The principal of soulmate: it says that, for every person on earth, there exists another one who happens to be the perfect, ideal true love of the said person. It is a beautiful theory but I do not beleive in it. Because I am a practical person. And such a person does not beleives in fairytales. She beleives in facts. And numbers. And in this case, the numbers say that the prbability of finding your soulmate is of one on the number of humans on earth by the number of continents by the number of coutries. That makes 1/7,06 x 1012. You have more chances of being hit by the thunder and be on a plane crash the same day than of finding your soulmate.

So what if I felt my hearth drumming so loud it seemed like everyone in the class could hear it the moment I saw him. It is only my pression who grew higher due to the lack of oxygenation in my blood caused by my held breath. What! He is hot. And it means nothing that, when he smiled at me, I started blushing like crazy. It is only a rush of blood in my cheek for which I can thank my raging hormones and my Weasley genes. So what if I never blush usually. I did mention he was hot! And what if I felt an electric jolt when he touched my hand by accident. It's only a static shock. A strong one,true. In fact the stongest I ever had -and having known james forever, I've had my share of electric shocs as "jokes". Anyway, it's still a static shoc!

All theses phenomens are natural and scientific. So it doesn't matter what Albus says. The soulmate principal is impossible. And I am a practical person who doesn't beleive in it.

So why do I keep wishing it might be true?