Buffy, the Video Slayer or

There's no place like Sunnydale!

By Ldynwaitin

Chapter One – The Yellow Brick Road to Hogwarts

Buffy slowly walked down the sidewalk that led to her home. Hearing some shouting coming from inside, she sighed, "Welcome to Summerdale, population sixteen and growing."

She opened the door and saw Xander arguing with Andrew in front of the television.

"It's my turn to pick what we see!" Andrew moaned.

"I refuse to see Attack of the clones for the fifth time!" Xander growled. "If I hear you say Yo-da man one more time, I'm going to…!"

"Guys, what's the problem here?" Buffy said.

"Hey Buffy, don't stop them. I think Andrew can take him," Anya said.

"Buffy, did you get the pigs blood from the butchers shop?" Spike said, as he entered the room.

"Poor Babe," Andrew muttered.

"Perhaps you'd consider volunteering," Spike said.

"Buffy, I'm glad you're here," Willow said. She walked into the room carrying a large book. "I was working on something to help us."

"I helped!" Dawn said. She was grinning from ear to ear. "I found the passage, didn't I Willow."

"Did someone call a meeting?" Giles asked. Buffy realized that she either had to get rid of some of her friends, or get a bigger front room.

"Give me that!" Xander snarled. Andrew had grabbed several DVD's that he was holding.

"Listen up," Willow said. "I think I found something that may stop the First evil."

Buffy suddenly found herself in the center of a brawl. "Enough!" she shouted. She grabbed the DVD's that Xander and Andrew was fighting over. Pulling it out of their hands, she fell back, and into Willow. Falling to the floor, Buffy saw the large book coming down on her head. Suddenly everything went black. She faintly heard someone calling her name.

"Buffy…Buffy, are you all right?"

She struggled to open her eyes, they refused to listen to her. After much debate, she managed to get them to open. Once open, she wondered if she should have listened to them and kept them closed.

Before her, she saw the strangest sight. Willow was dressed in a shimmering blue skirt and blouse. Her head was halloed in red curls.

"Are you all right?" she said.

"I'm fine, I think," she sighed.

"Let me help you," Xander said. Taking her hand, she was surprised to feel it was ice cold. Standing up, she was shocked to see Xander's skin had suddenly taken on a silver sheen.

"Is she dead? She was dead before, sometimes it's hard to tell with her. Are you dead?" Anya said. Buffy shook her head, she could swear she saw straw growing out of Anya's hair.

"I was so scared?" Spike moaned. Buffy had to shake her head for the second time. Spike was only wearing black pants. The muscles of his chest rippled, as he stared at her with concern. She leaned in, wanting a scent of his manliness. Spike blushed, his face suddenly morphed. Buffy nearly choked, when she saw whiskers poking out of his face.

"Okay, hold the boat," Buffy said. "Spike has whiskers."

"Oooo, I wish I had whiskers," Dawn whined.

Buffy plopped down on a chair, "This is a dream, has to be a dream," she whispered.

She heard voices chanting from the basement. "What is that?" Buffy said.

"Those are the potentials," Willow said. "I came here to protect them from Faith, the wicked slayer from the west-side."

"You'd better get them some lollypops," Anya said. "That'll quiet them down. You know what happens if slayers in training don't get their lollypops. They begin to multiply, and grow long ears, and fluffy tails, and…"

"Calm down Anya," Xander said. "No need to get excited. Unfortunately, I do not know how it feels to get excited. For I have a black hole, where my heart used to rest."

"Darn, I wish I had a dark hole in my chest," Dawn sighed.

"Jeez," Anya groaned. "Would you give it a rest, Xander. You were only left with a dark hole, I had to figure out what to do with all that food. You can't give away day old cocktail wieners! I was stuck with a bar tab that would break the economy of Russia. Not to mention some very ugly guests, that wouldn't leave."

"Didn't the demons leave right away?" Willow said.

"I was talking about his relatives!"

"I know, I'm sleeping. I must be sleeping," Buffy said. She stood up, and began to nervously pace the floor. "I just have to wake up." She let out a yipe, as she pinched herself. Spike jumped in the air, his whiskers nervously twitched, "What did you do that for?" he shouted.

"Calm down Spike, it's okay," Willow said, as she gently stroked his head. Letting out a low purr, his face morphed back to his human form.

"Okay, this is not a dream, it's a nightmare," Buffy declared. "I can do nightmares."

Her pace took on a more anxious vein. "I was hit on the head, perhaps the book had a spell on it? The old, hit on the head and end up in another dimension routine. Second time I've fallen for that in two years."

"I wish I could rant like Buffy," Dawn said. It was then that Buffy noticed that Dawn was wearing a choker, or was it a collar?

Backing up, she hit the television, knocking some DVD's off the top shelf, they hit her on the head. Suddenly everything went black, she faintly heard someone say.

"Buffy…Buffy, are you all right?"

This time her eyes demanded that they stay shut. They were overruled by a strong tug on her arm. Opening her eyes, she saw Willow looking at her with concern. The blue skirt was replaced with a long black robe.

"Are you feeling all right Buffy? I know of a spell that can help you," said Willow.

Buffy looked around, she saw she was standing in a railroad station. Giles was standing next to Willow. He now sported a very long beard. "Now, now Willow, you know you are not allowed to perform magic with Muggles about," said Giles, in a hoarse voice. He pointed to the people bustling around the station.

"This is no good," whispered Buffy. "I only saw the previews of this movie."

"Buffy, are you well?" Giles gently asked her.

"If by your definition well means I'm feeling normal, I'd say the answer to that is a rounding…Gosh no." She let out a hiss, "I forgot, this was rated G, I can't swear."

"Well if it isn't Buffy Potter," someone said. Buffy saw Spike walking towards her. He looked rich, and spoiled. He swaggered to her, stopping, he slammed his suitcase on the floor. "Once we reach the academy, I cannot wait to resume our game of Quidditch. I shall beat you soundly Buffy Potter, for I have a new broom that my father purchased for me."

"Buffy is not going to Hogwarts, there is a greater evil that heeds her attention," said Giles.

"The First Evil?" said Buffy.

"Not at all, we must protect that," said Giles.

She saw a giant spider web at the end of the station. She saw many letters weaved in the web. She was able to make out, Facebook, Twitter, Fanfiction, and youtube, from the hundreds on the web.

"What's is it?" muttered Buffy.

"It is called The Web, in it lies many allies," said Giles. "Powerful allies whose loyal followers grow stronger each day."

"TROLLS!" shouted Spike. He pointed behind them. Several large trolls came lumbering towards them.

"By the heavens," gasped Giles. "We must protect the web. We cannot allow the trolls to crash it."

Buffy was about to join in the battle, until she saw a bag filled with DVD's. "Please let this work," she whispered. The trolls were getting closer, she sprinted to the bag, reaching it seconds before the trolls reached her. Taking one of the DVD's, she hugged it as a large fist came down on her head. Suddenly everything went black, she faintly heard someone say,

"Buffy, Buffy are you all right?"