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Chapter one: The beginning (surprisingly)

The citizens of Dimmsdale had always found something rather strange about the house on the hill; maybe it was the imposing Gothic architecture, maybe it was the mass of dark clouds gathered around it... Or maybe it was the fact that the house (and the hill) hadn't been there yesterday. Well, whatever it was no one went near it.

... ...

Jorgen lent back in his chair. This week had been good for him; he had been able to reorder most of his files, now he could relax, maybe think up some more rules. He was just beginning to settle back when a cold voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Jorgen, wake up!" The voice echoed across the room, bouncing off the walls and causing Jorgen to fall off his chair. He looked up to see that one of his computer screens had burst into life. A vaguely humanoid figure in a blindfold showed on the screen, "You have work to do boy. We're expecting results and Devian doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"But sir." Even Jorgen couldn't help stuttering, "Our council hasn't been able to do anymore than we had a week ago, we don't have the resources."
The figure on the screen sighed, "I should have known better than to trust a job like this to youngsters like you." He turned away, "We will deal with situations from here. Unlike you we have made progress. They are in the human world, correct?"

"Yes sir." Jorgen was becoming more confident, at least he knew that much. The figure on the screen smiled.

"Thank you Jorgen." The screen cut off and Jorgen gave a sigh of relief. Before turning round and almost bumping into a tall blue cloaked figure, his boss.


... ...

Timmy Turner stared across his classroom watching Mr Crocker mark yet another impossible test. He had failed, he just knew it, he couldn't have scored a single mark (how was he expected to know what the capital of Lesotho was). As Timmy watched Crocker looked up and gave another one of his manic smiles.

"Well I'm glad to tell you that you all failed, miserably. So as a punishment you will all be redoing this test. During the weekend." Now his smile faltered, "And now for a notice I probably should have given before we had a four hour test. Today we are going to have two new children in our class. Please welcome Carlos and Sandra Wiccman." He gestured to two children standing by the blackboard, in fact they had been standing there since the beginning of the day. "Why don't you say a little about yourselves; while I pretend that I'm interested instead of regretting everyday I'm stuck in this dead end job with low pay, no career prospects and constant mockery from my mother. But that will all change, soon they won't look down on me not when I have captured a FAIRY GODPARENT." Crocker spasmed uncontrollably and collapsed into insane muttering.

The new children ignored their new obviously mental teacher took a few steps forwards. They were two of the oddest people Timmy had ever seen. Both of the new children had bright white hair and deathly pale skin. The girl smiled and began immediately to introduce all her likes and dislikes, to anyone who cared to listen. She spoke incredibly quickly, Timmy could see the people in his class straining to keep up with her. Her brother meanwhile just stared at the class, it was very disconcerting, he seemed to be looking straight through everyone in the room. He sighed and placed his hand on his sister's shoulder, "I think you should stop now Sandra, they don't want to know our whole life story. We don't have time."

As Timmy watched the children crossed the room and took the two empty seats next to him. Well the seats weren't usually empty, but the children who usually sat there had been hospitalized by Crocker's last surprise PE test. Timmy couldn't shake the feeling that there was something wrong with the new pupils, for a start neither of the children really seemed friendly. The girl smiled genuinely enough, but it was the kind of smile that made you want to leave the room quickly. As for the boy, his eyes were huge and unblinking, like a goldfish and his eyes were fixed on Timmy's stationary, as if he could see right through it. As if he knew that they were just fairies in disguise.