The beauty that was now in Ash's arms woke with a sudden rush.

"" she said shakely.

Ash frowned and he had a hunch that the deadite he just slaughtered was her father.

" Whats your name...can you remember your name?" Ash spoke softly to her.

" Robin..." speaking as if she might faint again.

Ash tapped her face a little and said, " You have to stay awake."

" Okay."

" Was that thing your father?" Ash asked as he leaned Robin against the wall of the gas station.

He turned to get the bloodied axe. Picked it up and looked at Robin for her answer.

He prayed silently to whatever God there was that Robin was not going to end up a deadite like all the rest.

Robin regained her balance and finally answered him.

" No, but I knew him. I only knew him as Fred. Never knew his last name...He allways give me a smile."

she pointed to her car. A red malibu.

" He'd fill my car with gas and never allowed me to do it...I think he was hoping for sex."

Ash wiped the sweat off of his fore head. Walked to her and asked her if her car still had gas in it.

Hours passed and Ash was relieved that one Robin had gas in the car and more importantly that she did not become a deadite.

Finally arriving in town Ash and Robin stopped to look around.

The town seemed empty. Blood was on the streets and some gore. But what was odd, amoung the many things, there was no deadites in sight.

No one.

Ash looked at Robin and wondered about why she mentioned her father when she came to.

They stumbled upon a surplus store.

He finally asked Robin, " You said something about your father when you woke...why?"

Robin's face grew sad and a tear slowly slid down her face.

" Well before you came along, Fred had eaten my dad..."

She sobbed.

Ash went to comfort her with a hug.

" We planned to go to the Novic's cabin...I just wanted to see Annie,before I had to leave. Leave all this mess."

Ash automattically let her go...His breath was shallow.

" Who's cabin?"