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This was supposed to turn into a one-shot, but I feel like making more chapters... I also have this weird fetish with frogs. That's where the title comes from. There's a good reason... but it's dumb.

Anyway, enjoy... and this is TAITO!!!!! Yay for Taito!

Say Bye to the Frog
Frog Hunting
by Sapphire Goddess

I feel like I'm in elementary.

Tai chuckled and lead Matt through the mucky marshes. It wasn't his best friend's choice to be doing this project on frogs, let alone work with him. It's not that Matt didn't want to work with Tai, but whenever they did work on a project together, odd things always seemed to happen and things went wrong.

Their last chemistry project ended up with Matt having pink hair for a week. That did not go over well at school! Tai wasn't sure if Matt would ever forgive him for messing that experiment up.

In their sex education class, they had to give a presentation to the class on how to put a condom on. Somehow the people sitting in desks at the front of the class ended up with bananas on their faces.

After many more projects worked on together with many accidents, Matt wasn't so sure he wanted to work with Tai anymore. Something always seemed to happen.

Oh, I see one!

Catch it! Hurry up! Matt exclaimed, walking still.

Tai was running after it, splashing mucky water around that almost hit Matt.

Watch the hair!

Do you want me to catch it or not?

Matt grumbled. Yes. But must you make a mess in the process?

Tai snorted, walking back towards Matt. Like this? he asked, stomping on a small puddle.

Matt shrieked when the water soaked his right leg. Tai! That was not funny!

I believe it was, Tai said with a grin.

Matt was still looking at his leg for a moment until he looked up. I'm going to get you for that!

Tai snorted again and began to run away as Matt chased him. They ran for a few moments, laughing as they splashed water at each other. Matt slipped in a muddy spot and grabbed Tai's arm as he fell. When Matt opened his eyes, he was laying on his back and staring into Tai's eyes.

You okay?

Matt nodded, gulping in a bit of air. He suddenly felt as if he couldn't breathe... Tai was so close... so very close...

Tai nodded and got off, helping Matt to his feet in the process. He looked at Matt and suddenly began laughing.

What are you laughing at? Matt asked defensively, but couldn't help smiling slightly.

Just look at you! You're covered in mud! I don't think I've ever seen you so dirty before. The Oh Great Ishida' has mud in his hair...

Tai went on and on while Matt snorted. Only with you, Tai. Only with you do these things happen.

C'mon, let's get you home. I know that you're probably itching to get outta those clothes.

Matt became defensive again. I'm fine! Let's just find these frogs so we can do our experiments.

Tai asked, wearing a look of confusion on his face.

Yes. Remember? We need to conduct some sort of experiment for bio. Therefore we will––

Tai began laughing again.

Now what?

You said

Matt slapped his forehead. It's for these reasons why I feel like I'm in elementary.

Tai frowned for a split second––which Matt had noticed––and quickly hushed Matt. I hear something...

Matt listened and could also hear what Tai was: a croak. Tai suddenly rushed past Matt and leaped to the ground, throwing down a small net.

Caught ya!

Matt smile and jumped up slightly. Finally, we got one!

Tai nodded and carefully put it in this small cage with a bit of the mud and water from their surrounding area.

Now we just need to find some tadpoles and we're all set, Tai said.

Matt nodded, beginning to follow Tai again. Look at you! Now you're all muddy again! He was attempting to be funny since he sensed that Tai was being too serious, maybe because of what Matt said earlier.

Tai turned and smiled, causing Matt to become a bit speechless. When Tai gave one of those smiles of his––his cheeky ones––Matt always felt his heart skip a beat.

I think I see another frog. Might as well try catching it.

Then you go get it! Matt exclaimed, pointing.

Tai laughed. If you say so, oh-so-God-like Matt.

Matt and Tai broke out into fits of laughter.


There will be more of this definitely! Um how is it so far? I'm going for sappy, fluffy Taito, which I haven't really ever written before, so am I doing okay?