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*Rated T for Teen

Author's Note – Wow! A marriage proposal drabble collection! Who'd have thought of that?

Summary: Marriage Proposal Drabble Collection! This set of ten separate One-Shots features Seto proposing to Joey in ten very different ways. Enjoy!


Joey sighed halfheartedly as he wandered into the Game Shop, his keys dangling in his hand, somehow matching the pitch of the ping that signaled he'd entered the shop.

"Hey, Joey! What's up?" Yugi greeted cheerfully from the counter.

"I think I got a problem," the blond replied glumly.


"Ya see…Seto's been a bit distant the past few days and…I don't know what I did to upset him."

"Are you sure he's upset with you? He could be down about something with his company. Did you ask him what was wrong?"

"I tried! But whenever I went up to him to talk about it, he just got all gloomy-like and said he had to go to work!" Joey exclaimed, tossing his keys onto the counter. "I don't know what to do!"

It was Yugi's turn to sigh and he averted his gaze to the counter. Why did the brunet have to be so difficult? Why couldn't he—

"Joey, what's that?" Yugi asked suddenly, pointing at Joey's keys.

"What's what?" he replied, gazing at the keys splayed on the countertop. A flash of gold caught his eye. "What is that? I never put that there!"

"Joey, I…I think it's a ring. Is it an engagement ring?" Yugi stammered in realization.

"Have ya been sniffin' cards again Yugi? Cuz there's no way Seto would—"

"Then why is 'My Puppy' inscribed inside the band?"

The blond snatched the keys from Yugi and examined the ring. Sure, it was just a simple gold band, but sure enough, inscribed on the inside was 'My Puppy.' Joey felt himself melt inside. But…was Seto actually meaning to propose?

Joey stormed into the mansion, then he stormed up the stairs, then he stormed into Seto's office, and then he stormed right up to his desk. "What's this?" the blond inquired, thrusting the gold ring in front of Seto's face.

The brunet's hands faltered on the keys of his laptop, his blue eyes shooting up to meet the blond's blazing amber ones. "You found it."

"Found it? It was on my keychain! How could I not find it?" exclaimed Joey.

"Puppy…it's been there for about a week. I was getting worried. I thought you'd found it but refused to say anything, so I kept my distance. Had I known you were actually so oblivious, I'd have done this differently," commented the brunet as he rose from his seat. He walked around the desk so that he stood before Joey and took the ring from his hand.

"Done what differently?" his Puppy asked, confused.

Seto smiled and slipped the ring onto Joey's ring finger. It was a perfect fit. "Will you marry me, Puppy?"

"What?" the blond gasped. "Y-Ya want t-to m-marry me?"

"I do. Will you marry me?" Seto repeated.

Joey just gaped like a fish for a few moments before he threw his arms around the brunet's neck, startling him. "Yes! Of course I wanna marry ya!"

"Good. Because I wasn't taking 'no' for an answer," he smirked, pulling his Puppy in for a heated kiss.