Sweet Revelation

An Avatar: The Last Airbender Fic

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Chapter 1: Misguided Youth

Toph lay on her back in the muddied grass of Katara's backyard. She and Aang had purchased a home shortly before the arrival of their first child, Kira, and Toph was mooching off of them until Sokka got his own place, at which time she would begin mooching off of him. Toph grinned at the thought, and inhaled the earthen scent that surrounded her.

Life was good for the Earthbender. Ozai had been defeated, and Zuko was working to help Aang enforce world peace. She still hung out with Sokka on a daily basis, and she would spend time with Katara when she wasn't busy being a mom.

Toph smiled to herself; since Katara had become a mother, she had spent minimal amounts of time mothering Toph. It was a nice change of pace. It allowed her to test Suki's patience endlessly and go around wreaking havoc on the innocent bystanders. Okay, so she didn't wreak havoc, but that wasn't the point.

The point was that life was good. She had a roof over her head-provided she didn't piss Katara off-and she was able to spend large quantities of time with the guy she loved.

Wait, that's where things got sticky…and not so good. Sokka was undoubtedly in love with Suki. Lately, the more she ragged on Suki, the less patience Sokka showed her. There had been a time when Sokka would not defend the warrior, but chuckle to himself as he went about his business. Toph had no doubt in her mind that she loved Sokka, but she had doubts about his loyalty to Suki.

Toph was fairly certain that she could get Sokka to leave Suki for her. She was Toph Bei Fong, the world's greatest Earthbender. She was the blind girl who could see with her feet. She could bend metal for crying out loud. What could Suki do? Throw a fan.

So Toph wasn't exactly the most ladylike girl out there. So she wore a healthy layer of dirt. So what? What was so incomparable to Suki? She wasn't the worst option in the world, and hell, she cleaned up nice.

Toph sighed and stood up. It was time to consult Sugar-queen on the matter. Toph made her way in the back door and headed towards the nearest crashing noises.

Katara glanced up from the pile of dishes Kira had just knocked down and shattered to see Toph's empty eyes staring down at her. Katara glanced at her daughter, who was trying to get into the broken pieces, and looked back to Toph.

"I know you don't like kids, but could you please pick Kira up? I don't want her to get cut…" Katara trailed off, seeing that the younger woman had already picked the baby up.

"This is going to cost you," Toph quipped. Katara rolled her eyes as she located the broom and swept up the shards. After she dumped them in the trash, she took her daughter back from Toph and placed her on her hip.

"So, I see you decided to stop soaking in the mud. I'll need to wash those now." Toph rolled her eyes and took a seat with an awkward sort of grace. The girl was silent for several minutes before Katara sighed. "I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong." She stated simply. Toph rolled her eyes again and scratched at the wooden table.

"Actually, it's not so much of a problem…as…an issue?" she asked, her statement changing into a question with each word. Katara raised an eyebrow as she rocked Kira.

"Okay. What is this…issue you have?" Toph began picking at the mud on her green tunic.

"I wouldn't really say it's an issue." Katara rolled her eyes.

"Toph! What is going on?" Toph tilted her head towards Katara and held her palms skyward.

"I don't think Sokka should be with Suki." She muttered. Katara glanced at the sleeping form in her arms, and thankfully, Aang walked in. Katara handed Kira to him, and motioned for him to take her to the bedroom they shared.

"Look, Toph, I know you like Sokka, and there's nothing wrong with that, it's just that Suki hasn't done anything wrong." Toph shook her head, and blew her bangs out of her face.

"That's not true. Suki doesn't see Sokka like I do." Toph paused as the two women realized the oddity of her word choice. Toph shook her head and continued. "She sees a handsome warrior." Katara gave Toph a quizzical look.

"Sokka is handsome. And, he is a warrior." Toph sighed.

"You're missing the point. That's all she sees. She doesn't see that he's uncoordinated, and messy. She doesn't see that he doesn't set up camp right or that he could eat an entire hippo-cow by himself. She just sees what he could be if she implemented some changes. She wants perfection. Sokka isn't perfect." Katara sat down across from her friend, her heart aching. Katara knew that Sokka did not harbor the same feelings for Toph, although if she had to choose between Toph and Suki, she would probably choose Toph for her brother. They seemed to connect on a level that many could not achieve even after years of searching. Katara sighed.

"Toph, I think it's wonderful that you know Sokka and love him. Whatever Suki's reasons for loving him may be, she loves him, and that is what is important." Toph turned her head towards the open window and sighed.

"I suppose you're right. I just feel like it should be me that he loves, not her." Katara reached out and patted Toph's forearm.

"I know, and I'm sorry. Sometimes life isn't fair. Sometimes you have to fight for what you want and you still may not win." Toph's face lit up at the word 'fight'.

"You're right Katara. I love Sokka, and I should fight Suki for him!" Katara shifted.

"That isn't what I meant!" she yelled, hoping Toph was listening. Toph jumped up and rolled her eyes.

"I mean figuratively. It would be too easy to beat her in a fight." Toph smiled, confidence kicking into overdrive. She moved towards the kitchen door. "I'll see you later! Thanks Katara!" Toph disappeared, the door slamming behind her. Katara stared into the space she had occupied, her mind racing.

"Spirits help us," she begged.

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