Hey. Been awhile. Too long. Man I feel bad. Well, the muse it hard to work with, but I will fully admit to focusing far mroe on my transformers stories than my Bionicle ones. This one, at least, is still being written... Just slowly.

Perhaps it will pick up this year? We'll see.

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It was quiet. Maybe too quiet…

Or it was her just being paranoid.

Well, it wasn't her fault that she had been mucking around in the jungle all day and no Toa had shown up. She certainly wasn't stupid enough to believe they had given up. No. Tahu had his pride to worry about, just couldn't stand being beaten by a female.


Pohatu was still stuck on that last riddle according to Onewa. Kind of planned for. The idea had been for the question to stick after all.


Gali may have figured it out by now, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to try on her own still. She was… hard to predict.

Which was surprisingly fun.

Lewa… well, she was entirely positive by this point that the Toa of Air was looking at this like some big game. Not to mention he was competitive, being the youngest and what not. It reminded her of Tarusoh.

Amusing and endearing in its own right.

Kopaka… actually, she was sure what his deal was. She would be the first to admit that she had definitely injured his pride, but he seemed bent on revenge. Which she was filing away as his being shown up in his own element… for now.

So, intriguing.

Onua was far more like the Earth he represented than the others believed. Only he put too much thought into what he was going to do next. While it wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it was still an issue to work on. Hesitating in battle could get you or your team killed. Yet he had definitely shown quite a bit of good sportsmanship. She respected that.

Perhaps not as easy as she had first assumed. Definitely… new.

Well, that was the assessment Nasukoh had so far on the Toa Nuva. Maybe there was hope for them still. Maybe, but she had her doubts.

And hadn't she just accused Onua of thinking too much? Way to be a hypocrite.

Forcing her self to focus, the Original of Mata-Nui pressed onwards, perhaps unaware of her silent follower.

"Just how far out of the way is that place!" Tarusoh groaned in weariness as his feet met with solid ground once more. And not the kind he had been creating with his mask for the last half a day or so.

"You'll need to ask Zenick that. He found it." His brother replied, not as tired as his youngest brother. Which was expected.

After all, he hadn't been using his mask power all the day long.

The silver armored inventor groaned again and went to his face in the dirt dramatically. By Mata-Nui he just wanted to sleep. A luxury he wasn't going to get by the way Ugarah was tugging him up.

"Come on, Taru. Just a little further and you can rest."

"You're a slave driver." The inventor grouched, stumbling as his brother tugged him through the sand.

An amused snort was his only answer his elder dragging him across the open sands and into the shadow of the foliage lining the small beach/cove they had made their way to. As soon as Ugarah stopped, he gratefully sank to the ground with a moan of relief, and promptly dropped into a well earned rest. It was quiet for several long moments before the night sounds which had been disturbed by the two travelers began again.

Ugarah remained awake, watching as the sky began to shift into the muted colors of the sunset. Here, in the lands that would normally be guarded by Avion, there was only one sun. The days were much shorter here than where he claimed his own domain. Or where Nasukoh claimed hers. He doubted Tarusoh had any real sense of night and day, his own domain almost always overcast or storming. Zenick was more along the nocturnal, preferring the dim light of the moon to the bright blinding of the sun. Which was understandable, really, considering his younger brother claimed his domain underground where having eyes sensitive to the movements of shadows equated to one's survival in the dark places of the world. Avion… Had the one sun he was now looking at. So he wasn't really sure how their eldest brother perceived time. Kazea on the other hand had far too much energy for the three suns his own dominion had. In fact, the green armored Original just tended to run himself into exhaustion before he felt compelled to rest at all. That's what having longer days and shorter nights did to one.

Still, while he knew that Tarusoh's need for rest was completely justified, he was just as justified in his want to remain alert. This was not his domain. He was not familiar with it as Avion was. There was no telling what lurked here. Especially considering that Avion's own swampy home island was so close to Karzhani's realm. Who knew what the crazy slaver could have released in his brother's absence. The sooner they made it to Nasukoh's territory, the better. They needed to stay alive and un-lost first.

So it was with a grim determination that Ugarah sat, still as stone and watchful as a bird as the day bled into night.

This was… seriously getting on her nerves.

Really… What kind of an idiot did they take her for anyhow?

Nasukoh was staring down at the very obvious, very unobstructed vine snare of the ground in the jungle of Le-Wahi. Like she was going to just walk right into it. Granted she had been distracted with her thoughts as of late, but that didn't mean she wasn't attuned to her basic surroundings. The Toa didn't seem to agree apparently. Or at least Lewa.

'At least he's not charging at me again. I don't think I would have been able to keep a straight face otherwise.'

With a sigh, she stepped over the trap, seeing no point in disabling it when she knew it was there in the first place. Day seven was almost over and then the Toa would have failed. They wouldn't be the first group of course, but it was disappointing. Even if she only admitted that to herself.

She had only made it a few meters from the trap when she found that she was forced to duck quickly, something fast, sharp and silver flying over her head. Without needing to turn around, she knew what it had been. The Toa of Fire's Great Sword… or one of the blades that made the Great Sword at least. He really was trying to kill her, wasn't he?

Wouldn't be the first time.

Just as soon as she had stood again, Nasukoh had to duck to the side to avoid a boulder. Apparently, the side was the wrong way to choose, because at that moment a strong blast of air buffeted against her, blowing her several feet backwards. She stumbled, regaining her footing only slightly before the ground below her turned to ice, her already precarious balance becoming compromised.

She fell to the ground, quickly rolling into a crouch away from the ice and avoiding another blast of wind, only to have the ground beneath her feet shift and topple her backwards once more. The shifting lasted only a few moments before she was suddenly facing the Toa of Water.

"Gali." She greeted warily, keeping her eyes open and her senses attuned for the other Toa. They were out there, she could feel it.


There was a pause in which Nasukoh hid her surprise. Really, she shouldn't have been startled. The tablet Pohatu had possessed when she had confronted him on the second day had most definitely been from Onewa. Which meant it had her name on it. Which also meant that he had informed his siblings. News traveled fast, but at least it didn't leave the necessary circles.

The Toa of Water had removed her axes and was advancing, Nasukoh doing the same leisurely and they began their dance. Gali circled, Nasukoh followed. It was obvious what Gali was doing, reversing her own trick on her. Too bad there weren't any cliffs.

What was surprising was when Lewa suddenly burst from the undergrowth and charged straight at her. Nasukoh reflexively went to block him, but was left wide open to Gali, her entire side suddenly blasted by a powerful jet of water. Nasukoh stumbled back once more, something snaring her ankle.

The Original had one moment for everything to catch up when she was suddenly hanging upside down, caught by the trap she had stepped over not a few minutes ago.

Gali laughed triumphantly, Lewa whooping and throwing a fist in the air dramatically. It was as if that were the cue the hidden Toa were waiting for, all six of them now standing in the small clearing.

"We win." Tahu said smugly, retrieving his sword from where it was embedded in a tree. He swung back, cutting the vine that held the Toa Trainer suspended and dropping her to the ground.

Nasukoh rolled gracefully, coming to stand a few feet from the gathered Toa. The sun was just setting, marking the beginning of the end of the day.

If the Toa were expecting some sort of scathing retort, an off-putting remark then they were startingly disappointed. Nasukoh was laughing. A light happy sound that carried through the trees.

"Cutting it close." Her voice was full of merriment… maybe some pride. "And it took you long enough."

Despite themselves, the Toa, aside from Tahu and Kopaka (the former confused and the latter just that uptight) smiled and laughed along with their new ally.

Things were going to become much more interesting now.

Well, there you are. Hope the wait was worth it...