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Part ll Fifteen

10 years later...


The house and bed are cold when I wake. I don't know what time it is with the room hidden by the black back curtains, but I feel as if I've slept an entire lifetime. My sore corked muscles are looser than they have been since phasing and the dreaded knot in my shoulder blade is nothing more than a dull throb. Pain, it seems, comes with age.

The house is quiet as I take the stairs, one by one counting each wooden panel. My bottom lip is drawn into my mouth but I shake off the nervousness before I hit the twelfth step.

It's not like me to be nervous but the giant ball of uneasiness won't disappear from my stomach. Like an ever growing wave it thrashes against my insides, twirling and swaying both emotions and thoughts.

My feet can feel the vibration of paws skittering around the outskirts of the property, too far out to be spotted but close enough to be known. Like clockwork they fade in and out, the patrol circuit only coming so close to the reservation houses, before heading back out toward First Beach and around the boarders of LaPush. Even with the vampires long gone, Sam still has the boys run.

I smell him before I see him, crouching quietly near the porch steps. I watch for a moment as he lays out his tools, sanding paper and other items he'll need. The mid-morning sun has a sheen film of sweat gathering on his forehead and I smile smugly to myself knowing just what else gets him worked up.

I hadn't been a sweat-is-sexy kinda girl with Sam. It was just wrong in so many ways. But with him, it's a primal, automatic switch that is pushed to get my girly parts all excited. Granted he doesn't actually smell like sweat. More like forest and ocean, like freedom and loyalty.

My bare toes almost curl on the tiles as I watch him grab the collar of his shirt to pull it up and over his head. Over the years he's put on little weight and even though he knows I love him the way he is, he stays physically active for his health. He's promised me forever, and he's trying his best to give it to me.

Wiping his forehead he stuffs the rag into his back pocket. Folding a piece of the paper, he gently begins to sand down the lip of the porch step. He knows how much I hate that certain step, my poor heel taking one hell of a scraping, often returning home from the store or hurrying out to run errands in the mornings.

Looking down at my heel I chuckle. No matter how fast it heels, the pain of that step stays with me. The sudden tearing of skin and loud curse words are always a feature, with my poor husband being the butt of my anger. Replying with a 'Well, if you would lift your feet,' doesn't help his cause more than it does shatter it.

Grabbing the pencil from behind his ear, he stencils a line across the plank. The definition in his arms make me giggle, knowing how much the ladies from the old people's home appreciate a good dose of eye candy. Each time we take Billy for his weekly card game, they have him blushing in less than five seconds flat. I swear if I didn't put a ring on his finger, the ladies would maul my poor baby to death.

"Mamma," a tiny voice asks, tugging on the leg of my pyjamas. Looking down I smile as I see his sleepy eyes staring up at me. He drags up his blue wolf toy as his hands reach for me.

Leaning down I pick him up, kiss his soft cheek and balance him on my hip. He's always an early riser just like his daddy.

"What's daddy doing?" he yawns, glancing out the kitchen window to watch his father begin to saw the edge of the wood.

"Fixing the step. How did you sleep?" I ask, nuzzling my nose into his soft brown curls. He still smells like he did when I held him for the first time. Right against my heart.

"Okay. But Beetle snored," he smiles, tucking the stuffed wolf with the strangest name I've ever heard, between us.

"Where's your sister?" I whisper, glancing toward the upper level, expecting our rampant five year old daughter to bounce down the stairs in all her loud glory.

"She's still sleeping." Jeremiah whispers back. "Can we have pancakes like grandma makes?" he asks, completely forgetting about his sister. He's shy, timid and very sensitive. He's my little precious heart. My love.

I can't deny my children anything and soon we are busily making breakfast. Jeremiah picks each blueberry up, inspecting its size before adding it to the mixing bowl carefully. A line of flour appears on his cheek as he wipes his face. I smile and lean down to kiss his head, his ever present innocence waning my heart.

"What was that for?" my boy asks as he tilts his head back. His eyes are curious as he awaits an answer.

"Because I love you."

The loud toot of a familiar horn sounds, and before I can catch him, Jeremiah and his blue hands are running to the door.

"Mom, Ethan's back." he squeals excitedly.

His brother is his hero, everything Ethan does, Jeremiah wants to mimic. No matter what the risks.

"Honey, slow down," I plead, chasing the little boy out the door in the unsexiest pyjamas I own.

Ethan allows his little brother to tackle him to the ground, even though my oldest is as strong as any man. There are similarities in the boys but their eyes separate them. Neither have my eyes, but I suppose it doesn't matter. They are proof of things I love, or have loved. Nothing about them, I regret. Nothing.

Jacob stands by his truck, Ethan's bag over his shoulder. My heart skips a little beat as he stands watching me intently, looking exactly as I remember him. He's still the Jacob I loved, still the man that gave me hope, still the alpha I would follow to the ends of the earth.

His neatly trimmed hair and well groomed face propel me back into the past. Of warm nights, of tribal bonfires and of hushed exchanges on his single bed. It goes without saying, but he looks happier being a part of Ethan's life. Being a part of something that only we share.

I want to speak to him but I know there are few words left between us. I chose Logan, and Ethan. I chose my husband and my son. I chose to live for them and to make right the wrongs in my life. I chose to forgive, forget and grovel to them both for the rest of my natural life. Jacob didn't have a choice. But I did.

In the end Ethan deserves to know his real father. Deserves to spend time with Jacob and find out why I'd fallen in love with him so long ago. Even though things have worked out the way they did, Jacob also deserves the same. I can't condemn him for eternity, and segregating him from his son would only hurt them both.

"Thanks Dad. I'll see ya in two weeks." Ethan says as he bumps shoulders with Jake. At fifteen he's my big boy and I smile when he comes straight to me for my I-missed-you-so-much hug.

Having him in my arms, I kiss his head and send him up to the house with his little brother. Jeremiah chats happily about his day at First Beach with Logan while Ethan's been away.

Walking toward the truck I feel exposed. Crossing my arms over my cotton covered chest I allow only a miniscule smile.

"Thank you for taking him for the weekend."

Jacob seems distant as he glances toward the house, watching as my boys enter it. "It's not a problem, Leah. You know I love having him. The whole family does."

I bite back a frown. Knowing that my son legitimately likes the Cullen's irks me the wrong way. But it's his life, and however he and Jake chose to spend their time together, is not up to me.

Glancing at me, Jacob leans back to rest on his truck. His large hands are shoved deep into his pockets and for the first time in our lives the air around us is awkward.

"Rachel's pregnant again." he states vaguely.

Thinking of my best friend's ever growing brood I smile. "She's hoping for a girl."


Ethan's told me about his father's relationship with Renesmee Cullen. I try my best to weasel out of hearing what my son has to say, but he's persistent and innocently believes that he can fix people's problems. He can't fix Renesmee from being a spoilt little brat much like he can't stop his mother from embarrassing him at the supermarket when his friends walk by. But, I humour him, and myself, into listening.

I try my best to be diplomatic in each situation and he frowns when few choice words about the Cullen family spill out of my big mouth. Last month's revelation hit me like a tonne of bricks.

'Dad wants another kid. But Carlisle say's Nessie can't. She's like, different or something.'

Oh revenge, how bitter you taste. How utterly redeeming and sweet to the victor.

Even though it was unfair for Jacob and devastating for Renesmee, I hadn't been able to help the small smile that graced my lips.

'Fate, you bitch. You've finally thrown me a line.'

It was awful of me to think that way and it only lasted a second. Inside, I knew Jacob, and the determination that came with him. He would find a way around it. Much like we had. Even if our skills of planning had lacked back then.

We hadn't ever planned for a baby, hadn't ever even contemplated the chance of getting pregnant. But it happened for us. And no doubt, it would happen for him again.

"Ethan's birthday is coming up," I begin, prying the words from my mouth in an attempt to be civil. "We were planning something small. Something here. It would be nice to have all his... family here, instead of having two separate parties."

It's like word dribble, and even though Logan and I had talked about it, I still grimace when it finally comes out.

"Thanks Leah." and the way Jacob answer's me tells me it's for so much more than a birthday invite. "How's Logan?"

"Logan's just fine," my husband answers as he makes his way to us, no malice present in his voice.

He's been good to me over the years, better than I deserve, and he understands how much I need him to be on my side, in everything we do. Specks of saw dust stick to his chest and I fight to keep the blush in my cheeks away.

Reaching out, Logan and Jacob shake hands. "How are you, Jake?"

"Good man, good."

Feeling Logan's arm wrap around my back and hold my waist I smile. "I was just telling Jacob about Ethan's birthday."


"You okay?" Logan asks me as he strides into the kitchen, dropping a kiss on Susie's forehead as she colours within her book. Her tongue is poked out and her concentration is so high, I'm not even sure if she notices her father.

"I'm fine." I smile as he saunters toward me as I sit with Jeremiah on my lap. Softly he strokes my cheek, tipping my head back so he can kiss me with those perfect bow lips.

"Gross, guys," Ethan squirms, his cheeks flushing red as he finishes the last of his homework, trying his hardest not to meet either of our eyes.

"It's not my fault your mother's so hot," he smirks causing Ethan to groan and shake his head.

"Are you hot because you're sick, mommy?" Jeremiah asks as he looks up at me, his small hands working at the ball of play dough.

"No, baby," I laugh, humming into his soft brown curls and shooting a death glare in Logan's direction. "Your father's just teasing."

Susie lets out a dissatisfied grumble as she once again tears the colouring page from her book and scrunches it in her small palm.

Huffing she wipes clean a new page and begins her work all over again.

Logan stands to play with the braid that runs over her shoulder. "What's wrong, baby girl?" he whispers as he crouches down, putting himself at eye level with our daughter.

It's the only time she's not picking on her brothers or trying to boss her father around. Drawing, painting and other like activities mellow our very authoritive, very head strong daughter, and we are both very grateful for the interest she takes in it.

"I can't get it right, Daddy. It looks stupid," she replies as Logan picks up the crumbled paper and unfurls its destruction.

"I think it looks very beautiful," he smiles as he places the paper back on the table and kisses her head.

"You have to think that. You're my dad."

"You're right. But you're beautiful, so everything you do is an extension of your beauty."

Logan allows Susie to grumble away while I laugh quietly under my breath. She's such an exuberant little girl it's sometimes hard to believe she doubts herself so much. She's like me in so many ways that it not only scares me, but my own mother as well.

"I think you and mommy are the prettiest girls in the world," Jeremiah comments quietly, his big brown eyes trained on the red dough between his hands.


"Say bye to grandpa," I whisper as I scoop Susie up into my arms and heave her crayon filled backpack onto my shoulder.

"See ya grandpa. See you tomorrow," she yells excitedly, as if Billy is hundreds of meters away. I blink a few times to make sure my hearing is still intact.

"Thanks for looking after the rugrat, Billy."

He smiles, that warm familiar Black smile at me before replying. "It's always a pleasure Lee. You know I can always use a spare chef in the house."

"Yeah mom. Grandpa taught me how to make pizza pockets!" my daughter says, excitedly kicking my hip as if I am a rodeo horse.

I give Billy a drained look and roll my eyes. I love my daughter, with all my heart, no matter what, but she was a handful. I finally felt karma kicking my ass on my mother's behalf.

Billy waves to Susie, as I place her in the car and help her buckle up.

"I can buckle myself," she states confidently as she tugs on the belt and wrestles with the metal.

"Okay, big woman. I'll leave you to it then."

I wait to make sure she has the belt in the buckle before moving to the driver's seat.

Even though Susie is not Billy's real granddaughter he loves her very much the same as he loves Ethan.

All the children love Billy, especially the two younger ones. Ethan doesn't mind sharing his grandfather with his siblings but I make sure my eldest does get exclusive time with the old man.

By the time we make it home Susie is fast asleep, her small hand clutching the coloured pasta necklace she made with Logan the weekend before. My girl had been so proud of her jewellery making skills she hadn't let the thing out of her sight.

Sometimes I wonder about the baby that never was. I'll wake up early or in the middle of the night and just stare at the ceiling thinking about what could have been.

I'm usually only sad for a moment. Because how can I be upset in the life I have now? Logan and I have managed to create two beautiful children together to add to the joy we already had with Ethan. We loved each other, we got by financially, and we finally had our little family. Life was perfect in every way.

So instead of brooding and thinking too hard in those moments, I wrap my husband's arm around me and cuddle towards him. With his warmth and scent I drift back into a dreamless slumber.


"Hey mom, look, dad made it," Ethan smiles as he jogs over to the big truck pulling up near the driveway. Behind the other swarm of cars they talk, I suppose, seeing as I don't have eyes on them.

Ethan's loud whoop rings in my ears before he pushes forward the gift his father has brought him.

Jacob had wisely called a week before and discussed the present. I'd been specific in what I didn't want for my boy. Jacob had his sights on a car, not only a car but a super-fast one. I almost phased in the living room. Something I hadn't done in a long time.

"Mum, check it out. Jake got me a bike." Ethan's grin is so wide it looks like his face is going to spilt.

I'd talked Jacob down into something more practical and much less fast. The dirt bike is red and grey and looks just as good as any road bike.

"You're not allowed on the road until you get your permit," I say firmly as I hug my son to stop him from jumping out of his skin. His smile falters only a little before I speak again. "But - I don't think your uncle Paul will mind if you use the tracks behind his house," I whisper.

Rachel greets Jacob happily with a hug and ushers her children to greet their uncle before they are too high on soda and fizz whizz to care.

People eat and drink to their hearts content and my heart swells as I watch my son explain to his cousins that they're going to totally rip up the mud tracks tomorrow.

Miko shoves Ethan playfully having a bike himself, and they bicker back and forth comically in whose going to ride the track the fastest.

"He seems to like the bike," a deep husky voice sounds behind me.

I fight to keep my body from tensing but it's no use. "He loves it, Jacob. Thank you."

"He's a good kid. He deserves it."

I nod my head and Jacob takes a seat beside me on the log. Jeremiah and Susie sit contently around Billy, listening to the old stories he tells. About the wolves, the cold ones, Taha Aki and the third wife. Jeremiah can barely keep his eyes open and Susie looks like she's about to burst from excitement. She loves when Billy talks about the wolves. They're her favourite animal. Especially after finding out her mother used to be one.

"He's been talking about college." I tell Jacob as I slide my cold hands under thighs. "He's growing up so fast and I don't know what I'm going to do without him."

"He's a smart kid, Lee. He'll be fine. And so will you."

Feeling Jacob's hand on my shoulder makes me shirk back. It's not that it's not welcome; it's that I don't particularly want to remember it.

"Sorry," he mumbles, pulling away abruptly.

"No. I should be sorry. I don't mean to... be... this way, I just-"

"Mommy, mommy. Guess what?" Susie yells as she hurls toward me, knocking into me and clinging onto my neck with her small arms.

"What is it?" I say, sounding a little panicked and looking for Ethan and Jeremiah.

"Grandpa Billy says one day I'm gonna be a wolf. He says usually only boys get to be wolves, but he promised that I can be one too."

"That's nice sweetie," I exhale, kissing her head before she dashes madly toward her cousins to inform them of her newly acquired news.

Jacob chuckles and shakes his head. "Wow. She's... energetic."

"Shut up, Black," I smile as I swat his arm.

"She's got Leah Clearwater written all over her."

"Thanks a lot, jerk face."


"Tonight was tiring," Logan whispers as he sneaks up behind me and runs his fingers along my hip.

"It was." I sigh, leaning back into my husband to let the heat of him soak through my clothes.

"Where are the babies?" he breathes as his lips nibble against the skin of my neck.

Holding his hands still on my waist, I tilt my head with a smile. "They're hardly babies."

He strokes my stomach with his pinkie as he buries his face in my neck with a groan. "Please tell me they're asleep."

"Why," I ask as I giggle, "Are you feeling naughty?"

"Oh hell yeah," he replies with a growl.

"Well, Ethan's gone to Rachel and Paul's to hang out with the boys and the two munchkins are fast asleep."

"Thank you," he sighs as he moves the strap of my top off my shoulder to kiss my skin. I shiver under his lips as he runs his hand down my arm.

"For what?" I say softly as I turn in his arms.

Taking a breath, he cups my face and runs his thumb over my lips. "For tonight. For the last ten years. For everything. For always."

"Logan," I start but he hushes me with a kiss.

"I know how hard it was for you," he says softly. "How hard it was to replace Jake. I understand. I do. But I want to thank you for choosing me."

"Baby," I whisper, tears gathering in my eyes as I grab his face to mimic his actions. "I love you. I love our children. Our life."

"I know you do, I just-"

"Logan." I say sternly grabbing his face a little harder. "You are my choice. You are. Not Jacob. Not anyone else. You."

"Thank you," he whispers as he leans forward to kiss me again.

"Take me to bed," I breathe between kisses, wanting to show my husband how much I love him.

"Yes, ma'am."

With a grin he picks me up, enjoying the squeal I let out.



Parking the truck in the drive I sit in the cab, alone and in complete darkness. That doesn't stop me from seeing though. I see everything in the darkness, even things I wish not to see.

I see Nahuel's Prius parked in the drive, not too far from my truck. I see Renesmee's light on. I see the shadows that move across the room.

Closing my eyes, I breathe in the stillness of the night around me. The night's air is cool on my skin for only a second before the heat of my wolf diminishes the feeling. The air is tainted with the slight smell of sticky toffee and rotten apples.

Making my way into the house I throw my keys to the bench and reach for a beer in the fridge. I contemplate calling the big vampire, Emmett, over from the main house to the cabin for a game on the Xbox but think better of it.

Sitting down, I kick off my shoes and wait for Ness and our guest vampire to make their way down stairs. I wonder if it is appropriate to still call someone a guest after living in a particular place for longer than six months. The Cullen's, as well as my wife, insisted that Nahuel stay after his Aunt had decided to part ways with the hybrid. I wonder if he is ever going to leave. Probably not, not after he knocks my wife up.

Carlisle had explained to us that Renesmee had to mate with her own species in order to have children. Something about an extra chromosome that didn't kick into effect until her seventh birthday.

She is every bit a vampire as each day passes. Gradually over the years her diet of human food has turned exclusively to blood. While the idea pisses me off, I can't do anything to stop it. She wants it and she is my imprint. End of story.

"Oh, Jacob. You're back." My wife says sweetly as she adjusts her top and smooths out the crease of her jeans. Leaning over the couch she kisses my cheek and squeezes my shoulder.

"Jacob, friend, it's nice to see you again," Nahuel murmurs as he makes his way down the steps, his military style boots unlaced.

Nothing surprises me anymore and I don't have the energy to bring up the subject again. The fact that they are both sleeping together, I don't so much mind. The fact that they can't even cover it up to spare my feelings is the bit that irks me the most. Not to mention that the smell that lingers on the both of them is like a slap in the face.

"How was the party? Was it awesome? Did Ethan like his present?" Renesmee speaks too fast and her cheeks flush at the raised brow I shoot in her direction.

She's never really been interested in Ethan, but over the years has accepted that my son, who is a part of me, will always be that way.

"Yeah, he loved it." I smile to myself as I nurse my beer and run my hand over my hair. It feels a little greasy and I stretch out my back thinking about how amazing a hot shower would be right now.

"Dearest Renesmee, I must be leaving, I will see you tomorrow," Nahuel calls as he rolls up the sleeves of his dark green shirt.

"Really? Already. Okay then, see you tomorrow." She seems disappointed with her 'friends' departure and I smirk knowing that I had interrupted something which they had obviously been engaged in.

Nahuel seems to notice the small pout on her lips, and as if I am not even there, presses his own against them in a quick kiss before closing the door behind him.

Chuckling humorously I kick my feet up and rest them on the coffee table.

"Are you hungry Jake? I could have Esme bring something for you?" my wife asks, her golden eyes like orbs as she watches me.

"I'm fine. Rachel fed me plenty." I wave her off, knowing that the small talk will only lead to another fight.

Nessie knows I love her. That I can't leave her. So she stays married to me. She knows that whenever she goes I will have to follow. It's the curse of the imprint.

Ever since her change in diet though, the imprint has weakened. I haven't dared to tell a soul. Not that I can confined in anyone but the Cullen's. Carlisle had been a big help in discovering that since the appearance of Nessie's extra chromosome that not only was her body changing but my feelings for her also. I still loved her; however it wasn't all consuming as it used to be. Not as it had been in the beginning.

Edward has asked multiple times if I am going to try and break the imprint now that it's weakened. I never answer him and try to never think about the repercussions. Nessie would be hurt but she would have Nahuel, and the Cullen's would go on existing as if nothing had ever changed. Me, I would be alone.

There are only two people I think about when I picture myself doing such a thing. Ethan... and Leah. Everyday memories flood me, hidden and forgotten memories, mostly of Leah, mostly of growing up, of my family, friends and my home on the reservation. I block them out as best as I can.

I don't deserve them. Any of them. So instead I carry on.

My son is happy, my... Leah is happy. And I wouldn't dare destroy any of that for my own gain. She... they deserve better. They deserve Logan. They deserve the family they have made for themselves.

I will live with the consequences of my choices, the weakness of my being and the turmoil of my heart. I will live my days in the web I have weaved and allow Leah and Ethan to continue to live theirs.

Of all the things I could give them, this was it.



Coming home and finding my wife re-visiting her lunch in the bathroom is terrifying. Until she hands me the small white stick from her shaking hands. Then my world officially tips upside down.

"We're pregnant?" I whisper, with what could possibly be the biggest smile ever on my face.

"Stop being so happy," Leah sobs as she wipes her mouth and nurses her head in her hands.

"Baby," I coo, as I sit down against the tub and pull her in between my thighs. "Are you upset or happy?"

"I don't know," she cries, though the more she does, the more I am convinced that it isn't the whole truth. Leah doesn't deal well with pregnancies and she is always on edge wondering if she will make it to full term.

"Shhh, honey. Come here." I say softly, laying her head back against my chest and rocking her from side to side. "It's okay. It's going to be fine."

Pregnancy hormones kick in by the third month. Leah can barely last ten minutes in the car without wanting to puke. She's the most beautiful woman in the world and seeing her pregnant with my child again was just the topping on my ego filled cake.

Jeremiah likes sleeping on Leah's lap and listening to the baby move, even if it is too early to do so. Susie talks quietly to the baby at night, telling it the stories Billy has told her and Ethan congratulates us both with red cheeks and a hug. Poor kid is due to go off to college soon and he's getting a new sibling as well. His friends must think his parents are crazy. Paul and Rachel sure did.

Sue squeals and kisses Leah's face while Charlie gives me one of those manly pats on the back, like it was me who did all the work and that he's proud.

Six months later our son is born Xavier Damien Meraz, eight pounds three with jet black hair and dark grey eyes. He is the apple of Leah's eye and every doubt she's had throughout the pregnancy has instantly diminished.

Sometimes I would find her sitting near his coat, watching him sleep and he sucked lovingly on his pacifier. I'd usher her to bed and tuck her in, telling her how much I love her and how proud of her I am.

With everything going so good I don't have time to look back on the baby that never was. Though the babies' memory remains in my heart, my other children have taken frontage. Ethan is finally off at college, his sights set on Engineering and then the military. Susie takes more and more interest in her drawing, enough for Leah and I to enrol her in extra classes for especially that. Jeremiah has only just started 'big' school and Xavier is learning not to copy the words his uncle Paul says, 'hot' being his first much to Leah's shock.

"Jesus Christ," Leah swears as she spots me coming up the porch with the bundle of fluff in my hands.

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," Xavier chants as he hits his car against the wood and crawls toward me.

Picking up my son I let him investigate the pup. Xavier giggles as the puppy licks his face and hair excitedly, wagging its tails like a rudder.

"Logan," Leah sighs tiredly.

"Please baby, can we keep him?" I plead, putting on the sad panda face for my wife. I knew she wouldn't be able to resist. Not with me pleading and Xavier enjoying himself so much with the puppy.

"Fine," she grumbles as I kiss her lightly and take off inside to show Susie and Jeremiah.

Susie complains that the dog leaves hair on her comforter, while Jeremiah lets Jesus sleep in his bed. Xavier is only interested in the pup when it is either running away from him or when it is eating its food. Leah's face is priceless when she walks into the kitchen to find Xavier eating Jesus's dog biscuits straight from the bowl.

After tucking in the munchkins for bed I allow myself a quick shower before making my way to our room. Finding my wife on the bed with Jesus is not what I am expecting after her initial snubbing of the pup.

"I thought you didn't like him," I chuckle, watching as she scratches his head and moves him to the floor.

"Jeremiah almost suffocated the poor thing in his blankets. By accident of course."

"Hmm." I remark as I sit down on the edge of the bed and stretch out my leg. Getting older seems to flare the old injured knee more often these days.

"You okay," she whispers, crawling up onto her knees and draping her arms over my shoulders and chest. Watching her fingers skim along my skin makes me shudder.

"Of course," I smile softly, holding her hands against me. I am always okay with Leah.

Laying down I pull her with me and tuck us in. She looks at me curiously as she strokes my hair from my face. Her touch is so warm I can't help but lean into it and be engulfed by it.

"How was your day," I sigh as she burrows into me and draws patterns across my arm.

"Susie stole the neighbour's cat, claiming they were mistreating it. Xavier got into my handbag and I found him eat my lip balm. Jeremiah found out that Santa doesn't exist. And Ethan has a girlfriend."

"Hm. So just another day at the office?" I chuckle as I lift her chin so I can see her eyes. Leah's been content with raising our children while I worked; however, wanting her to live to her full potential is also a hope of mine.

"Yep." she grins as she kisses my chin.

"Have you talked to your mom about minding the kids after you enrol?" I ask, running my thumb across her cheek. It pinkens slightly as I softly groan from the softness of her skin. She works so hard with our children and with the house, it's amazing how she stays so warm and inviting.

"You really think I should?" she mumbles with doubt in her eyes.

"Baby, I think if it's what you want to do, you should do it. I can cut back my hours and have the kids when your mom can't and they can always run around down at the park while I coach the boys. Susie will be a great assistant coach. Whip those teenage boys right into shape."

We both chuckle at the thought of our daughter, whistle in hand, barking out orders. She's bossy and short tempered; but still the sweetest little girl ever, even when she dresses her baby brother in girl's clothes and parades him around the yard.

"I think you'll be a great teacher. Plus, with all your experience and insight, I think the kids around here could really benefit."

Cuddling some more she sighs and presses a kiss to my chest. "Thank you." she breathes softly before her body slowly un-tenses and she drifts off into a peaceful slumber.

Tucking her head under my chin, I let her sleep peacefully.

With ten years passed, I smile to myself thinking about the surprises the next ten will bring.

AN - So... *twirls fingers nervously*... I'm not sure whether I like this ending or if I was just being a lazy ass. But... it is what it is. And hey, maybe I'll do a sequel... much, much further down the track. Maybe a fic for all the kids. I haven't decided yet. And yeah... I totally changed from third person to first for this chapter. I couldn't help it. I wanted everyone to know what the main characters were feeling and how far they have come. I could have broken this up into two chapters but that would just be bitchy of me. You have waited so long for this one as it is.

In saying that, did you think it was going to end the way it did? I could have written for all the years in between but it would have been super vague and it would feel like I was just repeating myself. Plus, I have this thing where I want everyone to suffer and have uber amounts of angst in their lives. I don't think I could do that to Leah anymore. For all intents and purposes, it was a kind of happy ending. Well... for Logan, yeah. For Leah, kind of. For Jacob, *laughs menacingly* not so much. Anyways, thank you for sticking around, thank you all for reviewing and thank you for loving me when Seth Clearwater couldn't. *pouts*