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"No, please don't hurt me," the old man cried. He cowered against a corner in the back of his living room as the three men dressed in black suits stood over him.

Two of them were older, but the one who seemed to be their boss was a lot younger. He looked to be in his late teens. He had a shock of orange hair that nearly hung over his green eyes in bangs and a thick ponytail. He could have been mistaken for a human, except one thing, his bushy orange tail, that twitched occasionally as he stood over the old man with his arms folded. It was hard to take him seriously since he had such a cute, baby face and the old man might have laughed and patted him on the head at the way he was trying to act tough, but the men standing behind him looked serious enough to kill. They were the ones that frightened him.

"We're not here to hurt you old man; they have others for that. We're just here to deliver an important message. You didn't make the full payment on your loan with us. We're missing about ten percent." The fox youkai said.

"I know, I'm sorry. Please, I'll pay you back as soon as I can. It's just a little bit."

The second man laughed, "a little bit is not all the money. We're still missing ten percent so it's like you never paid us!"

"Is this your granddaughter?" The fox youkai asked, temporarily distracted by the picture of a young girl with black hair and brown eyes smiling happily.

"Yes," the old man said, his fear rising to a higher level.

"She's pretty," the fox youkai said thoughtfully. "My message to you from Sesshoumaru was to tell you that if you didn't produce the money with in 24hrs your entire shrine will be destroyed. That would be such a pity since it was the reason why you borrowed from us in the first place. And if you still didn't have the money, your family would be next. After that, your life. However, I've decided we wouldn't have to do any of that if you agreed to let your granddaughter work for us. You wouldn't have to pay back the ten percent you owe us."

"My granddaughter working for the likes of you? Never!" The old man shouted.

"Then you have 24hrs to produce the money," the fox youkai said, turning back to the old man. "I know you can't do it in such a short amount of time, but we've given you two months already. Tell me, is it worth losing your entire family?"

The old man gulped.