A curvy blonde bundle of irritation flew past an irate Hermione Granger's left elbow and threw itself onto a rather surprised and red-faced Ron Weasley.

Closing her heavy Ancient Runes textbook with an audible bang, she sighed as it did not affect the seemingly oblivious pair attempting to devour each other's faces.

Nodding to a bemused Harry Potter, she stood up and swept out of the cozy common room, heading as always for the Library.

She breathed a sigh of relief the minute she stepped into the calm silence that was the Hogwarts Library. The familiar scent of old books welcomed her like an old friend, and she immediately felt better than she had all evening.

She dropped her worn satchel at her favourite desk, and began perusing the dusty shelves.

Damgerously Advanced Charms...How to Make a Baby (Dragon)...The True Biography of the Knights of Ni... Special Feelings and What To Do With Them... The Hairy Book of Hair... The Cutting Book of Blades and Other Assorted Sharp Objects... Twilight...

Hermione rolled her eyes, and quickly moved on to another section of shelving.

Amazonians in Ancient Runes... Vampires to Vampyres: A Compendium... Discworld: The Encyclopedia... Salazer and Godric: The True Story

Hermione's eye caught the last title among the dusty tomes. As she reached out to take the book, her hand knocked into another, paler hand. Startled, she drew her hand away and looked to her left. There, without any of his usual cronies, stood none other than Draco Malfoy, Prince of Slytherin.

"Malfoy!" she cried, shocked. She glanced between him and the fateful book, and back again.

"Granger," he sneered, taking down the book before she could regain her wits.

"Interesting choice of reading material," she said, nodding towards the book in his grasp. The boy's cheeks turned a light shade of pink, but otherwise he maintained his cool demeanor.

"I could say the same to you," he replied archly. Before she could respond, he turned around and swept away, leaving Hermione standing there with a puzzled expression, and a tingling hand.



"But y'see," continued Ron through a mouthful of scrambled eggs and toast," a sausage comes in a neat, easily accessible tube form. It's clearly the superior choice of breakfast meat."

"Au contraire!" cried Harry, spewing crumbs across the wooden table," bacon is... ehm..." He looked beseechingly at Hermione, but she just rolled her eyes. Hermione was actually quite impressed by Ron's speech on the matter, and he had clearly given it a lot of thought.

"Bacon is sexy. Yeah." said Harry with a bite of his buttery toast that reeked of finality. Ron had no comeback, and merely resorted to sticking out his tongue.

Before Hermione could begin to wallow in how low her conversation had sunk, she thought back to the previous night in the Library. It was, she realized with a start, the first time she and Draco Malfoy had not been overtly mean to each other. She thought back to the title of the book, that had caught both their eyes, feeling confused. It grated against everything she knew about Malfoy for him to take that book.

Against her better judgement, her eyes were drawn to the Slytherin table searching for the familiar white-blonde head. When she found it, she felt a jolt of adrenaline as a pair of steely grey eyes were already trained upon her.

She ducked her head, and stared at her bacon and sausages. Why was Malfoy staring at her? ...Why did she care?

"Harry!" she muttered out of the side of her mouth. Harry paused, fork loaded with mashed potato and poised to fire, and glanced at her.

"Yeah?" However, he was suddenly distracted by the lump of scrambled eggs that landed with a splat on his cheek, spattering his glasses with eggy mush.

"Ron! You wanker!" he thundered, standing up and proceeding to dump the jug of orange juice over the shocked ginger's head.

Extremely annoyed, Hermione stood up with a huff and flounced out of the Great Hall just before it erupted into a rather messy food fight, that would land both Ron and Harry in a week's worth detention. As she turned the corner outside the Hall's door, she heard Snape bellowing for order.

Grumbling to herself about her two idiotic (yet lovable) friends. She was so immersed in her self-pity that she didn't notice a tall, blonde figure reclining against the stone wall of the corrider.

"Granger." called an all-too familiar voice. The baritone of Draco Malfoy's voice echoed down the hall as Hermione realized they were both completely alone together.

"Malfoy," she replied warily, looking around for a route of escape, wishing to avoid the usual round of insults.

"Potter and the Weasel are both neolithic trolls," he drawled, watching her carefully for a reaction. A slight smirk graced his lips. " I can't understand, with my admittedly sizable intellect, why you choose to be acquainted with them."

Ignoring that she had been thinking the first statement not moments ago, she glared at him.

"'Admittedly sizable intellect'? Admitted by whom, may I ask?" She was irked further as he chuckled, a low dangerous sound. Weary of his games, she made a noise of frustration and made to walk away. However, she was stopped by a pale arm that appeared as if from nowhere. Ignoring her pounding heart, she looked up at the suddenly very close Malfoy.

He looked down at the flushed girl, still smirking slightly. They stood there for a long moment, her confused, him inscrutiable.

"You have ink on your lip, Granger." he said softly, and he reached up with his free hand and brushed Hermione's top lip with the pad of his thumb. She trembled slightly, and licked her suddenly dry lips, still staring up at the taller boy. He moved his gaze from hers to follow the path of her tongue. Another long moment passed between them.

With seeming reluctance, he pulled away, and Hermione broke from her trance. She took a shaky step back, and with one last look she stuttered "Thank you," before fleeing down the deserted corridor. She could feel his gaze on her for the entire length of the hall.

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