Romano and the Former Nations Club

Dark Lady Devinity

Chapter Eleven

Veneziano actually sat still and focused all his attention on Gran Columbia as she explained the Former Nations Club to him. The more she talked, the more the northern half of Italy frowned. He was especially displeased when Gran Columbia said that the club members had no place in the political world anymore and simply relied on their mortals' nationalism and remembered histories to maintain some level of importance. She acknowledged that certain club members, like Newfoundland or Wales, still had landmass but they all had someone else speaking for them and other things that united them.

"So none of you have much power on a world scale and may not even have much power in whatever federal governments you're part of. So why is my brother in this club?" Veneziano asked, tears starting to glisten in his eyes. It appeared that he was starting to form some conclusions and he didn't like them.

"Because he's in love with Gilbert." Gran Columbia said.

"Actually, we don't know if that was the initial reason for his joining the club at that time." Yugoslavia said. "It seems to me that Lovino wasn't all that into Gilbert at first. Anyway, it was Gilbert that let him join. Not a one of us knows how Lovino found out about us or what reason he gave Gilbert for joining."

"That's a good point." Scotland said. "How did you find out about us and why did you join our club, Lovi? It's not like we'd be a popular club to join even if we weren't a secret."

Romano sighed dejectedly. It was time for him to be honest and he wasn't sure that he would ever be ready for that. "Gilbert dropped a memo from the club the night before I came to sign up."

"Gilbert Beilschmidt!" Czechoslovakia yelled as she kicked Prussia in the head. Atlantis had to rain down on top of her to keep her from killing the albino.

"Katia, don't interrupt." Northern Ireland said. "We still haven't heard why he wanted to join."

"I wanted to join because I'm not important." Romano said rapidly. "No one needs me. I'm only good at agriculture and Feliciano can take care of all the Italian people on his own. It's easy for him. If Italy is unified then why the hell do I even exist? There's only one Italy on the maps!"

There was silence for a moment until North Italy burst into tears. South Italy hung his head down and wouldn't look at anyone. The club members all shared a look.

"Do you think that we, the true members of the Former Nations Club, haven't questioned why we still exist? There isn't a nation on earth that needs to exist. There's no logic to any of us and maybe the world would be a better place if humans didn't make boarders to defend with wars. But humans make countries and their actions and ideas and dreams made us. We are love and nationalism and pride and greedy prizes to be won. We're millions of pints of blood and dead bodies." Scotland said.

"We exist because a mortal loved us once." Newfoundland continued. "We only stop existing when a mortal decides that we should belong to another country or that we should form a unified nation under a new name or that we shouldn't exist at all."

Finally, Prussia said his piece. "I really don't care if there's one Italy or two. I don't care if any nation exists. There isn't a place on earth that's more awesome than Prussia. But I like Sarah and Josefa and James and everyone else in this club. I like Feliciano and I really like Lovino. I think they should exist."

"You really think that?" South Italy asked, meeting Prussia's eyes.

"Why wouldn't I? Haven't we had fun up until now? I had fun that time we went out to dinner and it was brilliant how thoroughly we destroyed the kitchen that time we were baking. I can never get Ludwig to bake with me. And because of you and how much Antonio cares about your well-being, I got to see Iggy willingly protect Francis. Francis! That just doesn't happen every day. It's like you're a miracle worker or something." Prussia said. "I wouldn't trade you for anybody in the world."

Romano blushed and Veneziano hugged him. Then Vermont made everybody coffee and they lived happily ever after.


Well, maybe happily ever after is too strong a description. Spain still isn't happy with Romano's choice of boyfriend and he's threatened Prussia countless times but as long as Romano's happy then Spain can at least be civil. Things are getting back to normal... sort of. Much to everyone's horror, France and England are now a couple. It seemed that after England defeated Spain (and he very nearly didn't), France rewarded the island nation with very relieved, grateful-to-be-alive sex and the best pancakes in the world. It was while eating these pancakes that they realised they were in love with each other.

South Italy and Prussia have become an item now and Romano finds that he's spending too much time with his brother, Austria, Hungary, France and that Potato Bastard Germany.

But don't think that now that Romano and Prussia have each that they don't need the Former Nations Club anymore. Now they need them more than ever. The club unites people. This month the club is helping Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in one of their pranks on England and then they're going to help Atlantis find the city he misplaced in the ocean all those years ago.