Trunks and Marron

A DBZ/Married with Children crossover type-thing

-to the tune of the "Married with Children" theme song-

Trunks and Marron,

Trunks and Marron,

They go together like Goten and Paris

Not-a pedophile..

Does not like Pan-she's just a


He's twentyeight,

Jailbait . Jailbait.


She's fourteeeeeenn….

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the mentioned characters, nor shows, nor tunes.

I don't know what inspired this; insomnia? Well, it's 7:22 am and I have yet to fall asleep, though I've just layed down approximatley two hours ago. Oh well. Are you still reading this?

Normally I refer to Goten's girfriend as "Palace", (the girl has like five different names!) but for the sake of the slant rhyme, I chose to go with "Paris" instead.

"Marron" "Paris" –it just fit better. ^ ^