Chapter 14: Infiltration

PSICOM base 5-2A, New Oerba, 2116 hours

"And what's your name?" A soldier asked to us, continuing the conversation who had started for about several minutes. He started this when he spotted us walking towards the gate and then summoned us to his post to force us answering some of his questions. We ended up telling him about our fake identity about being three female soldiers that were transferred to this base. Everything went good so far, but only until he asked this question.

"Huh?" I gulped, never expecting that he would ask this. I thought that the information about us had been already sent, and the personals in this building should know us as soon as we told them our purpose here.

"I ask, what's your name?" He asked again, annoyance and impatience were oblivious in his tone. I rushed my brain with the fastest speed I could muster, trying my best to find a female name. Lucky for me, it didn't take two seconds before I could think about something.

"Eve Thompson sir!" I said to him, trembling so slightly. He nodded and started to bend down and registered another of the fake information we gave to him, who had accepted and registered it without any questions, obviously not knowing anything about our disguise. I exhaled quietly as he finished writing that name, surge of relief flooded me knowing that there's one less to worry about. I raised my left hand to wipe some cold sweats that had formed on my cheek, appearing as a reaction to the tension before.

"And yours?" The soldier averted his attention to Fang. Without any hesitation and tension, Fang answered the question as soon as she heard it.

"It's Sophitia Esteed" She said, earning a nod from our asker and a look of awe from me. I have to salute Fang for this. The dragoon's calmness was amazing, she gave the fake information without any sign of worry, like she had known and planned every question the soldier would ask and the answers she should give. Fang noticed my look and smirked proudly.

As soon as the soldier finished writing Fang's fake name, he turned to the last person in our company.

"And, what's your name honey?" He flirted to the red headed slightly; her cuteness had triggered his lust even just for a little bit. Fang frowned and almost scowled at this. She angrily pierced the soldier with her emerald eyes, the look screamed 'hey don't you dare to flirt Vanille again!' in every angle you saw it. I quickly nudged her slightly, gesturing her to control her jealousy and didn't do anything stupid. She nodded to me, but the frown in her eyes stayed. Vanille, unlike her lover, didn't seem to mind about this guy attitude though, and took a moment before answering the soldier with her usual bright smile.

"My name is Arcee West!".

"Sweet name" The soldier chuckled before typing the fake name of the last person in our company. Then he took out a sort of device and connected it to the USB port of the computer, tasking it to print three white cards.

"Okay, you three can go inside. I've sent all of your data to the commander of this place, so you're free to look around once you got inside. Just head straight to the commander's room when he called you okay?" He explained after the gate had been fully opened, gaping a hole in the fortress's wall. Then he gave the cards; our names, ranks and affiliation (PSICOM or Guardian Corps) were written on them: our IDs. Both me and Vanille thanked the soldier, but not Fang. We then walk inside the building, but not before receiving a smile from the man which was more focused to Vanille than to the rest of us. Fang didn't waste any time to give him a last glare to the man, who had sunk back to his seat.

"Fang, come on!" I nudged her, instructing the bladed lance wielder to follow us. She scowled before running to catch up with Vanille. I sighed at how much Fang cared about her love, and then fasten my pace to keep up with the two Pulsians who were already inside


"What's with that guy before!" Fang yelled angrily as we walked down a hall way that would lead us to the center of the PSICOM facility. Her voice echoed through all sides of the narrow room, causing a noise of fore-fore-fore'. Good thing there's no one in the hallway to hear her loud grumble…yet.

"Sssh! Keep quiet Fang! We don't want any soldiers to hear you don't we?" I told her, as I raised my right hand and placed my finger in front of my lips. The effort only made the situation worse though, as Fang yelled even louder in her annoyance.

"How can I keep quiet! That guy flirted Vanille, for Fal'Cie's sake!" She shouted at me.

I cringed at the intensity of her high pitched voice. I decided not to retry my last pathetic attempt, and just let her shouting and yelling all the way, despite the effect it might bring upon us. I couldn't blame her though. Honestly, I would dislike that guy before too if it was Lightning that he flirted. I wouldn't yell and shouted in annoyance just like what Fang did, or beat him to the death (most likely that I wouldn't have to do it though, as the Sergeant Lightning Farron wouldn't let the poor soldier to live to see another day after the inappropriate he displayed to this particular woman). I'm sure as hell that I was far less emotional than Fang, but I wouldn't and couldn't deny my annoyance at that guy if it was Lightning, that's for sure.

Well, at least Fang didn't punch the soldier right away, which would cause us a lot of trouble. Yes, a lot of trouble.

But good heavens, Vanille snapped out suddenly to stop Fang before she could cause any problem, which could kill us all.

"Fang, stop that! You can give us a lot of trouble you know! A lot of trouble!" She complained, placing both of her hands on her hips in an attempt of faking an angry expression, although her cuteness betrayed the Binding Rod wielder; her expression only caused the huntress beside her to smirk.

"Anything for you, luv" She said as she succumbed at her lover's put, kissing the shorter woman's head. I made a disgusted look at this, but to my surprise, Vanille's pout was super effective in shutting Fang's mouth: She turned silent instantly, the only noise that came out from her was her footsteps and breaths. This was one more thing that I had to praise about Vanille. She could shatter the other female adamantite like-stubbornness with just a single pout like this, nothing more, nothing less.

I slowed my pace a bit until Vanille was right beside me, leaving Fang in the front alone. I bended my body to make my head at the same level as hers, whispering a 'thank you".

"No problem!" She whispered back.

Then suddenly, I felt Fang's gaze upon me, another look of jealousy. I quickly straighten my body as soon as I noticed this, and gave her a worried grin before Fang could do something more than just a glare to me. Her smirk that she gave to me sent a quich shiver to my spine, saying 'good' to the deepest of my mind and soul. Another surge of relief flooded me after she grabbed Vanille from my side to hers, leaving me alone in the back to worry about my dear life.

After another three minutes of walking in the ridiculously long hallway, we finally arrived in a big room. All sorts of rifles and RPG (Rocket Push Grenade)'s were placed in the big shelf at the side of room, warning any intruders that dared to get out before somebody in the fortress spotted them and drilled a lot of holes in their frame with these things. Quite intimidating I must say. The room was enlightened with dim neon lights on the ceiling. Six soldiers were on their watch duties by the time we arrived there, separated into three pairs, each of them guarding an entrance to another hallway. That counts for three hallways in front of us, excluding the one where we came out.

"So Eve, where's the place we're going to look in?" Fang asked, using my fake identity. I dug all the information I had in my head about this place, trying my best to form the pieces of my memory into one, clear map.

Let's see, the document room should be…

"There!" I exclaimed after a moment, pointing at the left one. It would lead us to another intersection, which we should turn right and then walked down a stairway before we could reach that room.

"Okay…" Fang mumbled to herself as we went through the chosen way.

"Hey where's your IDs" The two men guarding it. Each of us took the cards that the Vanille flirter at the gate had given to us before. Those two took a moment to check those things.

"Okay, you can pass" He exclaimed, returning the identification devices to us. I placed it back to the pocket of what was used to be Lightning's military jacket.

"Thanks" I thanked him. But just before three of us walked through that way, I stopped for a moment to look at a thing took my glance. It was a sort of gate, and it was huge, gigantic even. Suddenly, a bad feeling appeared, like something powerful would come out from that metallic structure, powerful enough to kill us. I wonder what's inside I muttered to myself

"Come on!" Vanille suddenly snapped effective enough to pull me out from my gaze at that thing. I nodded at her and both of us quicken our pace to catch up with Fang who was already far ahead. I looked at that gate for the last time, before catching up with two Pulsians. Ah, I'm just being paranoid I told myself silently. Still I couldn't seem to shake these feelings…


"So it is far?" Fang asked me, her heavily accented voice was accompanied by Vanille's constant humming. We were walking on the stairs I had mentioned to you before. It led us down deep to the underground, so as you can guess, it was a quite long stairway, but not to the point of ridiculous

"Not really, we should reach it soon" I replied as I hold my blonde, wavy wig on my head, preventing it from falling off my head and brought us a lot of company. The color of the artificial hair matched mine perfectly, and guess what, it fitted me completely. I even gasped when I looked at my reflection at the mirror. I looked so…feminine, except that my height was unusual to most women.

"Right, right" She smirked, before continuing to another question.

"By the way, do you look that wig?" The tan-skinned woman asked, pointing at it. The question had stopped the other Pulsian from her humming. I only frowned and scowled, giving her enough answer. Both of the females chuckled and caused me to frown even more.

"Aww, I thought you will like it" Vanille informed. I frowned even more at this. "Ah shut up!" I told them. Bad choice, as their chuckle turned into bursts of laughter. The edges of my lips twitched, and then my grin grew even wider.

The edges of my lips twitched, and then my grin grew even wider. The laugh of my own escaped from my lips in no time, joining the fray for several seconds. By the time we finished, the door of the room we were looking came into our sight. Another pair of soldiers was there to guard it. Me and the gang waste no time to approach them.

"Can I look at your IDs?" One of them said. We did the same as before; pulling them out from our pockets, giving them to the male, and letting him checking it. He took a moment to examine it, and then returned the white sheets to the three of us. Unfortunately, he didn't give us the answer I hoped.

"Sorry, you're permitted from entering this room. Only higher ups can do" He said sheepishly

I sighed then and take a look at the ranks written on the card. Second Lieutenant could be clearly seen on it. My rank I thought. No my former rank I corrected. I placed the ID back to its place, when I felt Fang's stare on me. I stared back at her, and spent a second to read her eyes. Then I nodded, making her knew that I understood what she meant.

"Oh yeah?" Fang said with her trademark intimidating 'Oerba Yun Fang' smirk. She then pulled her crimson red lance in a blink of eye, and hit the chest of a soldier with the blunt edge of it. The impact was powerful enough to send the man crashing into to the wall. He moaned slightly before felling to the floor, his consciousness had left him the moment his head hit the wall.

The other one watched this for a second, and then he pulled out his rifle from its case. "What are you-!". He never had the chance to finish that sentence, nor did he have to pull the trigger of the gun. I pulled my spear and shoved its handle to his throat, pinning him down to a door. The soldier tried to scream for help, but only some illegible words managed to escape his lips as precious air left his lungs. I punched his face with the most powerful force I could apply to my fist, effectively knocking the lights out of him. He fell to the floor in a same manner as the one that Fang had knocked before.

"Good, now let's find that document before someone catch us" I said to my two companions. Fang then, wasted no time and hit the door's control panel with her spear, hard. It malfunctioned instantly, releasing the gate lock in its destruction. I looked Fang and Vanille for one last time, to ensure their readiness for this. Once they nodded, I kicked the door open with Nifelheim's gun barrel pointing inside, ready to fill any unlucky soldiers with 5.56mm bullets.

A sigh of relief escaped from my lips as I found out there was no one inside. That means fewer problems, less ammo consumption, and the most important was, less guilt. After placing my spear to its place, which was my back I rushed to a big rack where all sorts of operations, documents, information, and blueprints were being kept, while Fang and Vanille stayed to keep watch outside.

I pulled the shelf with the word "Blueprints" written on it, and started to rummage the papers inside. It took me about three minutes to find the right one, the 'Main Base Defense System'. I pulled it quickly, sending some of the other documents to the air in its movement. Then another blueprint caught my attention.

Protoise? I asked silently to one as I read the title of the document. I didn't waste the precious seconds to pick it up and examine it however, as enemies could arrive anytime. I put the document we had been searching to my-or rather Lightning's jacket. I shouted at the two females outside once it was done.

"Hey! I've found it!" I shouted to the females outside. They ran swiftly inside to take a look at it.

"Good, now let's inform the gang" Fang told me. It was something that Cid had told back there at Lightning's home


I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Lightning's number quickly, the only number of my companions that I saved in my phone. The lovely voice finally kicked in after some seconds that felt like eons.

"Hello Lightning. This is Mireile, tell Cid that we've found the document!"

"Good! I'll do it and I want you all to now get out of there!" She said sternly to me.


I would never finish the sentence. A swarm of PSICOM soldiers had caught everyone off guard, their guns pointing at us. I scowled, trying to get my spear from my back, but was stopped when they shouted

"Don't move! Place your hands on your head Drop your weapons and everything that you hold at the moment! We will arrest you for the crime of resisting the Sanctum!" They warned. "Tch" I scoffed. Noticing three red dots on my heads, I did what I had been told grudgingly, and soon Fang and Vanille followed, neither of them was less hesitant.. Three PSICOMs approached us, ready to lock our hands behind our back.

Then something unexpected happened when I dropped the next thing I held, my cell phone. I swear that I heard Lightning yelled something as the phone hit the ground.

"Hello! Mireile! MIREILE!"

I couldn't catch it very clearly, but I was sure that I heard that Lightning had shouted my name. Before I could finish hearing the rest however, another noise blared throughout the room.

A huge ice crystal sprouted unknowingly from the floor below the gunners. It was too suddenly for them, they were already enveloped in the crystal before they could even move their finger for a single inch. The crystal then shattered into million pieces, taking lives away as the shards stabbed and shredded their guts. Blood spluttered into nearby walls, painting them with the new red color.

The noise of the shattered crystal distracted the three remaining men. I immediately kicked my spear upward when they turned their head to look at the corpses behind them. The momentum of the kick was perfect, the weapon of mine jumped up instantly, spinning in mid air before I grabbed it. I quickly brought oblivion to those PSICOMs as I pressed the trigger of Nifelheim, spraying angry red tracers at them. Brief screams of agony were heard before their bodies fell to the floor lifelessly, not moving anymore.


My cell phone blared suddenly, almost sending me jumping sky high. It reminded me that there was still one thing to take care about: Lightning. I quickly grabbed it and placed it beside my left ear, Lightning's scream almost deafened me.

"Hello, this Mireile! Sorry Light, we were having company back there!" I told her. Another surprising thing happened next. I heard her exhale, the clear sign of relief in her heart.

"Okay, For now, clear out from that place before the situation get worse!"

"Yes ma'am" I joked slightly, before hitting the red button to end the call. Then I flipped the communicator, before tossing it into its rightful place.

"Come on let's go Mireile! The whole base should have known us! Don't want to have more problems do we?" Fang said to me, waving her hand in the gesture of telling me to follow her. I replied an OK and quicken my pace to catch up only to slow it again.

I spent the last minute to check the room in a futile attempt to find out the thing that was responsible for our current situation before clearing out a room. Found it. That damn thing was a security camera; its light reflecting lens stared at me like I was some kind of idol or sort of. I gave it the finger, indirectly cursing the person who was sitting behind the monitor, before planting another 5.56mm in the camera's lens.

After it was done, I decided that I couldn't waste another second, and ran out of the room as fast as I could to catch up with two Pulsians who was far dead ahead.


Another swarm of PSICOMs ran towards us from the opposite direction, just after we came out from the document room. There were five of them; two females were caught up in the mix. Three carried guns while the rest had swords as their weapon of choice.

Being the fastest, I was the first one who confronted our companies. The three who carried guns crouched and started to open fire at me. They were quite accurate with their shots I must say, at least accurate enough to have the bullets flying at me and not scoring friendly fires instead.

I dodged the angry tracers easily by doing a somersault to the right. Trying to take use the split second I needed for my recovery, a female soldier charged to slash my stomach. I blocked her attack in the last moment, and then proceeded to knock her back with a right kick. She stumbled backwards, and before the soldier could do anything to defend herself, I already charged to impale her with my spear-right to the very spot where she tried to slash me before. She spit out a mouthful of blood, before slowly falling to her knees and lied silently on the floor

The next one was a male, and was smarter too. Knowing the narrow guard radius of a spear, this one commenced to a stab instead of a slash. Still no use I thought. I smirked and ducked instead of guarding, the thin sword sliced the air above me. Next, I delivered a sweeping kick at his legs, effectively ruining his balance and forced him to fall down. But before I could attack to finish him, Fang already appeared to do it for me. She split her spear into two forks, and stabbed the male's belly to keep his in place, and slit the throat with the other one. This one too, died instantly. Blood started to flow out from the neck, slowly forming a puddle beneath him.

Two melee attackers were dead; the gunners were the only ones needed to be taken care off. My brand shone in shone in purple and I felt magical energy flowing to my palm, preparing for a magic attack. Once I felt enough energy was collected, I waved my hand to release it in a form of a monochrome colored sphere. I could hear the soldiers gasped when they saw the unexpected Ruin spell flew towards them. "Ahhh!" They yelled as the spell collided, exploding with the power equaled to a hand grenade. Its power wasn't enough to kill them, but enough to knock them down.

Both I and Fang waste no time to charge at the fallen soldiers. The female warrior leaped into the air, and landed on a frame of another female. Not giving her opponent any chance to react, Fang let her spear then thrust deeply into the left side of poor woman's chest, right where her heart was. She didn't even have any time to moan or grunted; her life force was drained completely in just a matter of two seconds.

I in the other hand, charged swiftly to another soldier. "Heah!" I cried loudly as I got closer and closer to him. Without any hesitation, I swung my spear in a wide arc, almost cutting the man in half. Not the wisest choice however. The man's blood spluttered to me as soon as the sharp edge of Nifelheim ripped his guts and flesh. Some of the blood managed to enter my eyes, effectively hindering my vision temporarily. I naturally blinked furiously to make the blood came out of my eyes to prevent it from damaging my sight.

The last soldier noticed this, and he got up as fast he could, although I was sure that every cells of his body screamed in pain as he did so. Trying to take the advantage of my condition, the soldier pointed his rifle to shoot me at point blank range-only to have the Binding Rod's wires latched to his body. Vanille then pulled the rod with the most powerful energy that her small body could allow to exert, causing the soldier to fall down and get dragged closer to herself.

"Agh! What is this!" He grunted in frustration as he tried to free himself from the powerful grip of the complexity of the wires. Once the red stains in my vision had disappeared, I took a glance at the man and his captor. Vanille's upper thigh was shining brightly in vermillion color, indicating that she was preparing for a magic attack. Sure enough, the air above the man's head froze quickly and soon, a beatiful big ice chunk was formed.

The soldier screamed in terror once he realized what would happen in the next few seconds, and struggled even more, hoping that he would set himself free of the grip of the unique weapon that Vanile wielded. All of his efforts ended in vain, the strength of the wires was impossible for normal humans to break. His last scream grew even louder when the gravity started took control of the object above him. I could see the tears in his eyes in the last second, showing how frightened he was before the weight of the ice crushed the soldier's face with a sickening crunch, silencing him completely.

Three of us made a disgusted look at the horrifying look served in front of our eyes, and decided to clear out of the scene before we couldn't take it anymore and vomited, one thing that normal people would surely do when they saw this. Soon the situation got quiet again and only our footsteps and ragged breaths could be heard.

It is right for us to do this? I asked to myself when we climbed the long stairway as fast as we could. We intended to free the people of Cocoon from Sanctum's firm grip. That was good of course, but was it right for us to kill these soldiers? They didn't they have any problem with us; they got involved in this battle only because Sanctum ordered them.

All of them have a bright future I thought silently again. Some of them already had a family while some were still dreaming to have one in the future.

And our actions ruin all of those futures. Now If I think about it again, doesn't that mean that we were hypocritical? We said that we want to give the people a bright future, but our actions could possibly ruin the future of some of them instead?

Nah don't think about it again, you'll summon a second Eidolon if you keep this going Mireile…I told to myself, letting my years of training in PSICOM to control my feelings and emotions. Let's just look at the bright side, maybe this kind of revolution was needed anyway, and these soldiers won't have to kill innocent people in the future at least. Let's just hope that our actions will truly make this place better.

No, we better make it so. With that silent statement, I ordered my mind to stop thinking about it and thought about something more bright and enjoyable which was…


I felt my cheeks heated up when I thought about that name. Lightning my mind repeated. I liked her, no doubt about that. Her beautiful look, her stoic and cold but actually kind personality, her determination, her care for her family…. I liked those every part of her. And her smile… it was something rarer than the-almost-impossible-to-find-Trazopedhron. I almost screamed for joy every time she gave that lovely smile, and I was definitely more than willing to pay Gil (okay, that was an exaggeration, I didn't have that much money) to see it.

But…does she like me? I wondered. I felt a butterfly lurched into my stomach immediately. What if she doesn't like me, or even hate me? Soon, my heart was enveloped in twisting worries of the thought. As far as I could remember, Lightning NEVER really showed me feelings that indicated whether she liked me or not. And that's bad. But then again, she never really did that to everyone, so I honestly didn't know the answer.

Then something struck me like a brick wall. When PSICOM soldiers attacked us in the document room, I remembered that the woman shouted my name when I dropped my phone. And by judging the tone of her voice, I could tell that she was so…panicked. It was rare to hear her got so panicked like that; she wasn't the type of person who loses her composure that easily. So does that mean…she cares about me? I blushed even more furiously than before when that thought entered my mind. Even though I tried to assure myself that wasn't the case, I couldn't help but felt there was hope for me, even though it was just the slightest bit.

I shook my head and decided to kick those feelings out my head. I can think about this later I reminded my self. We would come out from the hallway soon, and there was no doubt that a lot of enemies was waiting for us; these thoughts would kill me if I didn't place them aside for the mean time. The blinding light from the big room was already seen from afar. My eyes cringed so slightly once the light entered the cornea of my eyes, trying to adjust themselves to the brightness after being in dark places for quite long. The light was getting brighter and brighter as the end of the tunnel was getting closer.

Don't know it was our luck or what, a RPG round already whizzed towards us when we weren't out of the hallway YET. We ducked instinctually when we saw the smoke trail behind the rocket, not wanting to get blown to pieces. It flew above us safely and collided with the wall several meters behind, causing an explosion to erupt harmlessly. We waste no more time to approach the enemy; the narrow space provided by the tunnel would kill us if they fired a volley of rockets next.

Just as I had expected before, many soldiers were ready to bring death to us. There were about thirty of them, quite tough, but nothing we couldn't handle. The large group was mixed by gunners and melees who wielded swords and spears as their weapons, even some manadrivers were also there. Without any hesitation, the gunners pulled the triggers of their weapons, no matter if they were rifles, RPGs, or even handguns they were holding.

Fang did two back flips to dodge the hot leads and warheads they were throwing at us, so did I, only in a less graceful way. Once I hit the ground and sank into a half crouch, I swiftly rolled to the side, dodging another volley of rounds those PSICOMs soldiers never tired of giving.

After a brief two seconds later, their magazines went dry, forcing them to reload. That was where my chance kicked in. I counter attacked by riddling them with the bullets of my own. I managed to own two of seven gunners I had in my sight with some 5.56 mm bullets.

The rest dodged the spray of tracers by diving out of my shots. Two unlucky ones picked the wrong way to leap; Fang was waiting patiently for them in that direction. Two red forks were shoved to their throats as soon as they got within her range, one for each. The huntresses stood behind trademark smirk plastered to her face; two dead bodies, along with their spears lied lifelessly in front of her. I returned the smirk with the one of my own, before dashing to the remaining three.

They stood no chance against the edge of my lance. As I ran, I pulled my spear slightly to gain some momentum, before applying it in a powerful thrust to one's belly. He grunted in agony as the spear went from his stomach through his back, the cold tip of Nifelheim did nothing to relief his pain, only worsen it instead. Surprisingly, my spear managed to sink into another who was foolish enough to stand behind the first one. I pulled my father's give sake weapon then, leaving the total of four dead soldiers in my wake.

The last one was engulfed in an Aero spell by the time I finished taken the lives of that two men, Vanille's deed obviously. The female gunner was sent flying by the strength of the magic, and she could do nothing to free herself from the grip of it.. The invisible blades created by the vacuum violently minced her as numerous cuts could be seen on her skin. Once the female was about five meters from the ground, the magic dissipates and the gravity did the rest. She accelerated down to earth, screaming and flailing her limbs in horror like they would save her somehow. Her head collided with the concrete floor first, resulting in instant death.

As seven soldiers were killed in our hands, five more replaced them. All of them carried spears this time. Two dashed to me, forcing me into two-on-one fight. The first one charged in an attempt to impale me. I blocked the attack easily, and struck the man's face with a powerful punch. He was thrown to the floor by the sheer strength of my fist, and I continued to finish him with one more finishing strike.

I grudgingly wasted that chance as the man's partner attacked me next. He slashed his spear diagonally, and forced me to stop and repelled the slash if I didn't want to be sliced in half. We were kept in a deadlock as each of us struggled to gain superiority against the other. In the middle of the struggle, I decided to focus the magic energy to my palm once more. The man I was facing noticed the violet glow in my hand and backed off almost immediately. Unfortunately for him, the action was too late, as another sphere flowed to his face at point blank range. The spell exploded once it collided with the man's face, leaving it unrecognizable.

Given enough time, the soldier I had pinned down managed to stand up and prepare another assault. He foolishly tried the same attack as before and I did the EXACTLY same action to counter it. Without anyone to distract me this time, I easily took the man's life by shoving my spear to his chest.

Fang handled the remaining three extremely well. Despite the fact that she was attacked relentlessly by the three men, the warrior could easily block the attacks, before countering with the powerful strikes of her won and earning herself two kills. Then she dashed to the last one to finish him with the powerful attacks of her own. It was too easy for Oerba Yun Fang I thought; She didn't even need to break a sweat.

In the middle of the watching that I carelessly lowered my guard and let two bullets to pierced my back. I gritted my teeth as my nerves felt how hot those leads were, fresh blood gushed out from the two holes. Struggling with the pain on my spine, I forced myself to summon a healing magic from the crystal buried somewhere in my brand and let it flowed gracefully to my wounds. The green-bluish light was warm and soothing; it mended my flesh and skin quickly and the hot leads planted in my body popped out instantly. The blood soon stopped and the injured skin was replaced by the new one, leaving only the slight pain and unwelcomed drowsiness of magic casting for me to be felt.

The source of the shots was a group of three shooters. Vanille did the job well this time; she summoned a fireball from her hand and fired it at them. Being too slow to break from each other, they were engulfed by magic summoned by the extraordinarily cute girl. The fireball then dissolved into a massive explosion, setting the unfortunate soldiers ablaze. The soldiers rolled on the ground grunting and screaming when they realized that their frames were on fire, the excessive heat was starting to inflict unbearable pain upon them. Deciding to end their suffering, I accurately gave each of the soldiers with a headshot for each while was still crouching. They made no more sound and lied ungraciously on the floor leaving only their blazing bodies behind.

"Ya alright?" Fang asked me realizing that I had been shot before.

"Yeah, I'm fine"

"Here" She offered her hand. I accepted the offer and she pulled me up to help me up.

"Thanks" I thanked the Pulsian, and she replied me with a 'no problem', before proceeding her onslaught on another soldiers.

Not wanting her to grab all of the kills, I wasted no time to attack again. The rest of the battle was quite constant, with I and Fang did the hacking and slashing, while Vanille rained multiple spells on them, and healed us occasionally in case another hot leads managed to find their ways to our skin. After about ten minutes later, most of the enemies were down, and the rest started to retreat for their life. Three of us stopped for a moment to catch our breath after the exhausting fight.

Suddenly, the speaker blared into life and filled the room with announcement. The first half of the announcements was only orders to retreat and such, something that the soldiers already did without being told. It was the other half that made me surprised.

"All of the personals in the area should evacuate immediately. We're deploying the Protoise! I repeat…"

Protoise? Isn't that the…It didn't take more time for me to get my answer as the big metal gate i had been wondering before started to move in a loud screech, as if it tried to ask someone to spill some oil at its side. Slowly but steadily, the gate dragged itself upwards, revealing a pair of massive feet, larger than anything you could think.

What the hell! There's only one thing that can have legs as big as those! I shouted worriedly to myself, exclaiming to no one in particular. The horror in my face surfaced even more as more parts of it was revealed to us, its features matched almost perfectly to the beast in my mind. Fang and Vanille also gave the same reaction, both of them started to notice it, something very powerful and only the strongest and also the maddest L'Cie could hope to defeat…

Soon the gate was completely opened; the thing could be clearly seen now, and now all of my horrors came true. Oh no it's…

"ADAMANTOISE!" Three of us yelled. I stared at the second largest living creature in universe, only losing to Fal'Cie Titan in the terms of size. Then I noticed that this Adamantoise was different than the usual. Its frame was wrapped in what seemed to be white cloth made from the strongest fiber, bluish flows of energy could be seen clearly on it.. Its head and legs were covered by silver plates of armor, the insignia "Protoise" was proudly engraved to the one covering its head.

"NO! That's one of PSICOM militarized unit!" I concluded to the rest of my comrades.

"How the fuck they do they manage to get it!" Fang asked to me, desperately asking for an answer for something that everyone thought was impossible to create.

"I don't know!" I answered frustratingly. The last time I was in PSICOM, they even had to strive to make a militarized version of a behemoth, and now they managed to create this!

The speaker then blarred to life again, giving an announcement that none of us was hoping.

"Releasing the chain lock! Closing all entrances to the main bioweapons chamber!"

The four gates then crashed down to the floor as soon as the announcement was heard, cutting our means of escape completely. The energy chains binding the legs of the militarized oretoise then disappeared one by one, freeing it from its giant cage.

"But I do know that we have to kill this thing, that is if it doesn't kill us first!" I exclaimed again, pulling my spear before wielding it in a battle stance. Fang and Vanille soon followed without any more questions, only letting out some curses to escape as we watched our next enemy walking slowly from its cage, the earth trembled in each step. Once none of its body was left inside the isolated cage, The ortoise looked upon us, its yellow pupiless eyes sent a terrible shiver to my spine. It then roared loudly in its clear sign of hostility, the Protoise was eager to put an end to us all.

Boss Battle

Enemy: Protoise

Main Roles

Mireile : COM,SYN,MED


Vanille: RAV,MED,SAB

Main Paradigm: Tireless Charge (COM,COM,MED)