"Inuyasha, when you say home. Do you mean my home or your home?" Kagome asked. She didn't want to get her hopes up only to have them crash down by a mistake on her part.

Inuyasha stared into her eyes. He opened his mouth to answer her question, but stopped. A low grow came out, instead. Kagome suddenly found herself in his arms. For a moment she thought he was hugging her, until she felt him crush her body against his chest and roughly jerk around until his back was facing whatever he was protecting her from. A huge explosion blasted off causing the ground to tremble and Kagome ears to ring loudly at the deafening noise. She felt the heat around her body and realized they were engulfed in a wave of fire. Kagome struggled to look up at Inuyasha, but he wouldn't let her move. They fell to the ground together with him on top of her. She quickly rolled over until she was laying on top of him. Inuyasha was unconscious. Part of his hair was sizzled and the back of his shirt had burnt completely off. The smell of burnt flesh and blood hit her nose as she stared down into his face. Her heart was racing in stark terror.

"Inuyasha! Inuyasha!" She screamed his name over and over. "No, no no," she mumbled in near hysterics. "I can't go through this again!" The memory of that day was still fresh in her mind. "Inuyasha? Don't you dare leave me again," she cried and bent down to kiss him. She didn't care what was happening around her. She only knew that if he died again, she was going to go with him.

Inuyasha eyes opened the minute her soft warm lips touched his. A strange pulse, the sound of a slow steady heartbeat, began to beat between them. It was all coming back to him now. He remembered everything. The memories of his past were like a movie flashing through his brain. His old job, the first time he met Kagome, Sesshoumaru, his friends, his enemies, the war, his death, the afterlife, the choice he had been given…Kagome.

He had wanted to come back to her more than anything else. He'd been told that if he did come back there was no guarantee he would be with Kagome. He hadn't cared. He had been willing to take the risk to be together with his Kagome again. He knew if she was alive that he'd find her somehow even if he didn't remember her and she would be his again. She was his soul mate; nothing could keep them apart. He gently pulled her back to stare into her eyes.

Kagome eyes glazed over. Something was happening to her. Memories she didn't remember having were flashing before her eyes. Memories of the life she had now. By the time it was over, she knew who she was in this life and her previous one. She felt like a new person, but was still aware of who she would always be.

"Kagome…" She heard Inuyasha say her name. She gasped when she looked into his eyes. Those golden eyes were not the same as before. This time they were full of recognition. They had the same passionate, possessive look Inuyasha had given her before he'd died…She felt a sharp sting on the side of her neck. Her hand automatically came up to cover the spot. Two marks were branded in her skin; she slowly traced the shape of two crescent moons.

"Mine," Inuyasha whispered as his hands tenderly wiped the tears from her cheeks. "You're mine Kagome."

"Yes, I know, my love," Kagome said smiling gently. She didn't know what had happened but she knew the Inuyasha she'd fell in love with was back.

Inuyasha realized they were still in danger. Someone had attacked him and endangered the life of his mate. Whoever it was would not live to see another day. He'd just come back to Kagome as himself, he was not about to go through this shit again. Inuyasha stood up pushing Kagome behind him as he faced his new foe. He glanced around for Sango to see if she was okay and sighed with relief when he saw Miroku holding her.

"You bastard, it's about time you got here," Inuyasha yelled at him.

Miroku continued to try to hold on to Sango as she struggled to get out of his arms. "Sorry about that, got held up in traffic during the wolf fight." He shouted back and turned to Sango with a huge grin. "So you're his new partner. I always knew we'd meet again."

"Put me down you crazy pervert! Now is not the time!" Sango yelled, her face red as he held her in his arms bridal style. Somehow, his hands still managed to rub her derriere. He'd saved her life and not a minute too late. She'd been standing there watching the fire make a path straight for her and suddenly he was there, standing in front of her and sucking up the fire into his hand. She could hardly believe what she was seeing.

Miroku let her go making sure she slowly slid down his body. She frowned up at him. He gave her that annoying but sexy, lecherous grin before turning back to their enemy just in time to see another wave of fire coming at them.

"Incoming!" He yelled and opened his palm again.

This time Sango got a good look at the black hole in his hand as it quickly sucked in the fire before it could do any harm to them. She stared in fascination. Was he a demon? He sure seemed to be taking their situation lightly. He closed it when the fire disappeared and blew the smoke from his fingers. "I'm on fire for you baby!" He pointed to her with a finger and winked.

Sango's mouth nearly dropped open. This guy was too much…

"Miroku stop fucking around and help me find the bastard who's trying to kill us!" Inuyasha yelled, annoyed at Miroku flirting at a time like this. "Sango take Kagome to a safe place away from here." His eyes narrowed as he sniffed the air trying to locate the scent of the soon to be dead beings. The fight with Koga must have attracted their true enemies.

Miroku grabbed Sango and pulled her close to him. "A sweet kiss before I go my beautiful lady. It's all I ask in return for saving your life." He kissed her before she could pull away from him. Miroku had only meant to give her a quick flirtatious kiss before he left. He wasn't expecting it to be an earth shattering experience, but that's exactly what he got the moment his lips touched hers.

A strong pulse began to beat between them, the sound of a slow heart beat.

It was all coming back to him now. His failure to protect Sango, her betrayal in joining Naraku's side, his death by her hands, the choice he had been given. For a moment, everything around him was forgotten and nothing mattered but her. By some miracle, he'd gotten her back. He could hardly believe she was in his arms, where she belonged, and he would never ever let her go.

Sango felt horrible as the memories came flooding back. She knew what had happened. She knew what she had done to the one man who had managed to steal her heart. Tears flowed down her cheeks as he kissed her deeply. She knew he still loved her and she couldn't understand why. When he pulled away from her, they stared into each other eyes as if seeing each other for the first time. Miroku gently wiped away the tears from her face. He knew why she was crying and he didn't care. He kissed her forehead tenderly.

"Miroku watch out!" Inuyasha yelled as another wave of fire came at the two. Miroku raised his arm without even turning around and sucked it into his air void.

Sango stared up at him and watched the love and tenderness gradually disappear from his dark eyes to be replaced with something cold and sinister. The demon was back. And he was furious that anyone would dare to threaten the life of his love. "Get out of here, Sango and take Kagome with you. We'll handle this," he said referring to himself and Inuyasha.

Sango nodded and turned for Kagome just in time to see her running away from Inuyasha toward the group of people who were charging straight for them.

"What the fuck?" She heard Inuyasha's shock yell.

It was all happening so fast, Sango could only stand there in shock along with Miroku as Kagome dodged the fire by jumping over it, twisting in the air and landing on her feet. Kagome dived head on into the group of assassins. Bodies started flying everywhere.

Inuyasha shook his head roughly and blinked. When did Kagome learn how to fight like this? When did she learn karate? What the hell was going on? It certainly didn't seem like she needed his help fighting the humans. She was disposing them faster than they could make a move on her. Still, his protective instincts to his mate, made him growl in anger at the danger she was putting herself in.

'Humans,' Kagome thought as she moved through them gracefully and smoothly. 'So easy to defeat.' She would always be faster, stronger than they, thanks to the added powers she'd received when she mated with Inuyasha. Before she realized who she was, who she belong with, she had only the skills Koga had taught her, but not the supernatural strength to defeat the strongest human. And now…she laughed, the adrenaline coursing through her blood, her eyes glowing with youkai fire, as she lifted two men by their necks and swung them fifteen feet away from her. She was suddenly knocked down on her back by a cat youkai. The woman hissed at her angrily showing her fangs. Her tail twitched in the air as she raised her claws to do some serious damage to Kagome's throat. Kagome couldn't push her off no matter how hard she tried. Suddenly, the youkai was ripped away from her with a loud "Meow!"

Inuyasha lifted Kagome in his arms and glared at her. "I don't know how the hell you learned to fight like that, but you forgot that even though you're stronger than any human, you will never be as strong as a youkai." He turned to the others to see Miroku and Sango quickly dispatching the last of the assassins.

Sango were knocking them out with her boomerang, a much better way to meet their fates than at the hands of Miroku who were sucking them up into his wind tunnel like flies.

"I don't have time for this," Miroku said after ten minutes. He finished off the last assassin and turned to look for her.

"She's gone Miroku," Inuyasha told him still holding Kagome.

"That fast?" Miroku asked in surprised as he looked around to see where she'd disappeared to. Sighing when he saw no signs of her, he walked over to Kagome and took her hand in his. "Thank you, for everything," he kissed her hand gently and smiled at her. "We will talk later, right now, I have to find my woman."

Kagome nodded and looked up at Inuyasha who was watching her closely.

"We got a lot to talk about, but first…" He grinned the lustful smile of predator. "Seeing you fight that way was a huge turn on, Kagome. Beautiful, violent, sexy…gods…I want you!"

"Eeek!" Kagome screeched and held on fast as Inuyasha sped off to some unknown place. Obviously, he didn't think it was safe to be in their apartment for now.

Sango packed her suitcase as fast as she could. She was in a state of panic. The memories of what she had done played a thousand times in her head. She couldn't face him…not now, maybe not ever. Why…why had it happened this way? The decision she had made had not included him in her life. She slammed the suitcase shut and grabbed the handle determine to leave this town and everything behind her, including her friends. She wasn't prepared to see Miroku standing in front of her door when she walked into the living room. His dark eyes glanced at her, and then at the suitcase she was carrying. He raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

"Going somewhere, love?"

Sango frowned. "How did you get in here? How do you know where I live?"

Miroku smirked. "Did you forget? This is the same apartment you lived in before…" he stopped when he saw her wince. Sighing, he walked over to her and took the suitcase from her hand. "Did you think I'd just let you leave me?"

Sango stared down at the floor. She couldn't look at him.

"The Sango I know has never run from anything in her life. Why are you running from me now?"

"Because, I've never killed the man I loved," Sango whispered, her hands balled into fists as she continued to stare at the floor.

Miroku picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

"W…what are you doing?"

Miroku laid her down on the bed and began to take off her boots.

"Miroku!" Sango moved away from him and stood up now barefoot.

Still he said nothing, as he walked to her and cornered her against the wall.

"What the hell are you doing?" She shouted at him.

"Picking up where we left off. I believe I was suppose to bring you from the hospital and take you to my place, but this will do."


She closed her eyes as he began to place tender kisses on her face. "You fail to realize that I still love you."

"How can you after what I did?" Sango whispered.

"I tell you what, if you can forgive me for failing to protect you from Naraku, I'll forgive you for killing me," Miroku said lightly.

Sango looked up at him. "How can you say that so easily?"

"I got you to look at me didn't I?"

Sango blinked.

He stared into her eyes and wiped away the tears from her cheeks. "I love you."

"I stabbed you with my own hands in cold blood. How can you stand there and say I love you?"

"Because I know that person was not you. Sango, I should be the one asking you to forgive me for failing to protect you from Naraku. The things…he must have done to you. The pain you must have suffered. I saw your eyes. Your soul…was gone." He leaned his head against hers and took in a deep breath as he held her tightly.

Sango could feel his body trembling as if he was trying to get control of himself. Her arms tightened around his waist. He was blaming himself for everything that happened.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, my love. I failed to protect you. I feel as if I don't deserve to be with you and yet, I will never let you go. There is no one else for me but you Sango. When I was given the choice, I took it without a second thought. I came back knowing the risk that you wouldn't remember me or even be in this new life, but I was hoping to find a way around that. I was given the choice of changing something in my life. I chose to erase what happened. The building that we worked in never blew up, your life was never in danger. I thought by changing that one thing, that life would be the same for us, but it wasn't, everything changed. I kept my job, my powers, but you didn't remember me and I didn't remember you."

"I…was given the same choice. I chose not to remember you. I wished I had never met you at all, that way I couldn't remember the horrible things I had done to you and neither could you. I thought I was doing the right thing by making that decision."

Miroku looked at her in surprise before his expression turned serious. "You will never get rid of me that easily, Sango. I'll always find a way back to you, one way or another."

She looked up at him in wonder and closed her eyes as if trying to block everything out. Miroku watched her and frowned. He would not lose her. He would not let her shut him out. His hands gently ran up the sides of her face before pulling her to him.

Sango was unprepared for the passionate kiss Miroku gave her. Her arms came up against his chest to push him away. He pulled them down and wrapped his arms around her tighter pinning them to her sides. One hand came up to run through her hair that fell loosely around her shoulders after he'd pushed away the clasped that held it up. His kiss deepened rendering away her resistance. It was demanding, passionate and full of love. Miroku wasn't holding back and she was helpless against him. She felt her knees going weak. He picked her up and laid her on the bed.

"Miroku…what are you doing?" She asked as he began to take off her clothes.

"Something I should have done a long time ago, making you mine." Those were the last words he spoke to her that night and he stayed true to his word. He made her his…over and over again.

The Next Day

Kagome opened her eyes and looked around in confusion. For a moment, she'd forgotten where she was until she moved. She winced slightly from the soreness in her body.


Last night had been…incredible. She glanced at him sleeping beside her. His arms and legs draped possessively over her body. She stared at the torn red satin sheets that half covered their naked bodies and thought about last night. Inuyasha had taken her to a very nice hotel and into a world filled with ecstasy. Was it illegal to have so many orgasms in one night? There had been one disturbance in their romantic night. She'd forgotten to take out the little spy device that was clipped onto her tooth. Inuyasha had somehow gotten the thing in his mouth while he was kissing her and choked on it. She'd spent three minutes pounding his back to get it out of his throat. A quirky smiled spread across her face at the memory.

"That's what I like to see in the morning; my woman with a huge satisfied grin on her face," Inuyasha teased as he propped himself up on one arm.

Kagome laughed at the smug smile on his face. He was still as arrogant as ever. She hoped he would never change. "We have a lot to talk about. You didn't even give me a chance to say anything last night." It was true. As soon as he opened the door to their room, he'd carried Kagome straight to the bed and proceeded to make hot passionate love to her throughout the entire night until they passed out from exhaustion.

Inuyasha moved his shoulders around as he sat up and reached behind his back to rub the scratches that were beginning to itch. "Ah, hell, Kagome, you got some sharp fingernails, you know that?"

Kagome's face turned a dark shade of red. She knew she had been just as wild as he had but he didn't have to talk about it! "That's not what I'm talking about!" She yelled out quickly and frowned when he began to chuckle at her embarrassment.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about, it's not like you haven't went wild on me before."

Kagome threw a pillow in his face. He continued to laugh softly.

"Inuyasha, how did you become an assassin? It was bad enough you were in the mafia!"

"You're the one to talk, Kagome. What were you doing hanging around Koga? He's an assassin too." Inuyasha pointed out suddenly becoming serious. What had she been doing with Koga?

"I'll explain my part as soon as you tell me yours," Kagome said.

Inuyasha dragged her across the bed into his arms. "No, you are going to tell me why you were with that wolf before I decide to find him and pound the truth out of him myself." It had disturbed him before he got his memories back, but now he was steaming with jealousy and possessiveness. "You're going to tell me everything, Kagome. Don't leave a single thing out," he said as if in a warning.

Kagome stared at him for a few moments knowing he was serious. She hadn't really thought how Inuyasha would react to knowing she and Koga had spent so much time together. She gave him a warm smile and kissed his lips softly. "Nothing happened between us. I wouldn't let it. I met Koga one day when I was attacked by a group of youkai. He rescued me and I was impressed by the way he fought. I asked him to teach me self-defense. He did more than that. He introduced me to Rin and taught me karate. I eventually ended up joining their team. I thought it was exciting and Koga never let me get hurt on any of the missions. I never told Sango about it because it was a secret. I had no idea she was also working as an assassin."

"So you're an assassin too?" Inuyasha asked not liking what he heard at all.

"I don't remember ever killing anyone. I remember disguising myself and doing a lot of spying and bring back information to Koga."

She could feel his body gradually relaxing. "I grew up in the same house, in the same neighborhood with the same family. The only thing that changed was that Shippou lived next to me and obviously I still knew Sango and Rin."

"Shippou? That little squirt! How he end up being with you before I even met you?" Inuyasha asked annoyed.

Kagome couldn't help but giggle. "Inuyasha, there's something you should know. After you died…" she paused for a moment, saying that word would always be difficult for her.

Inuyasha immediately held her tighter and planted warm kisses down her face and neck until he felt her relax against him. His hands came down to rub her stomach soothingly.

"I sort of lost it," Kagome continued. "I didn't want to live. I wouldn't eat or leave my room. All I wanted to do was just curl up in my bed and fade away."

"Kagome," Inuyasha whispered in her ear. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I know what it must have felt like. If you had been the one to leave me behind, I would have taken the same fate as Sesshoumaru. You were a lot stronger than me, there was no way I could have held on to life without you in it."

"That's just it, Inuyasha! I didn't want to live. I was not strong. I wanted to die. Shippou, he never left my side. He was always there talking to me, giving me the support I needed, the courage I needed to continue to live. I am sorry for what I put him through."

"So Shippou took care of you?" Inuyasha asked pleasantly surprised.

"If if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have lived long enough to find out about the truth behind the shikon no tama."

"Well I guess the squirt is good for something after all," Inuyasha said. He was beginning to have a new respect for Shippou, although he would never in his life let him know that.

"When I woke up to this world, it seemed as if my current spirit had been shifted to a new me. It was as if I had taken over the person I was suppose to be in this world which is why I didn't remember what sort of life I led here. Everything was so different, I felt so alone especially when you didn't remember me." She frowned, picked up a pillow and whacked him hard upside the head.

"Hey!" Inuyasha yelled out as he fell sideways on the bed.

"How could you have forgotten about me?" Kagome yelled. She suddenly burst out in tears. It had hurt so deeply when he had looked at her as if she was a stranger.

Inuyasha stared at her. His heart ached at the pain in her voice. He sat up slowly and reached for her. "Kagome," he pulled her close and cradled her in his arms. "You must have been through hell. I don't know why my brain forgot you, but I can tell you this, my heart didn't. When you knocked on my door and I saw you, I thought I was going crazy. My feelings for you were still there just as intense as ever and I couldn't understand why I was having those feelings for someone I had never met before. But, by the end of last night, I knew you belonged to me. I realized the reason I had been acting so possessive when Koga tried to steal you away was because I had found my mate. Why do you think I said let's go home? I sure as hell wasn't talking about yours."

Kagome listened to his words, the pain in her heart heard slowly fading away. He had no idea how happy she was to hear his version of their meeting. She hadn't known what was going through his head when he'd treated her so rudely at his apartment. She snuggled against him listening to his strong heartbeat.

Inuyasha rubbed his hands up and down her arms gently and kissed her forehead. For some reason, he wanted to make it up to her, for everything that happened. "Are you okay?" He asked softly.

She nodded and sniffed.

"I'm sorry Kagome. I'm so sorry for everything I put you through."

"It's not your fault," Kagome said. "All of us took a chance when we chose this new life. I was warned that you might not remember me. I just wasn't prepared for it to actually happen."

"What was the choice you made?" Inuyasha asked wanting to know.

"I just wanted all of my friends to have a second chance at life and for you and me to have a second chance at being together again. I was told that we would all have a new life but we might not be together in it."

Inuyasha nodded. "I was given a choice, a complicated one. I had to change something in my life from my past so I could start it over with a new one. I chose to stop working for the mafia. I didn't want to put your life in danger if I met you again."

Kagome slowly raised up to look at him. "So instead, you decided to become an assassin? Oh yes, I can see how that's much safer than working in the mafia." She glared at him.

Inuyasha gave a short hesitant laugh and scratched the back of his head. "Um…well…once I made that decision I was suddenly zapped into my new life. I didn't remember anything after that. Once again, found myself working for Sesshoumaru except this time as an assassin."

"Leave," Kagome demanded.

"I wish it was that easy. I can't just walk away like any normal job. My enemies will always know who I am. Even if I did quit, they would never leave me alone. I'm so fucking stupid…I wanted to be with you again and keep you out of danger and here I am again, in another life endangering you by just being with you."

"I just don't want anything to happen to you," Kagome said. "Your last job got you killed. I couldn't stand to go through that again, Inuyasha. In life or death, you will not leave me behind again. I'm coming right along with you."

Inuyasha stared down at her. He knew she meant it and it scared the crap out of him. Kagome was willing to take her own life if anything happened to him. He would never allow that, but if he did ended up getting killed how could he stop her?

"I'll quit," he said changing his mind. "I will do anything to keep you safe. We'll move far away from here perhaps to another country, fake our deaths, make a new life for ourselves. I couldn't stand it if you suffered the same fate as I did." He held her tightly against him.

Sesshoumaru's Mansion

Rin stood in the guest room fixing her hair in the mirror. Everyone was suppose to be here tonight. She saw Sesshoumaru's reflection in the mirror before he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He pulled her against his chest and kissed her neck softly. Their memories had come back in the midst of his seduction. Sesshoumaru had fed her, given her a bath and then taken her to his bed. She'd resisted, at first. After all, she didn't know him. All she knew was this strange powerful demon was about to seduce her and she was not going to let him, but her resistance against him ended quickly when he'd kissed her. Memories of their past flooded their minds. She had tried to pull away to talk to him, but Sesshoumaru did not let her go. He'd kissed her like a starving man who'd just gotten his hands on a gourmet meal. He'd taken her so many times she'd lost count. It was as if he couldn't get enough of her. Rin had so many powerful orgasms from his demanding need for her that she thought she would die. Her body had fell limply on the bed, too weak to move as Sesshoumaru kissed her tenderly and held her close to him. She didn't even remember falling asleep.

"Rin," he said her name in a deep sexy voice that sent shivers down her body. "Did I hurt you last night?"

She could hear the concern in his voice and quickly sought to soothe him. "No, my love. You brought me unimaginable pleasure."

Sesshoumaru hands trailed down her body and rested on her stomach. "I am sorry if I did." The demon inside of him and he, himself, had taken her last night. Both trying to forget the images of her dying in his arms, both trying to bury the disgusting feeling of helplessness as her spirit left her body. He was the most powerful demon in the city, and yet what was the use of having all that power if he couldn't save the one he loved?

Rin turned in his arm to stare into his golden eyes knowing exactly what he was thinking. She knew why he'd taken her so forcefully last night. He acted as if he was afraid she would slip away from him again. It was as if he was trying to reassure himself that she was actually there in his arms, alive. When their memories had come back, it was as if everything had just happened that same day.

"Sess, stop it," she caressed the side of his face. "I'm here, my love. I'll always be here with you."

"Swear to me you will never leave me again," Sesshoumaru took her hand and kissed it. "Swear it," he demanded softly.

"I swear I will never leave you, I promise," Rin said bending forward to kiss him. She knew she couldn't stop death, but she said it anyway to please him.

She gasped in surprise when she saw the others standing in the doorway.

"Oh don't mind us, carry on," Inuyasha drawled out teasingly. He grinned at Kagome and gave her a slight push into the room wondering why she was acting so shy all of a sudden. She'd been that way with Miroku and Sango. Besides, he wanted to know if Rin would react the same way Sango had when they saw each other again.

Rin stepped away from Sesshoumaru and stared at Kagome for a while before tears sprung into her eyes. The girls ran to each other and hugged each other tightly in a small group. Yep, just as he suspected. What was wrong with them? They were acting as if they hadn't seen each other in years when they had had just left each other last night. Women, he'd never understand them.

Miroku walked in with a huge grin on his face. He hadn't stop smiling since they'd arrived. Inuyasha knew he and Sango were finally together. Kagome confirmed it when she complimented on Sango's glowing face. Miroku had laughed and kissed Sango when her face turned pink. He walked over and stood beside Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru stood on his other side as they watch their women talk.

"Congratulations," Sesshoumaru told Inuyasha. "You'll make a fine father."

"Was that a compliment? Dying did you some good after all," Inuyasha teased. "Congratulations yourself, you old dog."

"Am I missing out on something here?" Miroku asked looking confused.

Inuyasha grinned. "We are going to be fathers," he said low enough so the girls wouldn't hear him.

"How can you tell?" Miroku looked fascinated.

"Youkai know these things," Sesshoumaru said.

Inuyasha nudged Miroku in the side with his elbow. "Sango wasn't glowing for nothing. There was more to it than you thought."

Miroku spit out the drink Sesshoumaru had poured and gave to him. He stared in disbelief at Inuyasha who grinned and Sesshoumaru who merely nodded.

"Rin, I'm curious. What was Sesshoumaru's wish?" Kagome asked after they'd finished their emotional greeting.

"He wished he had never started the mafia. He didn't want to put me in danger again."

Kagome raised an eyebrow. "Oh really, so instead he decides to run an assassination organization? You know, sometimes I forget he's Inuyasha's brother until he does something like this. Inuyasha wished for the same thing."

Rin laughed softly.

"What did you wish for Rin?" Sango asked.

"I only wanted to be with Sesshoumaru again. No matter what it took. It's funny how I almost ended up with him the same way we met in our past life."

They turned around to see the guys watching them. The men raised their drinks towards them and smiled.

"Look at them," Kagome said, "standing over there so smug. They actually think we don't know we're pregnant."

Rin smiled.

Sango's mouth dropped open. "We're pregnant?"

"Yes, dear. We're all very pregnant," Rin smiled again.

"But how do you know?"

"Our wonderful husbands forget that we have half their powers and can sense these things as well as they can. After all, these are our bodies." Kagome said.

"No, I think our bodies belong to them," Rin joked at the possessiveness of their mates.

Shippou came into the room huffing from running. "Sorry! I didn't mean to be late. I was taking a nap and forgot the time."

"Hey there you little squirt!" Inuyasha teased.

"I think that's his new nickname for you," Kagome said laughing.

"I don't like it," Shippou frowned at Inuyasha.

"I knew you wouldn't…Squirt…" Inuyasha said it again just to annoy him.

"Leave him alone," Kagome said and gave Shippou a big hug.

Shippou stared nervously at Inuyasha expecting him to come over and break them up. He was shocked when he didn't move. "Kagome, I'm so glad we got our memories back. When you called me, I was wondering if I was going crazy. There I was in my apartment about to eat some noodles when I got this horrible headache and everything that I'd forgotten came back at once."

Kagome nodded. "A kiss brought our memories back. I suppose everyone who had known us in our past life got their memories back too."

"What about Naraku and Kikyo?" Shippou wanted to know although he dreaded the answer.

"Naraku and Kikyo don't exist in this world," Sesshoumaru replied. "I did a thorough check through every country for their names."

Shippou sighed in relief and turned back to Kagome. He suddenly pulled away from her. "Kagome…you're!"

"Very hungry," Kagome interrupted him. She leaned over and whispered in his ear. "I know I'm pregnant, but Inuyasha doesn't know that I know, so I'm playing along."

Shippou laughed. "I missed you guys. I'm so happy we're finally together again. I…have my family back." He said with a blush.

"Awww." The girls gathered around him and hugged him. Inuyasha scoffed, Miroku chuckled and Sesshoumaru watched them quietly. A hint of a smile played across his lips.

The End.

A/N: Writing this story was the biggest challenge I've had in a long time because it was the first Inuyasha fanfiction I'd ever written. It was fun, it was frustrating, it drove me crazy at times, and I loved every moment of it. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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