Could it be that Ash, a man of strength and now a high tollerance for the walking dead, be defeated by the possessed child that had just stabbed him in the leg? the with out warning the child dropped to the floor. Passed out or dead? Ash asked him self but he knew better. While the oppurtunity arised Ash quiclkly grabbed the knife out of the passed out deadite's bloody hand. In a quick instance the deadeite child screeched.
The child tried its best to bite Ash but he only laughed at the child, as be backed away. With swift motion Ash stabbed the deadite child in the head. The head of the child spurtted and caved in. For the deadite child's head was softer than you would expect. Again the deadite collapsed.

Ash left the room to find his axe. This cabin held such a memories of horror that ash just quivered.

" Linda..." he said sorftly to himself.

" so much death...can i not get peace?"

"ahhgggh!" comeing from the other room the deadite child sceamed.

Ash had finally found the axe by the rocking chair that was still in pieces. Running from the other room the deadite child screamed with the knife in its caved in head.

" Why won't you die?" Ash cried.

Then he realized he had the axe and he had to dismember the child in order for it to die. In came the and ozzing from the new hole in its head the deadite still ran. Ash ran towards the child and tripped over a body that sorely missed by Ash, it was Annie.
Finally the deadite child got to bite Ash. Right on the arm.

"Ahh!" he screamed.

The deadite wriggled its head as it bit Ash and then finally the deadite child pulled its head back and tore some flesh off of Ash. He just screamed louder. The child laughed while it chewed the flesh. It stood back so proud if its self. Ash rolled over and grabbed his axe.

"Thats it!" Ash raged.

He beheaded the deadite and then kept chopping away. When he backed off. He finally wondered where the child came from. If there was more of them. Most importantly, what the hell was he going to do about it?

Ash was back in the cabin, which he had descended from into the medieval times, trying to get rid of the deadites that had manifested themselves by that damned book.

'What if the wisemen didn't destroy the necronomicon.' he thought to himself.

" Shit...where would it be?"

Ash dropped the axe and walked out of the cabin.

All seemed calm out here in the Michigan woods.

He walked 'til he found the path and he pondered wether or not to go out there into the world and see what became of it.

His choice was to change him for the rest of his life.