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Say Bye to the Frog
Thing For You

We do flirt... We flirt a lot.

Matt laughed, a bitter laugh. So now you've realized that! Well what are you going to do about it?

Maybe... maybe I'll kiss you, Tai replied, trying to sound confident.

I doubt you will.

Because you don't like me back. It came out as a bitter sob and a whisper at the same time. Matt's eyes darted away when he said this, almost not wanting to hear Tai's response. D-do you want some popcorn?

Why do you always do that?

Matt looked up. Do what?

Change the subject just as we're getting somewhere!

What do you mean getting somewhere'?

Tai sighed and shook his head. Just forget it.

No, Tai, I want to know what you mean! Matt yelled.

You can't handle it! Tai spat angrily.

Now what do you mean? Matt asked, throwing his arms up in the air. You keep saying this bizarre stuff and I have no idea what you're getting at!

Well you're the one who who doesn't think I like you back!

I... never said... that, Matt said slowly, realizing that just a minute ago he blew his secret. He closed his eyes and tried fighting back the tears in his eyes. He probably just lost his best friend...

You assume too much, Tai said, shaking his head.

Matt opened his eyes. I have the right to! You... I... When he couldn't think of anything to say, he gave a frustrated sigh and took a step back.

Don't get so bent out of shape, Tai said casually.

Excuse me?! Are you ever listening to what I'm saying?! Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? Tai, you can be so-

Tai gently pushed Matt back onto the couch, laying on top of him, trying to hush him. He felt Matt go rigid, but forced the blonde to look at him in the eye.

And for your information, I do!

What do you do? Matt asked quietly, swallowing.

Like you back.

You like me back? Matt asked, his voice tiny, like a whisper of a small child.

Tai nodded, unsure of what to say or do next.

You're not just lying? Because if you are-

I wouldn't lie about something like this. Even if I am a jerk.

You aren't a jerk, Matt said.

Tai shrugged and leaned down, giving a small smile before he pressed his lips gently against Matt's. Two pale hands found there way around a tan skinned neck, deepening the kiss further. After a moment, Tai pulled away, pressing his forehead against Matt's.

I'm sorry for not telling you sooner, he said.

I am too, Matt said quietly.

Tai leaned down once more, closing the gap between their lips. His hand found Matt's waist and slowly his hands worked in rubbing the tender skin.

Matt's hand tangled itself into Tai's wild hair, and as he felt Tai undoing the zipper of his pants, all he could feel was that nothing was better.


To think, you're the one who brought this all on. I think I should thank you.

Kermit didn't do anything but stare at his owner. If Matt didn't know any better, he'd think the frog was a snob.

Matt tilted his head, getting a better look at the green creature. Thanks little buddy, he whispered, setting him back into the cage.

It was now Sunday evening and Tai was long gone. Matt didn't really want him to leave, but his parents finally said it was enough and made him come home. After all, Tai did spend two nights in a row there.

At the moment, Matt was on cloud nine, and yet, was in a state of disbelief. Who knew the weekend would lead to something like this?

Matt sighed and laid in his bed, ready to go to sleep. Sleep wasn't coming, though, and he wish it would because in the morning, he would be with Tai once more.


Thank you for your rather... interesting presentation, Miss Yui said, motioning for the two girls to sit down.

Who's next? the young woman asked, scanning the room. I believe Kenta and Naoki are.

The two boys sitting in the back gave a loud groan and began making there way to the front of the class. As their presentation began, Matt glanced over at Tai, blushing as Tai gave his famous cheeky grin.

The pair had already presented their project, and most people didn't pay any attention to it. Fawning over how cute the frog is was more interesting than actually hearing what they had to say. They did, however, receive a huge applaud at the end!

Tai turned back to Kermit, who was sitting on his desk inside his cage. He began taping the glass, making funny faces that caused Matt to begin giggling.

Mr. Yagami, let's stop fawning over the frog, please, Miss Yui scolded.

Tai gave a sheepish grin and watched the rest of the presentation. Finally, the two boys went to sit down and Miss Yui began speaking.

These were wonderful projects and the only ones to get under an A+ were Ryota and Daiki for their overuse of the F-word.

In the back you could hear two boys swearing at this comment and the rest of the class laughed in good humor.

The bell finally rung, leaving Matt and Tai to collect their stuff and go home.

Now what?

What do you mean? Matt asked.

What are we going to do with Kermit now that we're finished the project? Tai asked, holding the cage up.

Actually, I wouldn't mind keeping him, Matt said.

Oh, do you admit you love the little guy now?

More than you! Matt teased.

Tai laughed. I love you too, Matt. I love you too.


I was going to have them release the frog at the end, but who would want to release something as adorable as Kermit? I mean seriously, that would be inhumane!