Romano and the Former Nations Club

Dark Lady Devinity

A/N: This is a quick little chapter just to set things up for the next chapters.

Warnings: Slash; Prussia x South Italy

Chapter One

Crouched in a corner, plotting, were England's brothers and sister. Prussia smirked and moved forward to join them but a hand slapping onto his chest stopped him. Newfoundland was standing beside him, cod jigger in hand.

"Don't." she said and gave the cod jigger a shake.

"Ha! I'm too awesome to waste my time on Arthur!" Prussia said. However, he gave a longing look towards the plotting group. Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland always came up with the best plans for pranking England. He really wanted to be part of the joke; he'd never forget the day Northern Ireland dyed England's massive eyebrows pink. Yet Prussia wasn't going to go against the province of Newfoundland and Labrador while she was holding the frightening fish hook level with his five meters. The woman had France's balls next to her foot, geographically speaking. She had learned to attack the crotch (literally) in her attempts to keep France from groping her.

Newfoundland nodded and smiled brightly, satisfied that she had made her point (because getting most countries to lay off England was hard work, and nearly impossible). Then she caught sight of something. She pointed to an angry brunette and said, "What's South Italy doing here?"


Every so often, Newfoundland, Prussia, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales would get together with various other former nations just to hang out and have a good time while others made decisions that affected them in world meetings. The all had that in common; they weren't major players on the world stage anymore. Newfoundland and Labrador, although never truly independent from England, lost her nation status when she joined Canada... and still had ties to England because of it. Prussia simply didn't exist anymore as he was dissolved and had no land. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales were still nations but they were members of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which was represented on the world stage by the personification of England. England was even called UK now. It didn't leave the three siblings with a lot to do. The others were in the same boat; they had lost their status, joined another country in confederation or had no land. The only real exception was Sealand. Everyone believed he was some freak of nature that never was and never would be a nation. The Former Nations Club felt bad for him and let him join them. Sealand thought he was invited because the other nations wanted to relearn how to become nations again, the silly child.

The Former Nations Club wasn't really a structured society. The only time there was an annual meeting of all the club members was when they got together in memory of Germania, Rome, Babylonia and so forth. Most meetings of the club were informal and there wasn't always a chance for everyone to attend. They usually kept up to date through an intricate system of emails and a livejournal community. The only reason there was a meeting today was due to an UN meeting. The club members had tagged along with the current world player nations for a free vacation. Today they were exploring Central Park in New York City. While there, they had discovered an amusement park.

It was there, with the members scattered around and trying the various rides, that Newfoundland and Prussia saw South Italy.


Newfoundland and Prussia were watching South Italy when a few other nations had noticed. Gran Colombia made her way over as did the plotting island siblings. Together, they watched as South Italy eyed the various nations as he angrily ordered some fluffy pink cotton candy. However, the southern nation seemed less angry than usual and rather awkward. He got very nervous when he noticed them staring.

"Go talk to him." Gran Columbia told Prussia as she pushed him towards South Italy. "Go see what he wants."

"Why me?" Prussia asked.

"Because you're awesome?" Gran Columbia asked, more than said. She didn't want to tell him the truth; she wasn't going to risk being head butted by Romano if she inadvertently pissed him off but she had no problems sacrificing Prussia.

Prussia suddenly smirked and puffed up, like he was a bird on display in a mating ritual, announcing that "Yeah, I am pretty awesome." Then he marched over to the Italian nation. He carelessly slung an arm over Romano's shoulder, causing the nation to jump, and asked, "What's up?"

South Italy made a face at having a "potato bastard" so close to his person and he glared fiercely at Prussia. Prussia didn't even notice. Finally, Italy grounded out "Let go."

Prussia laughed. "You don't really want my awesome to leave you, do you? Think about how cool you look by being with me! Anyway, I just wanted to know what you're doing here. Aren't you supposed to be in those stuffy meetings with those other boring guys?"

Romano shrugged off the albino. "Exactly. It was stuffy and boring. I thought I'd check out this former nations club instead."

"Eh?" Prussia asked. "How do you know about that? The club's top secret!"

"Remember how you got drunk last night and started a karaoke battle with Poland and Japan in the main meeting room? When Germany dragged you away, you dropped the memo about today's meeting." South Italy said.

At that, Prussia quickly glanced around. None of the other members were close enough to hear the conversation. "Listen, the others think it's really fun that the club's a secret. It's just more awesome that way. You can't let them know I blew it. They won't let me take Gilbird on trips anymore and they might use the special punishment they've created for the day France finally gets on their last nerve!"

"I... I'm not going to tell anyone." South Italy said, stuttering and suddenly acting like he was a very small and bashful child. "I was... thinking... that I could join?"

This revelation knocked Prussia for a loop. No one had ever wanted to actually join the Former Nations Club. And the reason was right in the name. Only a few nations, such as Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland still had some status as nations; they joined because England was the sole representative of the United Kingdom these days. For a full-fledged nation such as South Italy, a being that actually stood for his people on the world stage, to want to join was unheard of. Prussia let Italy know this.

"But you're Italy!" Prussia cried. "You have land and people and a flag! You get to go to meetings, although that may not be an upside to being a country, and your leaders deal directly with you. What could you possibly have to gain by joining us? Most of us should have dissolved along with our borders and the rest are just bored."

Romano turned an impossible shade of red and refused to look up from his feet. "Who needs me when they have Feliciano?"

Prussia blinked. He hadn't been expecting that but he could understand the logic behind South Italy's words. Prussia had acted as East Germany during the era of the Berlin Wall but he wasn't needed when the wall was torn down and the two halves of Germany united. And yet that wasn't really the same thing as Gilbert was just holding onto something after Prussia dissolved. The albino shifted and looked over at the other club members. They weren't close enough to hear the conversation so Prussia had no idea what his next move should be.

Finally the albino nation came to a decision that was based on both sympathy and pity and said, "Yeah, you can hang out with us."

"Just... don't tell anyone why I want to join okay?" South Italy asked. "It's embarrassing."

Prussia nodded. Then he turned around to properly face the others and yelled cheerfully, "Hey everyone! Lovino Vargas is joining the Former Nations Club because he can't bear to be away from my awesomeness!"

South Italy made a horrible affronted noise from deep within his throat and head butted Prussia in his back.

It was the start to a beautiful relationship.



The islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon are part of France. If you go to them, you're in France. They are right off the coast of Newfoundland. Actually, they're not far from the Burin peninsula which is boot shaped. Hence France's testicles are right next to Newfoundland's foot.


Newfoundland and Labrador is called Sarah Abbott-Doyle. And Newfoundland was its own country for a time so she's in the club.

Northern Ireland (Ilane), Wales (Padrig) and Scotland (James) joined the club because even though they are separate entities Arthur stands for them as the United Kingdom. So they're bored.

Gran Colombia: a republic nation that existed from 1819-1831. Dissolved into the nations of Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. Called Josefa BolĂ­var