Snow fell down all around the Norwegian capital. The trees blew gently in the wind, and all was covered in a thin sheet of snow.

A coach pulled up in front of the Oslo Arena. The coach was painted in the colours of the German flag, and stood out immeadiatly in the blizzard around them.

"Why do you pack so much crap, Lena?" Stefan Raab snapped as he took a lampshade out of the boot of the coach.

Lena simply giggled and went into the Oslo Arena entrance, into the main hall, where most of the other entries where waiting, the others were around the stadium practising.

Harel Skaat was sitting on a chair by himself, most of the other acts had their support with them by now.

The Israeli cast an uneasy look at the German, perhaps reminded of the events that took place so long ago.

Mistaking this threatening glance as a friendly hello, Lena went over and sat on the chair next to him.

"Hello!" Lena beamed.

"H...hello..." said the Israeli uneasily.

"Nice to meet you!" Lena smiled at Harel.

"Uh.. nice to meet you too,"

Just then, Stefan burst through the door.

"Hey everyone!" Stefan said as he made his way to where Lena and Harel were.

Stefan noticed the menacing gaze he received from the Israeli, and suggested to Lena that perhaps it was time to leave and go and practise on the stage.

"But we've only just met!" Lena protested.

"No no, it's quite alright," Harel said, giving another piercing gaze to Stefan, "You two go right ahead."

"God damn it Stefan!" said Lena, "We still should have time to greet the others!"

"Ah, there's plenty of time for that, come on, this way."

As they were walking to the door, they saw Gjoko Taneski hanging around, talking to the Russian entry.

The friendly but forgettable Macedonian came over to greet them both.

"Hello there!" Gjoko said.

"Hey!" Lena said, "Nice to meet you!"

That was her standard greeting that she used with pretty much everyone.

"I...I really like your entry," Gjoko smiled at her.

"Thanks! I like yours too! Especially the rapping part... that was awesome!"

They both giggled at this comment, until Stefan decided to break up the conversation.

"Look at you both, giggling as if you were teenagers!" Stefan said, "Come on Lena, we only have a certain amount of time to practise! You can talk to your new friends later on!"

"Ok ok," Lena sighed, and she reluctantly followed Stefan.

Both Gjoko Taneski and Peter Nalitch waved until they had both turned in the direction of the stage.

"Now we'll see the stage where you'll be performing," said Stefan, as he lead her out to the stage.

The Greek entry were already there, they could tell from the chants of 'OPA' that could be heard from the distance.

Giorgos Alkaios walked up to them, leaving the other members of his band behind, waiting on the stage.

"Hey!" Lena said to them, "Nice to meet yo-"

"It's our turn to use the stage now," interrupted Stefan.

"Not now you don't," Giorgos hissed, taking up a threatening stance to the two Germans, "By the way, thanks for the bailout."

Stefan could have punched him then and there, but decided against it.

"No no no," Stefan returned the stance, "I said that it's OUR turn to use the stage now."

By this time, the rest of the band had come down from the stage, there were about six of them, all crowded around Stefan and Lena.

"C-Come on Stefan," said Lena, "They can use the stage, let's go and wait in the aquarium and look at the fish while we're waiting..."

And so the two of them went into the aquarium. A whole corridor dedicated to a massive tank of fish. The corridor was dimly lit with a blue-ish light. Fish swam around peacefully between seaweeds and castles.

"You can be so stubborn sometimes," Lena said, tapping on the glass of the aquarium. "You shouldn't get yourself into trouble while you're here..."

"What?" Stefan yelled, "They started it! It was our turn to be on the stage! And then they started making provocative comments! I won't stand for this! If he didn't have his army of super Greeks with him, then I'd show him-"

"Come on," Lena laughed, "You wouldn't even be able to take on one. Don't kid yourself."

Stefan seemed taken aback by this comment.

"I'll complain to the European Broadcasting Agency!" Stefan continued his rant, "God damn Greeks! GOD DAMN!"

"Come on," Lena attempted to calm him down, "It doesn't matter-"

"It does matter!" Stefan said.

"You're shouting all over this place," Lena replied, her smile from before vanished, "No one wants to hear your diatribe."

"Yes... very well..." Stefan quietened down, "Maybe we should leave this empty aquarium and meet some of the other contestants."

"Well, you were right before Stefan," Lena said, watching the fish swim in circles, "We have plenty of time to do that. The effect of this place is so calming, I want to stay..."

"They're only fish, besides, you haven't seen the Serbian entry yet,"

"Really? What's so special about the Serbian entry?"
"It's an absolute joke, and the guy who's singing it looks like a girl." Stefan smiled at his own tasteless joke.

"What? Who said that?" a voice echoed from the distance. They were not alone in this aquarium.

Milan Stankovic looked out from behind one of the glass tanks.

The two Germans looked on in shock. What were the chances that the person they were talking about was right here with them, in this aquarium that seemed so quiet?

"I...I...Is that really what you think?" Milan asked, a geniune concern in his voice.

"" Stefan was at loss for words, he had just learned an important lesson. Never say things about others if you haven't checked who's listening.

"Well?" Milan asked, "Come on. Is that really what you think? Come on, I can take it."

"Err...uh..." Stefan was upset at being caught out.

"Ah, don't listen to them Milan," another voice came from the side of the room.
"How many are there?" Stefan thought to himself.

A man came out wearing a golden jacket, and stood by Milan.
"They're just jealous, I suppose," he said, his golden jacket almost looked like it was glowing in the dark room..

"Hey there!" Lena beamed, always exited at meeting new people, "My name is Lena, nice to meet you!"

"Ah, hey!" said Milan, "I'm Milan Stankovic, the Serbian entry, and this here is Michael von der Heide, Switzerland's entry!"

"Always a pleasure to meet new people," said Michael, shaking Lena's hand, "I've heard lots of good things about you and the German entry this year."

"Why thank you!" said Lena, happily.

"But..." said Milan, pointing at Stefan, "Who is this making comments so rude about me?"

"I'm Stefan Raab," said Stefan, "And... to be honest Milan, sometimes the truth hurts."

"Well... you didn't have to be so blunt about it," said Milan, sadly.

"You just said you could take it! Anyway, I'm truly sorry, I suppose," which was about as much as an apology as one could get out of Stefan.

"Ok... I guess... it doesn't bother me..." Milan looked truly hurt by the comments, despite his claims to the contrary.

"Sorry Milan," said Lena, "He doesn't mean it. He's a big softie when you get to know him."

"No I'm not," Stefan muttered.

Suddenly, one of the blue lights, which had been flickering on and off, suddenly burst back into life. The bright blue light reflected against the Swiss's golden coat.

Everyone shielded their eyes from the bright flourescent glow.

"Ooops," said Michael, "Perhaps this jacket wasn't such a good idea."

"God damn it," snapped Stefan, "You didn't even make it through to the final. Go back to Switzerland, there's no point in you being here."

"Hey," Lena yelled, "Don't be mean! He can stay if he wants! Gjoko Taneski is still here, and he didn't make it through to the final!"

"Gjoko Tan- who?" Stefan asked.

Like I said, friendly, but forgettable.

Suddenly, a crash was heard from outside the aquarium.

The floor shook slightly and the fish swam around in panic.

"What was that?" yelled Milan, as they all ran out of the aquarium and to the stage.

There was now a strange hole in the stage, and no sign of the Greek band.

"This hole looks like it was cut with some sort of saw," said Stefan, looking at the hole.

"Help!" cried a familiar voice from inside the hole of the stage. It was Giorgos Alkaios.

"Haha!" laughed Stefan, "Look who has the upper hand now!"

"Are you so horrible to everyone you meet?" asked Michael.

"What?" Stefan asked, "Oh, no. These guys are twats. We've met them before, haven't we Lena?"

"Yes, but... we should still help them..." Lena said with a far more serious tone than she usually portrays.

"Help!" Giorgos yelled again, "Help us out of here!"

"They're too far down to reach," said Milan, "We'll have to go and get help."

"Ok," said Stefan, "You two go and get help. In fact, I'll come with you, Lena, stay with them, we'll be back in a minute!"

And the three ran off down the corridor.

Lena glanced down the hole.

"Are you all alright?" asked Lena, her voice echoing down the deep hole.

"We're ok," said Giorgos, "There's some sort of strange floor beneath us, like a bouncy castle of something, have the others gone to get help?"

"Yes," Lena replied, "They should be back soon."

Meanwhile, Stefan, Milan and Michael had all ran into the main hall.

"Help!" yelled Milan, jumping up and down, "Help! There's been a terrible accident!"

Everyone in the room turned to look at them.

"You're all overreacting," Stefan muttered.

"You really don't like those Greek guys, do you?" Michael asked, "Can't you let go of the past for ten seconds?"

"If you met them you'd understand," Stefan hissed.

Milan had everyone in the room's attention, and soon, everyone in the stadium was rushing off to the stage, so that they could get a look at the hole.

Lena heard footsteps in the distance.

"Ah, guys," she began, "You're back-"

She stopped when she saw that the whole of the room had come into the stadium to get a look at the hole in the stage. It was like an army of Eurovision entrants.

"Hey," Giorgos shouted up, "We're down here!"

The Netherlands entrant, Sieneke, pulled out her mobile phone and began filming the hole.

"Awesome..." she said, as she zoomed in with her camera.

"Excellent that you'd all rather film and stare at the hole than help poor Giorgos and his friends," said Daniel Diges, as he came over with rope that had been left over from one of his performances earlier that day, "Hey you lot, grab onto this. One at a time though."

They did as told and soon they were all standing on the ground with the others.

"Hey, thanks," said Giorgos, smiling, "You too, Lena."

Lena returned the smile.

At that, Giorgos came over to her and gave her a hug.

"I'm sorry about before," said Giorgos.

"It's ok," smiled Lena, "At least you're all alright now."