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Mikey paced worriedly in front of the multiple T.V sets in the lair. He was rubbing his hands and breathing hard, glancing occasionally at Donatello. The brainy turtle was bent over his work table, working on Mikey's XBOX 360. Mikey quit his pacing and hovered over him. "Is my baby gonna' make it?" Mikey asked Don, huffing into his face.

The purple banded turtle shoved him away. "Only if you take a breath mint and stop sucking the oxygen right out of my personal space." Don said in irritation, returning to the gaming console.

"Hey, only I get t'shove Knucklehead aroun' like that." Raphael said, walking into the living room. "Nuh uh, anyone can…wait…" Mikey said, tapping a finger on his chin. Raph grinned and tackled his youngest brother. They rolled on the ground. "Ah! Leo!" Mikey cried, knowing his eldest brother would come to his rescue. Raph sat on Mikey's shell and glanced around for the older turtle.

Mikey had gotten lost in the sewers once, and Leo had gone out to look for him as a worried older brother. They were only toddlers. Leo had found his baby brother, who was miserable and scared. They had walked back to the lair with Leo leading the way. Leo promised his baby brother that he would be there for him no matter what, even if it cost him his life. It was that way for all of his brothers, but with Mikey, it was more so.

Don then began chuckling at the two turtles. "Leo went topside about an hour ago." He chuckled at their stunned faces.

"Why would he do that?" Mikey whined from under Raphael. "Cause' he probably got annoyed by ya' shell'fer brains." Raph laughed, smacking him. "Ow! Leo'll get you good when he gets back! So get your fat shell off me!" Mikey whined.

Leonardo stood on a rooftop, shrouded by shadows. He was gazing down sadly at couples walking with their children, laughing and smiling. He closed his eyes, fighting back his emotions. "Why do we have to be so different? Why can't humans just accept us for who we are?" He asked, looking up at the moon. It stared coldly at him, shining with its dim light stolen from the sun.

Leo turned away from the humans and walked to the other side of the roof, dropping into the alley behind. He whistled once and two caws answered him. He held out his arm and two ravens alighted upon it. "Kari, Kite," Leonardo said their names, their heads bobbed in acknowledgement. He stroked their heads and they crooned in comfort.

Leo had found them in a nest that had fallen into a dumpster, they were still hatchlings and so he had raised them. They were trained by him, and being the smart birds they were, they learned much.

They suddenly stiffened, trained to react this way when threatening beings were close. Leo's face hardened. "Just what I need right now, someone to fight." He thought angrily. "Rise," He whispered to the birds, they quickly rose into the air. Kite, the male, cawed several times. This meant that there were many enemies nearby. Kari, the female, cried loudly, confirming that the enemies were surrounding Leo.

Leonardo drew his katanas quickly, feeling the threatening presences. "Foot ninjas," He hissed, knowing it could only be them. Silhouettes rose on the roofs surrounding the alley. "This is not a good position; I'm in the kill pit." He muttered, watching the silhouettes' nock arrows on their bows.

Arrows flew from their bows. Leo crouched, presenting a smaller target and spun his katanas quickly, deflecting many of the arrows. A few penetrated his guard, striking his carapace and becoming trapped in his shell. One shaft plunged straight into his right shoulder, making him hiss in pain. Leonardo quickly sprang forward and leaped towards a wall. He bounded off the wall and somersaulted onto a roof, shouldering a few foot ninja out of his way.

Leo rolled to his feet and was immediately surprised and filled with dread. He relived the ambush that occurred after his first big battle with the Shredder in his mind. Scores of Foot ninja were on the roofs surrounding him. Leo knew then, he would not be able to run from this battle alive.

"Sun Tzu never had to deal with this." He thought.

The swarm of ninjas attacked quickly, Leo knew he wouldn't stand a chance against the hordes. He ducked under many swords trying to behead him and sweep kicked the ninjas surrounding him. His shoulder throbbed badly.

A spear made to stab his wounded shoulder, Leo moved forward and the arrow snapped; splinters embedded themselves in the wound. Leo gasped and dropped into a split under more weapons trying to find his heart. He leaped up and somersaulted over the group surrounding him. He landed on the ledge and leapt to another roof, sheathing his left hand sword and took the other sword in his left hand. His right arm hung limply at his side.

Leonardo sprinted forward, slashing through the crowding ninjas. He leapt up and hopped from head to head until he dropped into an alley with a manhole. Leo dropped his katana and tugged the manhole cover off with his good arm.

He quickly rolled out of the way of a sword plunging into the ground next to him. Red liquid covered his shoulder, making Leo realize just how bad his wound was. A screech made his attacker look up to see an angry raven fly onto his face, clawing his eyes out.

"Kari, rise!" Leonardo ordered the raven, not wanting her to get hurt on his behalf. She obeyed, and rose up high.

Leo picked up his katana and rolled forward, just barely dodging a spear. Ninjas began dropping onto the ground, surrounding the wounded turtle. He rose onto his feet with his mouth set into a grim line. They circled him like hungry wolves. One broke from the circling horde and slashed down with expert precision.

Leo brought his sword up to deflect the attack before turning, bringing his foot around the ninja's ankle and pulling. The ninja hit the ground hard; Leo kicked him away before turning to meet his next opponent.

The blade came fast, Leo moved aside and it cut through his sash. His sword sheathes fell to the ground. Blood welled from the small cut inflicted on his plastron. Leonardo sidestepped around the ninja and struck the base of the skull with the butt of his katana.

A chain suddenly wrapped around his left wrist. Leo tugged hard, bringing the ninja holding the chain to the ground before whipping it out of the ninja's hands and into his surrounding opponents.

Half of them fell back with a sickening crack as the chain cracked their skulls. Leo whirled around to meet five katana wielding Foot Tech Ninja. They pressed the buttons on their chest and disappeared. Leo backed up against a wall; he had fought them alone before and defeated them. That time, though, it was raining and he could make out their silhouettes just barely. Even then, he could hear the rain hit them. This time, the rain was not here to help.

Leo closed his eyes, preventing his vision from distracting him, and listened for them. He ducked underneath a stab to his chest and kicked the invisible ninja's midsection. The ninja grunted and flew into another ninja. Leo listened closely, but no sound came to him.

A kick to his chin sent him onto his shell. Leo rolled aside, dodging a katana that would have stabbed his solar plexus. He rose onto his feet quickly, listening for the sound of footfalls.

Again, no sound reached him until it was nearly too late. Leo sidestepped and a katana, that would have taken his arm, slashed the skin off his left arm's bicep, leaving gleaming red flesh. Leo embedded his katana halfway to the hilt in the same ninja's abdomen. Leo quickly slashed through the ninja's body and through another one.

Both ninjas' torsos slid off their waists and onto the ground with a meaty smack. Leo cursed himself for having to go to such measures for his own self defense. The last ninja brought his katana across the calf on Leo's left leg. The turtle crashed onto his right side, hamstrung in his left leg. He swiped his katana across the ninja's gut.

The ninja gurgled, dropping his katana. He tried to keep his intestines from falling through the opening in his gut, but they fell onto Leonardo's plastron followed by the ninja himself.

Leo panted and dragged himself out from under the ninja, wiping spattered blood off his face. A very audible thud came from behind the katana wielding turtle. He turned his head and sucked air through his clenched teeth. Standing there was the Shredder himself, encased in his metal armor. "Ah, Leonardo, how the mighty have fallen," He said. Leo leaned against the alley wall and dragged himself onto his feet. He stood on his right foot and had his left foot held above the ground, not putting any weight on it.

"I have not fallen, as long as honor for my family still remains intact, Shredder."

"Honor is nothing, honor is not physical. I would have expected better of you, Leonardo." Shredder said. "But, I have not come here to insult you. I would give you one last chance to join me, Leonardo."

Leo glared at him. "Never! I would never join a murderer like you!" He spat angrily. The Shredder nodded. "Then, I will beat the location of your home out of you. Your family of freaks will die slowly!" Shredder said. "Elite Foot Ninja, attack!"

The four ninja dropped from the roof, surrounding Leonardo. The turtle immediately felt Déjà vu. He had been in this situation twice before, and the first time he had nearly been killed.

Leonardo immediately blocked a blade coming for his head. He dropped into a crouch and kicked the ninja's shin. A cracking sound along with a moan of pain followed, the ninja's leg was now broken. Leo's own left leg was not much better; he was standing precariously, as if he might topple at any given moment. The remaining three ninjas struck at different angles at the same time. Leo blocked the forked halberd with his katana and sidestepped the axe.

The staff with blades on both ends got to him. It plunged straight into his abdomen. The ninja quickly pulled it out and jabbed it back in twice. Leo blinked once before falling to the ground, his katana clanged beside him. Blood began pooling around him.

Leonardo shuddered; he weakly groped for his katana with his left hand, leaving bloody smears on the ground. One of the ninja stepped hard on his wrist, making a cracking noise.

The ninjas parted, allowing their master to near the wounded turtle. The Shredder picked up the wounded Leonardo by the throat. He received a kick to the solar plexus from Leo. The Shredder growled menacingly before slamming the turtle into a wall.

Leo groaned pitifully. Shredder tossed him at a dumpster, denting the metal bin. Leo hit it and fell onto his plastron. He struggled to his hands and knees.

"I grow weary of this foolishness!" Shredder snapped, kicking Leo hard. "Hun, get this filth to the tower! Foot Ninjas, search the vicinity for his ilk!" The Shredder ordered before leaping up onto the roof.

Hun dropped from the roof and picked Leo up by the edge of his shell. The turtle struggled in his grip. Hun held him against the wall and with his right fist he punched Leo's abdomen multiple times. Leo remained silent through it all after the first two hits, his head hung low. Hun was not satisfied with this.

Hun held Leonardo out at arm's length and punched his snout harder than he had punched his abdomen. Blood flew from Leo's mouth and more streamed from the corners of his mouth.

Hun threw the half-dead turtle over his shoulder and walked out of the alley towards a dark van. He opened the back doors and hurled Leo in. The turtle didn't make a sound as he hit the floor of the van. Hun got in after and closed the doors. "Get us back to the tower. The Master won't be happy if we're late." Hun said to the driver.

Two ravens flew high above the van, crying mournfully, as many ravens had before.

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