A/N: This is dedicated to Bree-utiful who encouraged me to write this. She's in the process of making an awesome hundred drabbles for the 'Puffs. ...So, here I am trying to give the Ravenclaw's my best shot! Enjoy please?


All sorts of things can be meant as a surprise. Unfortunately, Terry hates surprises.

It started when he was a little child, not much older than five. Already he was questioning things around him, along with stealing the more basic books from his father library when he thought he wasn't looking. So, when another book mysteriously landed in his bookshelf one night, as a 'surprise', he stared at it so hard and disapprovingly that it burst into flames.

Then, when he turned six his parents lovingly threw a surprise party for him. Now, most children would have been too excited for words, giddy at the thought of endless amounts of jelly and ice cream. But what did he do? Terry cried.

Of course, as he got older and therefore somewhat wiser, his parents slowly acclimatised themselves to the fact that their son, for whatever reason, hated surprises. So- when his mother announced one night at dinner in his third year that they were to have another addition to their family, Terry realises that he might just like surprises after all.

Just this once.