The Legends Never Told

Nasukoh's Journey

In the time before time is usually how a story begins, right? Well what if this story began BEFORE even before time? Those are the stories lost to legends, known only to a few, and really, REALLY hard to 'unearth' so to speak. That's how this particular story happens to be. And now, I, Turaga Vakama will unveil the answers behind one of Mata-Nui's greatest mysteries and bring to light some of this world's most courageous heroes.

Nasukoh sat, watching the rolling waves and feeling the rhythmic beat of ocean water upon sand. This place was soothing… and far away from the noise of the jungle. Normally, she'd be hiding in the knowledge Towers of Ko-Metru, but after the great cataclysm and Roodaka's defeat, there wasn't a Metru-Nui to go to at the moment. Oh, it was still standing, but not inhabitable right then. So, the island of Mata-Nui would have to do for now. And Ga-Wahi or Ko-Wahi were the quietest areas she could find. So, the reason she was in Ga-Wahi instead of her favorite place Ko-Wahi? Simple, she wasn't feeling up to the cold at the moment.

Nasukoh had been doing some thinking lately. A LOT of thinking actually. Something hadn't felt ….. normal….. for days now and she was having trouble placing why. Many things were supposed to be happening in the near future, things she didn't want to think about. Things she knew from experience were impossible to avoid. It was like her brother, Avion, always said,

'As long as there is a heart beat within my armor, I will always have a duty and a destiny.'

And she did too. The problem was, would she be ready for it? Her story was a unique one and she lay back in the sand, thinking of her past. It wasn't that she didn't have the experience to deal with challenges. She knew that the light of Mata-Nui always provided a way out of a dark situation. And she had plenty of experience on her side. After all, she HAD been around since the world was first created! That didn't make the destiny thing any easier. If anything, it made it harder.

Unity? Not much of a problem. She got along fine with her brothers and they got along fine with each other. Duty? Oh boy, was THAT one ever cleared up! Train new
Toa, teach them to be united (not an easy task, might she add. Especially when dealing with a flamebrain and a rockhead!) and above all, NEVER let her secret be known until the time was right! What secret, might you ask? Well…. You'll find out soon enough.

The Original smiled to herself. Funny how you create a lot of things that are used to their fullest, yet you yourself always find that new creeds, simple ones at that, spell out something that took you years to figure out. The matoran always seemed to nail these things on the head. Unity, Duty, Destiny. Three not so simple steps, but three important ones to find your place in the world.

Toa Likahn had taught her that. The expression in her eyes grew sad as she stared at the stars, beginning to disappear in the morning light. She'd lost a close friend among others. It was something she had to deal with throughout the course of her life. That didn't make it any easier.

Her attention was drawn across the beach, to the village of Ga-Koro, home of the Ga-matoran. Voices were beginning to murmur and the sounds of life stirring in the village. Nasukoh sighed and stood, brushing sand from her purple and silver armor. It was time to leave and be hidden. The matoran knew nothing of her existence and, for now, that's how she needed it to be. The time would come, one day, when she and her brothers would make their presence known. Just not yet.

She turned her yellow orb eyes one last time on the ocean, and was about to turn away when she noticed something strange. The rising sun was glinting off of ….. something (two somethings to be technical) on the horizon, bobbing in the waves. She noted it as out of the ordinary but there was nothing she could do to identify the objects at the moment. She would have to wait.

Without a sound, the being as tall as a Toa, but as secretive as a member of the Order of Mata-Nui, disappeared into the luscious greens and exotic noise of the Le-Wahi jungle.