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Chapter 22: The Nature of Justice

Timmy's eyes opened. Light. Too much light. It burned in from every angle, it burnt into the back of his mind. He couldn't see anything, the only thing he could hear was the sound of his own breathing. One, two, one, two, one, two. Wait, there was no three. The counting in Timmy's head had stopped. He felt-

"It... is good to see you awake... Mr Turner." A slow voice came down from a great height, Timmy tried to blink into focus, "I'm happy to say... You just... saved the world."

"Where, where am I?" A massive silhouette was staring down at him. No, not a silhouette a man in a cloak, a long green cloak.

"This I believe... is," The figure turned around and held up a hand, "Western Africa. Somewhere near the Kingdom of Kongo." The figure reached up and adjusted a flashing monocle, "But... More importantly, you need to get up."

Timmy groaned, clambering to his feet and leaning heavily on the offered hand. Only once he was standing blinking in the light did he finally realise, "Wait," He turned to the cloaked figure, "Who are you?"

The figure turned to Timmy and regarded him calmly, adjusting his monocle he let out a sigh and drew back his hood, revealing a thin face with ginger curly hair and a amber mechanical monocle over his left eye, "Hamlet... Green. Head of Fairy World,,, Defense."

Timmy's mind fished for information for a second, "Hamlet, like the play?"

"Correct... William need a bit of help and..." The figure spread his arms, "I couldn't help aiding my..." Another pause, as if considering the word, "Only Godchild." He smiled slowly, "But Mr Turner that is irrelevant... Come." With a flick of the wrist Timmy found them both standing infront of a massive spiked dome.

"Mr Green sir. We have fifty-two casualties."

"Sir, we need to organise a teleportation rig."

"Mr Green what is our next move?"

The cloaked figure had waved these questions aside before Timmy had even figured out what was happening. He was striding towards the dome and towards a tall man with light blue hair and another long green cloak.

"Emanuel, report?"

The man smiled and handed a small file to Hamlet Green before disappearing in a flash of smoke. Hamlet looked down at the sheets of paper before smiling, "Power consumption difficulties...? It looks like someone has been... interfering." He turned to Timmy, "Well Mr Turner, it seems I owe you a favour so... Shall we play a visit to Mrs Cosma?"

The world around the two of them suddenly seemed to slow and Timmy found himself walking, as if in a dream, through corridor after corridor of the massive dome. Eventually however the corridors widened and infront of him Timmy became aware of a small woman leaning over something, she might have been a child had it not for the gleaming crown on her head and the small pair of wings that shook slightly on her back.

"Mrs. Cosma?" Hamlet's voice was quiet and calm and on hearing it Wanda looked up, tears in her eyes. On seeing Timmy however she sniffed and gave a watery smile.

"Timmy, I just..." She trailed off, trying desperately to pretend that she wasn't here, that she wasn't bent over the body of her son. That this was just another day, "I'm sorry Timmy." She leaned back forwards, the tears in her eyes falling down in torrents. "I'm so so sorry... This should be a victory and..." Her voice finally expired, drifting away into shaking sobs.

Timmy was at a lose, stepping forwards to wrap his arms round someone who he barely knew, but who had known him for years. His comforting was pathetic, he knew it, but Wanda clung to it like a fish clung to water.

Hamlet Green looked down, frowned and drew his hood back over his face, "I think I should leave, I have work to do... Just... contact my men when your ready... they'll get you back to Fairy World." He turned away and left the two there. There had been too much death here, he wouldn't be able to worry about one more.

... ...

Fairy World calmed down over the next few days. It was quiet, everyone knew it would take a few days for the Wiccan realm to act. The world mourned for a little time but all in all the population was able to return to its old, cheerful state. That was how this story should end, but for those who have noticed there are still loose ends to tie up. These events may have escaped the history books but they are no less important, therefore we shall begin with Phylus Devagon.

... ...

"Mrs Cosma what a thoroughly repulsive, totally unexpected surprise." Phylus Devagon spread his arms wide, "Congratulations on surviving and also on what I am infuriated to call a resounding success."

Wanda sat on the other side of the plain table in Phylus' office, she couldn't help noticing the blandness of the place, it was accurate, measured down to the nanometer but it didn't have the tiniest bit of proof that a person had been here. She flinched just at the thought of the kind of man that would design a room like this. "Mr Devagon, you promised to return Timmy's memory if we found the wiccans for you and we did far more than that."

Phylus smiled cruelly, "Do you know the difference between a promise and a lie Wanda? The difference is that you choose to believe one and not the other." He pulled his hood back over his head and settled back in his seat, pulling a file from his pocket and beginning to write on it, after a second he looked up again, "I'm busy Ms. please leave."

Timmy, who had been silent throughout the meeting, could almost feel the temperature rise, Wanda's fury was nearly burning the paint off the walls and Phylus just kept on smiling. Wanda looked like she was going to throw herself at Phylus, before she could there was knock at the door.

Phylus stood, frowning now and crossed to the door, opening it he gave a look that could only be described as sheer fury.

"Mr Devagon," The voice was a boring monotone, "You are under arrest for..." The man consulted a clipboard, "Mass conspiracy and... Politics." Lord Croften-Dawn raised his head and grimaced, "Please come with me."

Phylus let out a sudden roar of desperation, he whipped his cloak round and drew his wand from his sleeve, pointing it straight at the tall fairy lord, "You moron! All my life, every single waking hour I have dedicated to serving Fairy World. How dare you accuse me."

Lord Croften-Dawn smiled, "Is that another promise Mr Devagon, I believe we all know what your word is worth."

Phylus' rage melted in an instant, slipping back into his usual demeanor, "Was I that transparent? Ah well, let me ask you a question Emanuel. You've seen what it's like from the top, just like myself, so where do you fit in? Are you a low grade politician? Are you an extension of Hamlet Green's will? Are you the one pulling the strings in the background? Are you something else...?"

Emanuel Croften-Dawn's face flickered with anger for a second, before it cleared and he began, once again slowly and clearly in his monotonous voice, "I, Mr Devagon, live to serve our Lords and Masters in the way that is best for them and for the people, whether they know it yet or not."

Phylus nodded, "Just as I thought."

Croften-Dawn nodded, "Anything you want to be reported about yourself?"

"Only that I did my duty in all respects and to the best of my ability in any way that I saw necessary." He sighed and stepped past Croften-Dawn in to the crowd of green cloaks that waited outside.

Lord Croften-Dawn just frowned, "Naturally." He turned to Wanda and Timmy, "Sir Hamlet Green wishes to see you, please make your way outside. I will finish with this then join the proceedings." He turned away and disappeared into the corridor, leaving Timmy and his godmother to figure out what had just happened on their own.

... ...

Hamlet Green was standing in a group of green cloaked officials when Timmy and Wanda arrived. He finished his talk with one of his subordinates then turned, ignoring them, to a tall figure slightly apart from the group. The wiccan Lex literally leaned on the Fairy Council building, his long hands resting on the roof.

"Well Mr Green, shall we get this over with. We do not have the resources to overcome Caraz's frankly insane weaponry and if you select the wrong weapon we will..." He paused, "Destroy the universe. However, I can no longer see a reason to fight. Ruben has, one way or another, left this universe and we can hardly prosecute Druid, so a ceasefire is in order."

Hamlet looked up at the wiccan for a second, then drew back his hood, "I am... incredibly good at speeches... however I do not think one would be... appropriate now." He stretched out his hand, "There is... no more to say."

Lex took the offered hand (his fingers wrapping around Hamlet's entire arm) and shook. A historic moment in Fairy World history. Or at least Timmy assumed so, from what he had gleaned from talking to the few fairies he had met wiccans did not take kindly to peace treaties with the so-called lower species.

After a second Hamlet withdrew his hand and nodded to the wiccan, turning away and giving various instructions to fairies around him, causing them to hurry off to god knew where. Finally he turned to Timmy, "Mr Turner, I have to thank you. You... saved our world again. It is not everyday I get to say that... Well done." He turned and began to walk away.

"What about Timmy's memory?" Wanda's voice almost exploded from behind them, "You promised to restore it!"

Hamlet frowned sadly, "I don't think so Mrs Cosma... Phylus Devagon made that promise and... he is no longer able to fulfill it. I'm very sorry but... We have larger problems." He swept his way past Wanda and stared down at Timmy, "I am truly sorry though."

Wanda's eyes filled up with despair, a sort of sad rage spread across her face and she raised her wand. Hamlet Green pulled a walking cane from his sleeve and knocked the wand from her hand.

"Mrs Cosma... When I want to be I can act kindly... I am an actor after all. Do not test my patience though, we have rules and it is not in my power to break them... Now if you will excuse me... I have work to do. If this world was going to run itself we would not be here."

He brushed Wanda aside again and disappeared back into the council building.

"Timmy..." Wanda's voice sounded quiet and sad, the emotions she had been pushing down since the fight with Druid spilling out, "I'm sorry... I'm always so useless, I always-"

She stopped, the look frozen on her face as if it had turned to stone. The world around Timmy too, stopped, frozen in time, with one exception; the wiccan Lex pulled himself off the building and smiled.

"Mr Turner, I believe I owe you a favour."

Timmy blinked, "What?"

"I promised you if you found the wiccan Druid I would restore your planet. You did more than that, you stopped them." He raised his hand, "Justice Timmy. Justice is something people don't understand, justice isn't redemption, justice isn't rewards. Justice is punishment, punishment and reward that exactly fits the variables. People don't like that, people always think they deserve more reward than they do and more mercy. Mercy has no place in justice Timmy... And people always think I can do something about it." He let out a short bitter laugh, "People seem to believe that justice can be controlled Timmy, it can't. Justice can be suppressed or justice can be released. If I could control it do you think I would be blind?" He passed his hand over his bandaged eyes, "But I can do one thing Timmy, I can predict what it will do and, as I owe you a favour, I think now would be the perfect time to let this world have just a little bit of true justice."

Timmy blinked, only for a second, when he opened his eyes the world they looked out on could not have been more different. Lex was gone for one. Infront of him as well, a huge blue-green orb hung in the sky.

The Earth.

But more than that, while the people around him panicked and celebrated, Timmy found his mind slowly focusing, his memory slipping back into place. Christmas, Santa, the Anti-Fairies, it all came pooling back in. As the humans of the world woke up (most with splitting headaches that brought industry to a halt and almost caused an incredibly nasty situation between Bill Gates and a Japanese ambassador) Timmy Turner stood above everything and despite everything he couldn't help laughing.

... ...

Prison wasn't Phylus' first choice of endings for his story. After all who would want prison, even more humiliating he had designed the cell he sat in now. Unescapable he had called it. For once he wished he had been bluffing. He sighed, they'd even taken his precious files away from him. Idiots! Who else would understand the massive complexity of his system? Who could replace him? The file master. It was laughable, even here he had memorized every possible piece of information, 55.2 cm from left wall to a door that was 207.6 cm high and 106.3 cm wide from there 355.2 cm to right wall and...

"Well, well, well I do believe we have an anomaly." Phylus stood and walked across to a section of the wall, striking it hard with his elbow and watching as it collapsed into a small man in a white mask with a "9" motif on it, "How good to see you Mr. Horrors you took your time getting here."

Mr Horrors smiled, "Getting out of prison is easy, you ever tried to break into one of these places, it takes ages."

Phylus smiled, "You don't have to go through all of the security, just walk in through the front door, that mask will get you in anywhere."

Horrors smiled, "But where's the fun in that Phylus?" He frowned and took on a more business like manner, "Have you considered our offer?"

Phylus smiled, "Yes I believe I have. I've grown bored with justice and... I would like to add my talents to your, um, menagerie."

Horrors laughed, "That's what I thought you'd say." He reached up and removed the "9" mask from his face, concealing his face with his hand, "Here Mr Devagon."

Phylus took the offered mask and, turning upside down so the "9" became a "6" placed it on his face, "Thank you Mr Horrors, if you hadn't come I would have had to find another way out, it might have even taken me a few days."

Horror's sighed, "I, Gilligan Horrors never will work out why you get yourself into these situations Phylus."

Phylus raised his hand to his mask "Well Gilligan it's as I always say. If you can't play the game, play the players." He smiled and ripped the mask from his face, dissolving in a puff of smoke. That was the last that anyone ever heard of Phylus Devagon. Well, the last on record.

... ...

Cosmo waited under a street light that night. It would have been poetic, a man standing there till the early hours of the morning watching the people he loved. He couldn't go back, not yet, not until he knew if death would keep his bargain.

Why was he worrying about this? He had talked to death, he knew the man wouldn't back down on his promise. Cosmo smiled lazily, his brain was only really big enough for a few thoughts, and mistrust was a big thought. No he just had to wait here for an hour maximum, until Devian returned Poof's soul. Then everyone would be happy, then he could go back home. He could imagine the looks on their faces when he walked in, better yet when Poof woke up. He could almost hear their voices.

But right now he would wait. In a few minutes he would go back, when he'd gathered his thoughts when he had thought of something to say. What could he say? Back from the dead, that was unnatural, that was evil, that was... But what did that matter? He just knew they'd be thrilled. In a few minutes he'd work it out. In a few minutes he'd be home with his family and loved ones.

But right now he'd just sit back and bask in the moonlight and dream. In a few minutes...