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Chapter 1: Mission

Flashes of swords collide in the entire battlefield. The slightest clash of each steels cause the arms of the wielder to tremble, either by force or by fear. Every gunshot is drown by another gunshots. Each blast is followed by another blast. Screams of pain and agony ring in the ears like songs. Gores and wounds cover the body of each warrior. Blood is splattered all around the place causing the once dry earth to become wet and crimson. And the gift that we gained after each battle is nothing but guilt and sins

That's my life after all. And to be honest, I'm growing sick of it. Countless lives have perish on my hands. Then their screams ring in my head every second. Their suffering faces appear every time I try to close my eyes. And the sins and guilt haunts me every night…

"Huh!", I groaned loudly in the morning as I wake. I was sweating and fear could be seen in my face.

Then the alarm started to ring "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!", I immediately turned it off. My 6 hour sleep was same as the usual; haunted by nightmares of the souls I had killed every mission. Mission? Yep I was a soldier. My name is Mireile Thampert, don't get mistaken by my name; I'm a male. I wonder how my late parents chose my name. And I was an elite officer of PSICOM. Years of training had made me into one of the best member of PSICOM (I guessed)

"Dammit, this morning makes me chill already, I wish I can stay in the bed, covered by my blanket a whole day!", well I like to talk to myself, I guessed that the habit had run into my whole family. After making my bed, I walked sleepily to the bathroom.

I was staring at the mirror to see the reflection of myself as i brushed my teeth. Spiky blonde hair, blood red eyes, 182 cm, oval shaped face. That was all I can see in the mirror. After a freezing morning shower (while singing Linkin Park songs) and some simple toasts for breakfast, I grabbed my weapon then my car key. i decided to leave early for work


"Lieutenant Mireile, you're the commander room now!", Oh…typical, I had just arrived at the New Oerba PSICOM HQ, and suddenly I was called to the commander room; I didn't even have time to do a morning exercise! " Another mission I guess…I wonder what it is", I mumbled

And the view at some new rookies worsen my already bad mood, they didn't even manage to finish the simplest training. I sighed at the annoying view. Did PSICOM have any qualifications for new members?


Well, I could understand anyway. PSICOM was on shortage of members since the whole I'Cie mess after all. No wonder that they recruit as many members as possible now…even without qualifications

Commander room

"Sir! Lieutenant Mireile reporting for duty!" I saluted to my commander

"now now, no formalities please." He smiled

Well I liked the commander; he's a friend rather than superior after all

"Mirele, I've seen that you have finished some difficult mission lately, good job I must say"

Wow, now he praised me

"Uhh… thank you" I thanked him, but honestly I didn't know what else to say

"Don't mention it. Anyway, I've got a new mission for you. And this one is very difficult in my opinion"

I gulped. Aaah, difficult mission again? Give me a break already!

"What it is sir?" I asked hesitatingly

"well do you know Lightning Farron?" the commander asked as his eyes narrowed

I froze, Lightning Farron? Isn't she…

"Uhh, isn't she the ex member of the Guardian Corps and the former pulse I'Cie" I knew a little about her

"Yep, now your mission is to eliminate her" he said in a very serious tone


"Sir, if I'm not mistaken, isn't she and her comrades are the one who saved Cocoon? Why should I eliminate a hero?"

Even the commander seems unhappy about this mission…

"Yeah, I knew that" his eyes narrowed even more

"But, the superiors are blaming them for the loss of so many members in the whole I'Cie mess. They said that if they didn't ruin the Purge, then the mess wouldn't have to start." He continued

"Actually I didn't agree about this mission too. But I've got no power to make an opinion for myself. Remember Mireile, orders are orders"

"I see then….." I sighed. I never agreed with the Purge honestly. Even if they were I'Cie they didn't deserve it. And this mission was against my own will. But he was right…orders are orders

"When I can start then, and can I have the picture of her please?" I broke the silence

"Tomorrow at 900 hours, we have our spies to locate her exact location; I'll give you the information tonight through E-mail. Now choose your comrades, then contact them. After that you can go home; you're going to need all the rest you can have. And this is the biography of her" he gave me the document

I stared at the photo first. I must admitted; she's beautiful. But what becomes my concern is her eyes. Those ice blue orbs seems to have very great determination in them, those are the eyes of a true warrior.

"Wow, she's hot!" I joked, the commander only chuckled in response

"Lightning Farron, 21, 171cm, pink hair, pale skin, heart shaped face, former Pulse I'Cie, hmm" I mumbled as I scan the paper. Then something caught me surprised

"She has a little sister!" I frowned

The commander nodded. "Serah Farron" he mentioned the name. "Remember Mireile, the sisters like to stick together, make sure you don't hurt her. She's not our target"

"Fine, thank you sir" I ended, giving back the document. Just when I was about to leave the room, he called me again

"Be careful Mireile, after all, your target still retains her power even if she's no longer an I'Cie. That's why we chose you for this mission. You know the reasons right?" he warned

I silenced for a moment, then I smiled, obviously giving the answer to the curious man. Then he returned my smile and I left the room


As I left the room, I decided to do some exercise first, before choosing the comrades. On the way to the training room I chuckled as I saw some rookies trained. They don't even master the basic movement, and yet they already tried some "epic" moves. I couldn't care less though, so I decided not to ignore them and giving them some advice. They nodded and they repeated what I've said. They were fast learners I must say

Then I headed to the training room, only to find that it was full. "Great, no exercise for today I guess" I mumbled again. So I headed to the main computer instead, looking for the right comrades. I was disappointed as I found that only 4 Corporals and some Privates for me to choose, which means more time to give lectures and explanation to those newbies. Not that they've very skilled, the records of their mission showed nothing out of the ordinaries.

"This is going to be a long day" I sighed at my own disappointment

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