A/N: Happy Father's Day to all Dads out there!

Michael winced when he walked into Fiona's house. He could hear her laughter from another room and knew immediately he'd arrived earlier than he had wanted to. He glanced back at the door he'd just closed, wondering if he could sneak out and come back later. However, Fiona walked out with her phone to her ear before he could leave. She noticed him and held up a finger to let him know she was almost done with her conversation.

"Love you, too," she said into the receiver. "Bye." She snapped the phone shut, still beaming. Despite the fact he knew where the following conversation was going to go, Michael couldn't help but be happy for Fiona. It had been a long time since he'd seen her glow like that.

"How's your dad?" he asked.

"He's doing well," Fiona replied. "It was good to hear his voice again."

Michael nodded mutely. Maybe if he just kept his mouth shut, he could avoid...

"We should visit your dad's grave," Fiona suggested mildly.

Michael shut his eyes in defeat. "No, we shouldn't," he replied. Fiona frowned.

"Michael, it's Father's Day."

"A holiday I've never seen any reason to celebrate," Michael said testily. Fiona had never fully understood his relationship with his dad. He never really talked about it. He didn't feel the need to.

"There got to at least be something you're grateful to him for," Fiona pointed out. Michael frowned, giving her proposal a moment of thought.

"Nope. Nothing."

Fiona sighed dramatically. "Michael. Will you at least go for me? There's this whole chunk of your life I know almost nothing about!"

"It's not exactly something I like to talk about, Fi!" He was getting annoyed now. There was a reason he'd shoved his childhood away from memory. There was a reason why he tried to pretend Father's Day didn't exist. The world could celebrate their own fathers, fine. But he did not want to be forced into celebrating his.

"You don't have to talk about it!" Fi exclaimed. "I just want to see your father's grave. Is that really too much to ask?"

Michael glared hard at her for a moment before growling. "Fine."


"I wouldn't exactly use the word 'beloved'," Fi commented mildly as she observed the gravestone. Michael gave a quiet snort, remembering he'd said something similar the only other time he'd visited this place. He glanced around the area, noting all the other families coming to pay their respects to their fathers. It made him uncomfortable. Exposed. Not like any of these people cared, but it still made Michael edgy.

He turned to Fiona to ask if they could leave now but stopped short. She was bending down towards the grave, carefully placing a small lily she'd produced from somewhere on the stone. She stood up, meeting Michael's bewildered stare with a gentle smile.

"I'm at least grateful to him for one thing," she told him quietly. Michael frowned.

"And what's that?"

Fiona glanced at the gravestone one last time before hopping up slightly to kiss Michael on the cheek.

"Without him, you wouldn't be alive."

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