AN: This is the first time I have ever even attempted to write anything for someone else to read. I've written tons of stuff, just never thought about allowing someone else to read my stuff. Please be honest in your reviews, it wont' make/break me but will help me to become an even better writer, that I'd like to become.

This will be an E/B story, there will be some angst, there will be an HEA and it will alternate between EPOV and BPOV. There will be flashbacks throughout the story, regarding their lives before each other.

DISCLAIMER: I am not the great and powerful Stephenie Meyer, although I worship her for bringing Edward to my life. EVERY. FUCKING. DAY!

Today was anything but typical. To say my life was going through transition would be the major understatement of the year. My life was going through a total overhaul. Somedays, I'm not sure how I even get through the loss of hope and faith, but because of the events leading up to the last 10 months of but I'm ready for something to renew my spirit. Having just turned 24 yrs old, I thought that I should be on the precipise of new and exciting chapters in my life, however, I am at the starting off point, again. I've lost a 5 yr relationship with my ex-boyfriend, Jacob, my job was eliminated and I've had to move from my beautiful home into a walk up 1 bedroom apartment. This is NOT what I was expecting my life to be. Little did I know that all the expectations I had were about to be met in a stranger that I've only heard tales about.

Having just finished unpacking the last of the boxes into my little apartment, I felt I needed to do something to reward myself for maintaining my will to not break down and curl into a ball. Charlie has been extraordinary about this whole convulded situation between me and Jacob. Although, I'm sure if he was afforded the whole truth about what really happened, he might not be so quick to hope that this is a "temporary" break between Jake and I. I know that I can never go through those emotions of dealing with him again. Jake ripped me up and spit me out, but truth be known, I'd known all along that something was off between us. While Jake made me happy and I loved our friendship, the initmacy and chemistry was just never as strong as I thought it should be when choosing someone to spend the rest of my life with.

When I found out about Jake's affairs, I knew it was time to cut my losses and move on. WHile living on the reservation was amazing, being close to Charlie had it's benefits as well, but it was also stiffling to the feelings that I felt I deserved bigger and better things in life. I worked so hard to get my degree so that I could teach and write and spending my days working at the library, while fulfilling, just left me feeling incomplete and empty. Jake never cared that I suffered, as long as he was fed and the house was kept, he was happy. He thought that I would outgrow my longing for more, as long as he, CHarlie and his friends were around on the rez.

Growing up in Forks, WA was not easy for me. I was quiet, studious and would rather be reading a book than shopping, gossiping or worrying about which outfit coordinated with which shoes. I had managed to make a few close friendships with Angela Webber and Alice Cullen. Angela had seen me through freshman year when I moved from Phoeniz. She befriended my right off the bat and we grew close so quickly. We were inseparable and of the same kindred spirit. When we both discovered boys, life changed, for the better, it seemed. Angela and Ben were automatically a good fit, as it seemed Jake and I were too. We had years of fun on double dates, holiday parties and beach bonfires. When Alice entered the picture our junior year, she was like a breathe of fresh air that none of us were prepared for. Her family moved to town when her dad, Carlisle, became the new head doctor at our quaint little hospital. Where Angela and I were reserved and quiet, Alice was full of spunk and vivaciousness, she brought our "inner girly" out and we loved her deeply. Shopping, makeovers and a never ending need to throw a party bonded us for life, so we all thought.

After High School, Angela and Ben went off to Seattle to college, while Alice went to New York for fashion design. I, however, stayed in Forks, went to Port Angeles community college and life changed. We all worked to stay in touch, but we move on, people change, and unfortunately, Jake didn't want them influencing with me iwth the "big, wide world" and all it had to offer. He thought that we had all we needed right here in Forks or LaPush...little did he know! So, I let friendships dissolve and shied away from making new friends outside Jake's circle. I missed Angela and Alice, immensely, but felt that in order to have my life with Jake, it was easier to just miss them, rather than fight with Jake about it.

Jake and I had an easy friendship, which smoothly turned into a romantic relationship, or so I thought. But it always felt like there was so much more that I was missing out on in the romance and chemistry realm. Jake was my first everything. So I didn't really have much to base my knowledge of love on, other than the books I cherished. But my heart knew, it knew and lead me to where I am today.

This afternoon, I walked into the front door of "Do a body good" Spa to treat myself to an hour long massage, not knowing that the man behind the door would soon become the man that made me realize that there truly is more to life and love. When I walked in, I spotted her, Alice Cullen. She was such a sight for sore eyes and my heart began to scream for my long lost friend. She opened the spa shortly after leaving New York but I'd never had the chance to visit her, until today.

When I walked to the counter, I heard her speaking on the phone to someone and it sounded like she was large and in charge, as per usual for Alice. She held her hand up for me to wait without even looking up to see me. ONce our eyes met, I think everyone in a 10 mile radius must have heard her squeal, BELLAAAAAAAA..."I thought, well, I'd hoped that you'd drop in on me sometime"...she squeezed me with the strength of an NFL Linebacker but the softness of a sister. Her eyes teared up and she smiled the biggest smile showing all her teeth. She grasped my hand and immediately pulled me into, what I assume, was her office. As it was uniquely designed in an Asian theme, it had Alice written all over it. She pushed me into an oversized chair, pulled another one up right beside me and demanded "Spill it Swan"...I proceeded to tell her about my life with Jake and how unfulfilled I felt.

"Well, just know right now, Bella, that part of your life is over and I'm never letting you slip away again. You were the sister I always wanted and I've missed you more than you can even imagine all these years. My family hasn't been the same since we've grown apart."

"Alice, I've missed you too and I can't wait to hear all about the adventures and experiences you've had. I'm just glad that you still want to be friends with me, since it's all my fault that we didn't keep in touch."

"Bella, I won't hear any of that kind of talk, I always knew that Jake was keeping you away, you always did allow him to to easily influence your life, but I wanted what made you happy and I thought it was Jake, so I didn't push. Are you happy, Bella?"

"Alice, at this moment, I'm happier than I've been in so many years...I've missed you", I cried and broke down in tears. Alice and I hugged and after a few minutes, dried each others tears when she jumped up "I know exactly what you need, we have the best massage package around and you my friend are in desparate need of some TLC...let me get it all set up for you, I'll be right back."

"Ok, Alice, I can't wait!" I sat and waited for a few minutes when she came back in to get me. She lead me down a long hallway towards a beautiful teal and brown massage room. THere was some soft music playing in the background, candles lit everywhere and the sweetest smell of honey and citrus floating in the air. She instructed me to get undressed and lay down on the table. "Now, Bella, just relax and let them do their job, he's the best in the business and I promise you'll feel like a new and improved gal when you're done." With that she was gone. I got undressed, laid down and covered up with the sheet as much as possible. Just as I thought about drifting into sleep, I heard it. The sexiest, most incredible voice I've ever heard.

"HI, Bella, I understand you are in need of some relaxation, lay still, close your eyes and let me work my magic." Then I felt it, an electric spark of calm overwhelming my skin. His hands were so soft and smooth and glided across my skin, leaving a jolting trail of heat. I wondered briefly if I kept my eyes closed, if I could imagine a gorgeous creature that belonged to those hands, all the while thinking I was creating a fantasy in my head that would never come true.

I felt my breathing turn soft and shallow and fought hard to stay awake while this magician kneaded, pushed and caressed my stress away. When he reached the swell of my ass, I had to gasp because in some weird way, I wanted his hands to keep going in that direction, they felt so heavenly. God, I'd be so embarrassed when I had to sit up and face him eventually, could he sense how erotic I was finding all of this? Just about then, he spoke again "Isabella, I'm going to turn around so that you can flip over and I can finish up with the front of you now, ok?" Oh that voice, my labia was throbbing...oh my god, did he know? I shook that thought away as I heard a small chuckle come from behind me.

As I flipped over, I had not expected the broad, lean shoulders showing underneath the tight black pullover this guy was wearing. But dayum, his ass was rocking in those jeans, too, hung nice and low over his hips. Oh come on Bella, get a grip. Then I noticed the hair, fuck if I didn't want to run my hands through it while hugging him from behind. Ok, ok, I seriously had to quit reading all that soft porn/fanfiction shit I read constantly! "um, ok, I think I'm ready now" I said as I found my voice. Oh sweet Jesus, when he turned around, I think my vaginal walls tensed up into the most quenching non-orgams spasm I'd ever felt. That beautiful face, jaw, lips and crooked nose melted me in fantasy land farther than I'd been before. How was I going to close my eyes and let him put his hands back on my skin without him hearing me moan?

"Just relax, babe, I won't hurt you, I promise." WTF? How did he know what he just said could be taken so many ways? "Oh, I'm not worried, I'm just not used to having massages and I must say, you have incredibly gifted fingers"...where did my word filter go? What did I just say to him? I clamped my eyes and mouth shut to stop from enduring any further embarrassment. He just chuckled, "Don't be shy, I promise you have no idea, yet, just exactly how talented my fingers truly are". With that, I let go, I let myself feel the heat and tenderness of his hands roaming my body methodically and letting my mind go to a fantasy world where we were laying in some bed, naked and not only was his hands exploring my body but his mouth followed right behind. Ugh, what is wrong with me? Oh yeah, I've been sexually frustrated for the better part of my adult life. And oh what I wouldn't give to have this beautiful, God-like creature be the one to rectify that situation.

After another 30 minutes or so, he rang a hand up my thigh to rouse me from my daydream announcing that he was done. "Um, Isabella, would you like to go ahead and schedule a regular session, I'm usually pretty booked far advance but I've had a regular opening come up, so just thought that I'd offer it to you", as he was finishing this thought, my daydreams went into overdrive of seeing this man on a regular basis, at least in this almost clinical setting. "Yes, um, I'm sorry, I never got your name".

"Edward, um, I'm Edward Cullen, Alice's brother. So the spot is on THursday at 5:45pm and I'll pencil you in."

"Oh, I'm sorry Edward, I had no idea you were Alice's brother", in all the years Alice and I were friends, I knew she had 2 older brothers but one was away in College and the other was travelling the world on some missionary type adventure thing. I'd seen pictures but they were younger and that was a long time ago. Apparently, time had been most gracious to Edward-beautiful man-Cullen. "So I guess I'll see ya next week then", I rambled as I started to get up before I remembered I was only in a sheet which I clumsily caught my foot in and fell forward off the table and right into Edward's chest. When he caught me, his arms gripped my biceps with the soft but firm hands that I wished were exploring other areas of my body. His eyes caught mine with a quirked eyebrow and a lop-sided grin, "yes, if you can manage to stay upright til then."

I was 15 shades of pink and red, when he brushed a piece of hair out of my eyes and held my gaze for a second. His eyes were the most amazing shade of blue/green I'd ever seen, like they could change color when needed. I quickly looked away before I made an even bigger fool of myself and backed up back onto the massage table.

"Oh, Isabella, go home, take a hot bath or shower and try to allow the magic I just worked to keep you relaxed til next week. It was nice to finally meet you, Alice has talked about you non-stop for the past few years. I'm sure she'll get you knotted back up before next week!"

"Nice to meet you to, gorge..Edward, and yes, I'm sure Alice will give me a good shopping working out this week. See ya next Thursday." OMG, I did not almost say that outloud, but yes, apparently I did and yes, he caught it, chuckling to himself as he walked out, closing the door behind him.

One thing was for sure, when my time comes HE will be the man that all my fantasies revolve around.