I waited…

I knew he was coming soon…

Why wasn't he here yet?

Maybe because he has finally had enough of you, not like last time, but for real…

No! Edward would never do that, he said he loved me, he told me so…

He said that the last time, right before he ripped out your heart… The annoying little voice in my head said.

No, he wouldn't… I started hyperventilating.

This was madness, he would say goodbye, at least, right?

A cold hand on my right shoulder made me spin around gasping.

"Bella, I am sorry I startled you…" Then he realised I was hyperventilating and shaking.

"Bella are you alright? You look upset" And with that he hugged me close to his stone cold, marble chest.

"No I am fine Edward, I was just thinking…" I couldn't tell him I was afraid he'd left again, I mean, I know it hurt me to think about it, yet it hurt Edward too.

"Thinking of what Bella?" I knew by his tone that he didn't want to force the story out of me, yet I heard the curiosity burning in his words.

"I was wondering why you hadn't shown up…"

He stiffened a little. What is up with him?

"Oh…" He sounded Embarrassed…

"What is it Edward?" I asked

"Nothing… Just had a little business to attend to, that's all…"

This was bad, this was VERY bad.

Okay, sorry for the cliffy, just wanted to keep you interested :L

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