to hide the remains of the melted bag. Takuya ran off to the riverside to dump the remaining evidence, throwing the sticks along with it.

"That's everything," he said breathlessly, joining Zoe back on the path. "When your dad gets home, just act natural."

"Don't need to tell me that," Zoe replied dryly. "It'll be tough...and if we're careless, someone might find out about what we did."

Takuya snorted as they made their way back to Zoe's house. "Well, if they really were caught up in all sorts of shady shit, maybe people will believe that they pissed off the wrong person and got themselves killed."

"Damn right they did," the blond mumbled. "I'm sure that I could've gone about this differently. But to be honest with you, I didn't care. I just wanted Mitsuki and Seiya gone..."

"Well, they are..." Takuya said with a smirk.

The couple reached the house a few minutes later, trying to act natural as Mr. Orimoto walked through the door only fifteen minutes after them.

"Hey, Zoe. Takuya," Kiyoshi said, nodding towards his daughter and her boyfriend. "Did Mitsuki get the message that I'd be home late?"

"I called her but she didn't answer," Zoe told him as she lounged on the couch with Takuya. "So I sent her a text. She hasn't replied yet but I sent her the message."

"Alright." Kiyoshi set his keys on the counter, pulling his tie off a moment later. "I'm gonna take a shower, but if you two want to start eating, go ahead."

Although food was the last thing on their minds, Takuya and Zoe managed to choke down a bit of their dinner. The night seemed to drag on painstakingly slow, and Mr. Orimoto continued to glance at his watch and comment on Mitsuki's lateness.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be here soon," Zoe kept reassuring him.

"Maybe she got caught up in something," Takuya offered.

Kiyoshi shrugged. "Eh, maybe..."

Days and weeks passed, and there was no sign of Mitsuki or Seiya. Kiyoshi became a wreck, soon on medication for his depression. Zoe felt horrible about her father's condition, but knew that deep down, she had done what she had to. Mitsuki was no longer around to leech off of Kiyoto, and Seiya was not around to threaten him and go through with his plan.

Every day, Takuya and Zoe constantly looked over they're shoulders, half-expecting to see their victims. It was impossible, for the couple was sure that they had killed the scheming man and woman. About a month and a half after the gruesome murders, Mitsuki and Seiya's bodies had been found floating by the shore of a lake several miles away. Since both Mitsuki and Seiya had criminal backgrounds, and no evidence was found to link their muders to anyone, their case remained unsolved. The police finally deemed that they had probably just got caught up with the wrong people and were killed.

Takuya and Zoe were the only ones who would ever know the truth behind the couple's 'disappearance'. Although it had been the hardest thing that they ever had to do, it had been for the best...

Okay, that ends my strange two-shot. As I said, I got this idea from one of my fave animes, but I won't reveal it cuz it contains spoilers ^_^ Although it was freakishly long for only a two-shot, I didn't want to make it more than two chapters long. If you didn't like it, sue me. But I must warn you, I'm broke. So you won't get jack shit. On that note, I'm gonna go run off and do something extremely stupid. See you later!