Lena and Stefan looked up at the plane towering above them. They had avoided the metal detectors of the airport, as usual.

"So..." Lena said, "We're going back now, huh?"

"Yes," Stefan said, "Back to Germany. We're going home."

Lena smiled happily, finding out that she was a robot built by the British government to win the Eurovision song contest had not changed her outlook on life one bit.

"Wait, wait!" said a voice from behind them. It was Milan Stankovic.

"You weren't going to go without saying goodbye to us, were you?" Milan smiled.

All the Eurovision entrants were now here, to say goodbye to Lena, and then get on their respective planes home.

"Of course we wouldn't leave without saying goodbye!" Lena laughed, "We've been through so much together, how could I do that?"

"Yeah, even with the whole Josh incident," Giorgos said, "This was quite a time. And I'll never forget it."

"The plane headed for Berlin is departing in three minutes," echoed the speakers overhead.

"Well, looks like it's time for us to go..." Stefan said.

"Good luck Lena," Peter Nalitch said, "I'm sure you're going to be a star."

"Thank you," Lena said, "All of you. You have made our stay here so wonderful."

And with that, they both went up onto the plane.

They looked out of the windows and waved to the entrants until the plane took off.

The plane flew off in the direction of Germany.

"Stefan," Lena said.

"Mmmm?" Stefan asked.

"I'd like to represent Germany..." Lena began.

"Lena," Stefan said, "You already represent Germany in the hearts and souls of millions."

"Yes... well..." Lena continued, "I mean, I'd like to represent Germany... next year."

Stefan smiled.

"It would be an honour to return to the Eurovision song contest with you again Lena," said Stefan, "And so we will."

"Thank you," said Lena, "2011, here we come!"

Lena sunk back in her seat, safe in the knowledge that she would be back again next year, as the plane flew into the moonlight.

The End.