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chapter 1

I screamed in frustration and threw the phone at the wall as billy yet again hung up on me. What was the jerks problem? Why wouldn't he let me speak to Jake? We had always gotten along well and I had thought that billy liked me and had forgiven my fraternizing with vampires. Stupid fucking men!

I screamed again as I saw the phone was broken. Charlie was not going to be happy with me. I paced back ward and forward furiously across the living room. What the hell was everyone's problem Jake and billy should have known how I would react to being abandoned yet again, but they still felt the need to make me feel unwanted in the worst way imaginable.

I stopped my pacing and threw my hands in the air in frustration. This thinking was getting me no where except incredibly angry. I stomped upstairs to grab my coat and stomped out to my truck, kicking the drivers side door in fury when it wouldn't open straight away.

Why the hell was I so damn attached to this heap of crap anyway? I thought acidly as I pushed the damn thing to get past 50 miles an hour.

Before he went missing Jake and I had been trying to find mine and Edwards meadow. If he wasn't going to help me id just have to go alone. As I thought of what Jake and Edward would have both said about me going into the woods alone I let out a dark humorless chuckle.

That was when they cared about me, they wouldn't give a shit now. I reminded myself. It seemed to calm me slightly.

I arrived at the edge of the road and climbed out of the truck. I tried to plan out a route to take on the map but I couldn't concentrate and threw the map and compass into the bed of the truck in sheer irritation. I took the first opening in the trees I came to. I didn't really expect to find the meadow anyway, and to be honest I couldn't give a damn whether I got there or not anymore. Edward had left and listening to some stupid hallucination would not bring the bastard back. I wasn't even sure I wanted him to come back. He was a controlling idiot and I was just beginning to remember what it felt like to be free to do what I wanted.

Jake on the other hand, I did care about. A lot. But that still wasn't going to help me.

I stumbled through the bushed and over the roots of trees for a few hours before I saw it.


I could hear the water trickling in a water fall and I knew I was close to the right place. I ran the last few steps and entered the beautiful clearing. It was as peaceful and awe-inspiring as I remembered it and Edward didn't have to be here to make it so.

It just was.

I let myself fall to my knees over by the water fall and just sat there and thought. It was so peaceful that I sat there for hours. When thinking became too much I got a book out of my bag and read that instead. I was so relaxed for the first time since Jake went missing that I didn't hear him approaching. I doubt I would have anyway. Vampires are good at arriving places undetected.

"Bella? The Cullen's Bella?" I heard a disbelieving voice with a slight french accent. My head swiveled round so fast that it cramped up and I was silent for a few seconds as I dealt with the pain.

"Laurent? What are you doing here?" I asked angrily. I wasn't scared of this vampire. Sure, he could kill me and I knew it. I just didn't care. I wasn't about to go and kill myself but that didn't mean I was afraid of death.

Laurent looked at me curiously.

"your not afraid of me?" he said curiously. I snorted.

"why would I be? Last I heard you were trying the vegetarian diet. How did tha..." I trailed off as I looked into his blood red eyes. I felt a little twinge of panic but the anger was still my most prominent emotion.

"Ahh, yes. The Denali's were very hospitable but I found it harder to stick to there diet than they would have liked. I decided to leave and get back to how vampires are supposed to live." he said, licking his lips and taking a predatory step closer to me. I scrambled to my feet.

"that doesn't explain why your here" I stated, refusing to be intimidated. He grinned at me.

"Victoria sent me, to check if your still here. Victoria has a grudge against you. You should be glad I found you first Isabella. I will make your death as quick and as painless as possible, my child." he spoke, as if he expected me to be thankful for his great mercy. I scowled at him, my anger rising to the surface as he leaned in toward my throat.

If this is going to be my end, god had a sick sense of humor. I thought as I tried to remember all the good times I had in my life. It didn't work. All I could think of was how mad I was.

I was mad at Jacob for avoiding me. I was mad at billy for helping him do it. I was mad at Sam and his gang because I was sure they had gotten to Jake somehow. I was mad at the Cullen's for letting Edward tell them to leave me. I was mad at charlie for not believing me about Sam's gang. I was mad at James for trying to kill me. I was mad at Victoria for trying to kill me. I was mad at Laurent for trying to kill me. Most of all, above anything else, I was mad at Edward fucking Cullen for so many things I couldn't think straight. For saving me so many times and then leaving me to the mercy of blood thirsty vampires who wanted to kill me. I hated him with everything I had, the feeling was so intense that I closed my eyes against the sheer strength of it.

I waited for Laurent's bite to my neck, but it never came. Instead I heard him shriek, and howls coming from somewhere around me.

My eyes flitted open to find Laurent on fire. He dropped to the ground in pain as purple smoke blew lazily around the clearing. Then I noticed the wolves that were stood at the edge of the clearing. They looked as if they had frozen mid-way towards us. Their eyes were swiveling from Laurents pyre to me and back again at an alarming rate.

I wondered vaguely who had set him on fire, as the wolves started to move closer to me. I shivered in fear, my earlier anger burnt out. I was feeling a little disorientated. I felt like I could see things clearer than I could a couple of hours ago. I felt like I could hear and smell better as well. I could smell the forest around me and I could hear the heart beats of the wolves, even though I know that's impossible. Maybe I'm imagining things because of the shock of almost being eaten by an ugly vampire with dreads.

Yes, its official, ive finally gone crazy!

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