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"Haven't we met? You're some kind of beautiful stranger

You could be good for me; I've had the taste for danger

If I'm smart then I'll run away, but I'm not so I guess I'll stay

Heaven forbid, I'll take my chance on a beautiful stranger"

- Madonna: Beautiful Stranger


Newton Enterprises was my own personal version of hell. Living in New York was expensive though, so I had no choice but endure it. My sentence to hell included serving my time for unknown sins as the assistant to a very handsy, slightly beer-gutted, coffee-breathed man named Michael Newton. Mr. Newton was a prime candidate to be the next star for some male-pattern baldness infomercial. Unfortunately, he also happened to be the owner's son.

The economy was god awful and my photography hobby wasn't bringing home the bacon, so to speak. I was barely affording my studio apartment as it was so Newton Enterprises was where I ended up; running copies, arranging meetings, and making bitter coffee.

Oh, what a sweet life I live.

It was an amazingly sunny seventy-four degrees outside on a beautiful Friday, and I was at work buried up to my neck in errands.

It was well past lunchtime when Angela stopped by my desk to bring me a sandwich. She raised an eyebrow, questioning my lunch-skipping ways. I nodded toward my computer monitor that had twenty-four minimized screens. I smiled a thank you as she walked back to her own desk.

An IM popped up on my screen moments later.

AWeber: Gossip!

ISwan: Make it fast. I'm swamped. I can't believe you are IMing me when I just saw you twelve seconds ago.

AWeber: I had to. I didn't want to talk about this out loud!

ISwan: Alright, spill it.

AWeber: We got a batch of new hires today!

ISwan: And…?

AWeber: Hello! Fresh meat! One guy in particular. My God, he is sex on loafers. I think his name was Ben. He works in IT.

I couldn't help but laugh softly to myself. Angela was as innocent as they came and adorably so. I was happy she had someone to chase.

ISwan: lol, good for you, Ang.

AWeber: Seriously, Bells, you have got to come up with a reason to go downstairs and check these guys out. There are only two girls in the group, but they seemed nice enough.

ISwan: Maybe Monday Ang. I'm getting back to work.

AWeber: Party pooper. Call me after work, I sense a Caribou Lou in my future.

I closed the window and returned to working on the meeting schedule printout Mr. Newton liked to have on his desk every Friday afternoon. Three carpal-tunnel-inducing hours passed before I finally had the sweet satisfaction of turning off my computer.

I stretched and followed the eager crowd to the elevator. I wasn't the only one ready for the weekend. Normally, I would have opted for the stairs to avoid the crowds going toward the elevator, but I was carrying my weight in paperwork home with me for the weekend.

I called out for the crowd to hold the doors for me, but my plea went ignored.

"Great," I muttered to myself.

The doors came to a close just as I approached them.

"Nice people around here, huh?" a velvet voice mused from behind me.

I turned my head to acknowledge him. The sight of the incredibly attractive stranger standing so close to me had my mountain of paperwork falling to the floor.

"Shit!" I yelled, bending over to gather my papers as the elevator dinged open.

The mystery man bent down to help me pick them up, a crooked smile pulling at his lips.

"Oh, jeez, don't worry about me. Go ahead and catch the elevator."

He laughed musically. "Don't be silly. There will be another one."

My cheeks heated, splashing my face with crimson. "Thanks…?"

"Edward Cullen. Nice to meet you," he replied, holding out a stack of papers to add to my pile. After I gathered my papers in a rather disastrous mess, he held out a hand to help me to my feet.

I froze as my gaze lifted, meeting the depth of the green eyes staring back at me. I was literally eye-raping this complete stranger.

His hair was a beautiful, worn rust color – long enough to make me fantasize about what it looked like when it wasn't neatly combed. He had on a crisp, white, button-down shirt and a black tie that he had loosened at the end of the day. His green eyes were a hypnotizing emerald and he had a smile that never faded.

"Bella Swan," I said as confidently as I could, "nice to meet you too."

A crowd formed around us as we stood side by side, waiting to get onto the elevator as well.

Edward held his hand out to the open doors. "Ladies first."

When Edward came onto the elevator after I did, he stepped in behind me.

Thank God. I need to stop staring at him before I embarrass myself any further.

I was forced to take a step back to allow the last few people into the confined space. I felt heat coming from Edward's body. I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip, mentally listing the reasons that taking him right here in front of everyone was a bad idea.

The doors closed with a soft ding as Muzak played in the background.

I watched as the numbers on the screen decreased, indicating our descent.


The most deafening noise erupted around us. If I imagined several cars driving at intense speeds directly towards each other, the noise our elevator made as it shuddered to a stop would be the exact noise the cars made upon impact.

I stumbled backwards into Edward and his hands gripped my waist to steady me. The second the satisfaction of feeling his hands on me hit, the lights fluttered to darkness above us. The emergency lights flickered then died out as well.

Panic ensued around us, but the only thing I felt was Edward's firm body against my backside.

The man closest to the control panel, I think his name was Jasper, was the first to speak above the scared murmurs. "I hit the emergency button on the panel, everyone. It shouldn't be long before help arrives."

Calm washed over the crowd when a voice came onto the speaker. "Hope you folks are okay. We had to shut the power off to work on the cables. The emergency generators seem to have a bug, but we're working on those to give you some light. Sit tight and get comfortable. We're working as fast as we can, but it could take a little bit."

The people on the elevator broke out into individual conversations. Nobody seemed to be panicking anymore, just irritated.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness as much as they were going to. The only thing I could make out were black silhouettes around me. The form in front of me took a small step back which, in turn, made me mould my body further into Edward's.

I let out a small gasp when Edwards's hands wrapped around my waist. I swore I could feel a hint of arousal on my ass. The dark room gave me a sense of confidence. I wanted to know if that was what I was feeling, so I rotated my hips against his groin.

His hands tightened around my waist.

Oh yeah, I was right. Dear God, this man is gifted.

I felt his fingers grab the back of my skirt and pull it up.

His lips were centimeters from my ear when he whispered softly enough so only I could hear, "Take a step forward if you'd like me to stop, Bella."

To answer him, I rotated my hips against him again, earning a guttural moan from behind me. He pulled my skirt up further and bunched it around my waist. His hands traveled north, unbuttoning the single, large button on my blazer and dancing under the hem of my silk shirt. I responded again by pushing my panty-covered backside into his hard cock.

His cool hand traveled up my stomach until it reached the bottom part of my bra. I felt his thumb slip under the material and graze my nipple which hardened with his touch.

His other hand, still wrapped around my waist, pulled me against him again. This time, he ground himself into me. I felt my entire breast in his hand and glanced around me to see if we had an audience.

Luckily, no one was paying any attention to us. I longed to touch him, but my hands were full, still holding my stack of paperwork. I barely had room to move, let alone set my things on the crowded floor.

As if the man in front of me was a mind-reading angel, he moved forward to talk to the girl in front of him. I bent down and placed my stack on the floor in front of me.

As I was bent over, Edward fell to his knees and pressed his lips to the crotch of my wet panties. Half of the elevator must have heard my gasp, despite my failed attempts at covering it with coughing sounds.

I felt Edward's tongue follow the length of my slit as his teeth ground into my clit through the fabric. I wanted nothing more than to strip both of us right now and have him pound into me with the wall at my back.

Edward returned to his feet, letting his hands caress the outsides of my thighs on his way up. Before I could stand all the way, he pulled me back against him.

If I stay in this position any longer, I am going to rip my panties off myself.

Once I stood up, Edward wasted no time in returning his hands under my bra; rubbing his thumbs over my nipples, impatiently kneading the soft skin. This time, though, there was no masking the moan that slipped from my lips.

"Everyone is going to hear you," he whispered, his breath tickling my ear. "Everyone is going to know that you're letting me ravage you—a complete stranger…in an elevator."

His words only made me breathe faster and press harder against him. I was complete putty in this capable stranger's hands; I could barely think.

Then, I felt his mouth on me. His tongue ran down the length of my throat, the pace slow and erotic. I squirmed against him in arousal and he pressed a kiss on the spot where my neck met my shoulder, sucking lightly as a shiver ran up my spine.

I am going to come.

He thrust into me, hard.

Oh, Jesus!


Oh, my fucking God!

The next thrust sent another delicious shiver down my spine. I was close to coming undone.

I put my hand over his on my breast and squeezed. The sensation was almost painful but it felt amazing.

Another thrust. I tried not to gasp out loud, but failed miserably. This was it.

I felt myself teetering over the edge. Edward's body was tense behind me. I knew he was close too.

"Alright, folks, Looks like things are under control. We're going to turn the lights back on in a moment and lower the elevator to the next floor and let you out there."

Edward's hand dropped from my shirt as I pulled my skirt back down.

Fuck! This cannot be happening.

I didn't bother buttoning my blazer back up. I didn't give a shit about my appearance at that moment. Edward cleared his throat behind me but I didn't have the guts to say anything to him.

I shielded my eyes when the lights finally flickered on and grabbed a hold of the bar attached to the wall for support when the elevator started to lower. When the doors dinged open on the next floor, I was the first one out.

I pushed my way past the firefighters and engineers, ignoring their questions about how I was. The only thing on my mind was getting down the stairs and into the parking garage.

I got halfway down the stairs before I realized that my stack of papers was still on the elevator.

So not worth it. Fuck this job.

I continued flying down the stairs and burst through the parking garage doors, walking quickly to my little red car.

I fumbled in my purse, looking for my keys. I reminded myself to clean out my stupid Narnia-style bag when I got home.

"That eager to go?" his velvet voice asked from behind me.

I turned to face him. He stood there, smiling timidly, holding out my stack of papers as a peace offering. His appearance was considerably more rumpled than before and I bit my lip, looking away.

"Look, Edward…" I began, taking my paperwork from him, "I'm-I'm not that kind of girl. Just…forget about what happened. I'm not some office slut you can feel up whenever you like."

He looked completely appalled.

"Bella, I just chased you down fourteen flights of stairs, holding your enormous stack of whatever the fuck that is," he paused and stepped a bit closer, "do you really believe that's what I think?"

My face continued to burn. "I'm just not that kind of girl," I went on, "I knew your name for two minutes before you skipped to third base! You didn't even touch first!"

I barely had time to exhale before I felt Edward's hands on either side of my face, pulling me to him. His soft lips engulfed mine in the sweetest kiss I had ever experienced in my life.

He pulled away before the kiss could deepen but stayed close. "There is first base. I'd like to wait for second base until after our date tonight, if that's okay?"

"Date? Where did you even come from?" I realized that I had never even seen this man in the office before.

"IT, I just got hired today."

Angela, I will never doubt you again.

"Here's my address. Pick me up at eight. "

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