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Summary: Leah and Jacob had been in love. They had loved each other like they hadn't ever loved before. But like all fairy tales and happy endings, the story must end somewhere. Most people think that it is magic when you find the person you love with all your heart, but for Leah, it was magic that took that love and killed her. Enter: IMPRINTING!

Yesterday upon the stair

I met a man who wasn't there

He wasn't there again today

Oh, how I wish he'd go away


Leah sat on the old tattered couch of her small home. The home that once was vibrant with life. The home that held her childhood, the memories of her father, of her mother and brother, of when times were carefree and when all the love in the world ran through the house. She closed her eyes tightly as fresh tears streamed down her already puffy cheeks. She knew that crying would do no good. Nothing was any good any more. She wondered why she even bothered to get up in the morning, when you have nothing to live for.

The house had become smaller, either that or it just felt smaller. Leah didn't know if she was losing her mind or not but she was sure, she could hear every creak in the floor boards and the soft hum the light bulb would make from the electricity running through it. Maybe if she could get the electricity to run through her veins the pain her body would feel, would distract her from the pain in her heart.

The house, the house was breathing. The creaks and groans the house made where driving her mad. She didn't want the fucking house to breath. It was annoying and stupid and reminded her that it was just her in the small, old lonely house.

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP" Leah shrieked getting up and throwing the small side table across the room making it smash against the wall. She dropped to her knees, feeling extreme pain shot threw them and fell forward, her cheek pressing against the cold wooden floor. She held her hands next to her head but she could bring herself to push back up. She had lost the fight. She was always losing.

She felt her legs become numb from kneeling on them for so long but she couldn't move. She wanted to sit and cry until things were better again, until he came back and held her like he used to. That he would come back and wrap her small body up in his large hands and chest. How he would kiss her mouth softly and tell her things would be okay and that he loved her.

Leah's knuckles where turning white as she thought about him. Her throat become dry and the sobs became wails until her whole body was shaking. She felt like she was howling even though she couldn't phase.

Crying didn't help, but there was nothing else to do. What do you do when the love of your life leaves you? When you find someone that fixes you heart, makes you feel special and loved and like you're the only girl in the world, only to have them rip it out and eat it.

He didn't just re-break the heart Samuel Uley had managed to do first, but he shattered it. He shattered it so that no matter who was next, they wouldn't be able to find the pieces. It was shattered until the glass of her heart turned to dust and it floated away in the wind. There would now always be parts missing, she would never be able to be complete again. She guessed it was karma. Karma from not being a good enough daughter, sister, pack mate or friend. There was only one thing Leah had been good at.

Being with him.

He had made her better, he had fixed her, he had loved her, her had shown her grace, he had held her, he had fucking promised her.

Leah's legs buckled and her knees slumped to the sides. She couldn't hold the weight off the cold hard floor anymore. She grunted as her shoulder slid up the wood and came to a stop once her rounded belly hit the floor.

She didn't care anymore, about anything. She didn't care that she had lost over 20 pounds in the last 3 months even though her stomach was getting rounder. She didn't care that her mother called everyday only to be hung up on. She didn't care about the howls that would come from the woods, calling to her, summoning her to meet her pack, which she hadn't seen in months. She didn't care that she hadn't slept solidly since he left. She didn't care that the Voulturi was coming to kill the Cullen's. She wanted them to come, she wanted the Voulturi to kill them all. She wanted them to suffer, even just once.

She hated them.

She hated that they had everything she couldn't. She hated that they got to live happily ever after, yet they were the ones that killed animals and some even humans. They were the bad guys, not her. And yet they still had everything, money, eternal life, family, love, children, and him.

Leah wanted nothing more but to just have him back. They could keep everything else, she just wanted him back.

"Just stop…" She whispered into the dark room, face down on the cold floor. She could smell her own blood but she didn't even flinch with concern. She grasped her hands over the small silver ring that sat upon her left ring finger. She fingered the ring delicately, tracing its every curve in the dark. It was Sarah's ring. The same ring that Billy had given Sarah on their wedding day. Leah closed her eyes, remembering Sarah Black.

She was the most beautiful woman ever. Her long ebony hair, her kind eyes, her perfect skin tone, her slim seductive body. But it was her love that Leah envied most. Sarah had loved Billy and her children with everything she had. Even in the end Leah knew Sarah would have been thinking about them before the drunk driver collided head on with her car.

It hurt to think that Leah couldn't even love the child that was growing inside her. It had been the one thing she thought she could never have, and now, now she had it and she didn't want it. She couldn't love something that looked exactly like the man that had broken her. She would have let him break every bone in her body, rip every muscle from its bone, tear her flesh until she bled out. She wished he would have down all those things instead of leaving her with a broken heart.

She clamped her right hand over her left to stop the shaking. She hadn't been able to take the ring of her finger. It had been months and still she couldn't do it. Sometimes she would just look at it and cry. It was a constant memory that had made everything real.

That had made him real.

~Flash Back~

Leah and Jacob lay sprawled in the sheets, covered in sweat and coated with the intoxicating smell of each other. It had only been 3 months and somehow they had moved very fast from friends to lovers. She had long been over Sam, and Jacob had told Leah her had accepted that Bella had chosen Edward.

Jacob kissed Leah softly running his lips over her swollen ones.

"I love you Leah" He said holding her close, so close that they were one.

One entity.

One soul.

One heart.

Leah sighed running her hands through his short cropped black hair. "I know, and I love you too" She said smiling up at the man who had snatched her heart away. She hadn't realised it had happened until he smashed his lips down on hers so long ago. It felt right with Jacob Black, because when she was with him, the world seemed right. It didn't seem so dark and hateful and unforgiving.

It just seemed right.

Jacob grasped her small hand in his and slipped something on her finger all the way up to her knuckle. Leah wriggled her hand free and looked down.

The moon light shone on the small silver ring. It was beautiful, simple, but beautiful. She had remember the ring, it belonged to his mother. It was the ring Billy had given to her. The ring was a promise of love.

"Jacob, this – this is – Sarah's ring, I can't-"

He hushed her with his lips and kissed her deeply sending butterflies floating through not only her stomach but her whole body.

"Marry me Leah" He said nibbling softly on her jaw line.

Leah moaned as his lips moved everywhere. She arched her body and threw her head back. His large calloused hands where so gentle it was driving her insane. He kissed down her neck and suckled on her collar bone send a wave of heat straight through her. He moved back up and captured her lips with his own and cupped her face.

"Marry me Leah" He said again nodding his head and waiting for her answer.

"What – what if you end up Imprinting Jake? Would you still marry me then? Would you still even love me? Jake, if you leave me I'll die. How can you even ask me this?" Leah said softly as her heart began to crack thinking about Jacob leaving her.

"Leah look at me" He said still with his hands cupping her warm cheeks.

Leah's eyes met his and she was instantly lost. His orbs where like silk. A silky baby brown that looked back at her with so much love and need. He needed her just as much as she needed him. And even though Leah was lost in his eyes, she had somehow been found. He had saved her, he had made her feel again and she loved him with all her heart. From his brown eyes all the way to his warm heart. She place her hand on his chest and felt his heart. He spoke again, softly and lovingly.

"I'll never leave you Leah. I am going to marry you no matter what" He said sincerely.

~End Flashback~

She believed him.

And he lied.

He did leave her, and he wasn't going to marry Leah.

He was going to marry Renesmee... eventually.

He was now bound to a creature that by everyone's eyes looked like human. She wasn't. She was half dead. She was the puppet of a world that drank the blood of innocent creatures. She was the spawn of a doomed love. Her father had killed her mother. Not in the sense of her being dead, but inadvertently killing her humanity. The blood that ran through Renesmee's veins was tainted, bad and voodoo. She was the result of Leah's world ceasing to exist.

That little Halfling had taken everything away from Leah. And she wished from the top of her head to the tips of her toes that the Voulturi would rip the little bitch's heart out and feed it to the worms.

Then and only then, Jacob Black would know just how much it hurt.

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