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Chapter 9

The sun rose bright and early the next morning, without a cloud in the sky. For the first time in months I decided to take this a sign that my life was going to get better. Heck, it was already getting there.

I sat up and my stomach plummeted to realize Paul had disappeared until I heard the clanging of dishes downstairs. I already knew Charlie had left for work hours ago. I picked up the clothes I had laid out the night before, a simple pair of jeans and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and made my way to the shower.

I relaxed as the hot water cascaded down my body and stayed in there a little longer than I needed to, thinking of all the things I would need to do today.

I had to get my stuff into the new apartment and unpack, and then Jared was taking me down to the shop so he could show me the ropes before my first day of work tomorrow. I was also hoping to get in some quality time in the kitchen to make meals for Charlie. I would put them in his freezer and all he would have to do is heat them up.

I quickly got dressed and made my way down to the kitchen where, sure enough, Paul was making pancakes. I walked up quietly and wrapped my arms around his waist as he flipped another pancake over. He smiled at me and put the pan back on the stove. He turned around and captured my lips with his.

"You sleep well honey?" he smiled lightly. I nodded as I pulled a bottle of juice from the fridge.

"How long until Jared comes over with his car?" I asked, yawning a little. I leaned on the counter wearily.

"He'll be here in about half an hour. I was going to wake you in a minute." Paul grinned, seeing my wide eyes as I realized the time.

We sat down at the table in comfortable silence as Paul dished out the stack of pancakes, adding some to a third plate, which I assumed was for Jared. Freaking wolves were going to eat me out of house and home once I moved into La Push. Not that I minded of course, it was like having annoying brothers hanging around. They were going to irritate the crap out of me but I still loved them.

Right on cue, Jared strolled through the door, not bothering to knock. Better get used to it I suppose.

"Do I smell pancakes?" Jared asked, spying the uneaten third plate on the table. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation, licking his lips. He kind of looked like a villain from the James bond movies. "Do you have any syrup Bella?" I handed him the bottle of maple syrup and watched with revulsion as he poured the whole bottle onto his stack.

"Are you seriously going to eat that shit?" I asked, disgusted. Jared and Paul both looked at me in surprise. Paul had already doused his own breakfast in syrup too. I would be surprised if the two of them didn't have worms.

"Well I'm not going to wear it am I bells?" Jared smirked smartly. I grimaced as I gathered the other dished from the table and began to wash up.

"Any vampires roaming around?" I asked wearily. Jared swallowed the huge mouthful of food he had just put into his mouth before answering.

"In the world? Yes, there are plenty. In Forks and La Push? Not that we've noticed." he grinned cockily. I felt my irritation begin to flare up, but it was squashed as I watched with satisfaction as Paul hit Jared across the forehead.

"Hurry up and finish your breakfast and then start loading up the boxes" Paul growled menacingly. Jared withered under Paul's angry gaze and started shoveling the food into his mouth at double speed.

After breakfast we all began loading the boxes from my room into the two trucks belonging to Jared and I. I had more stuff than I had originally thought.

The drive down to la push was uneventful, and Emily and Jake were waiting at the door to the apartment, ready to help me unpack.

It was lucky they were there to help out really, because it meant I had a couple of hours to cook for Charlie before I had to go downstairs to the shop and meet Jared and his parents. At the end of my cooking frenzy Charlie had at least twenty home-made, one-person meals ready to heat up when needed. I stored them in my empty freezer and reminded myself that id have to take them over to Charlie's in the morning.

To my surprise, Paul was at the shop with Jared and Mr. and Mrs. Cameron. When he'd left after helping me unpack he'd said he had patrol so I hadn't expected him back for the rest of the day.

"Hey Bella." Jared grinned as I made my way over to the counter. "There's been a change of plans today."

"Oh, is everything okay?" I noticed Mr. and Mrs. Cameron had their coats on and wondered if there was some sort of emergency.

"Yes, everything's fine my dear, it's just that Paul will be teaching you the ropes tonight." Mrs. Cameron smiled. My eyes widened in shock. I didn't even know Paul 'knew the ropes' himself.

"My parents have decided that the whole family is going to go and suffer through watching my little brother attempt to play baseball, then were indulging in 'family time'" Jared explained rolling his eyes. His dad tapped him upside the head lightly.

"Your brother plays just fine Jared, don't be mean or we could tell Bella all about the school performance of peter pan in which you played Smee. I believe Paul was in that particular pantomime too. He played one of the lost boys, if I recall…" Paul cut Mr. Cameron off with a panicked look.

"I beg you Mr. C; please do not recall anything about that play. I've done a pretty good job of blocking it from my memories until now." Paul laughed. Jared looked embarrassed behind him.

"I rocked the role of Smee…" he muttered seriously. Mrs. and Mr. Cameron and I laughed at the both of them.

"So anyway my dear, Paul worked here a lot during the summers when he was younger, so he knows the shop as well as we do. He'll teach you just fine honey." Mrs. Cameron said, heading for the door. Mr. Cameron followed, pushing a reluctant Jared in front of him. The smiling man turned to call back at us as he slipped through the door.

"No funny business though. The cameras are always watching" Paul and I laughed freely. I turned to my wolf and wrapped my arms around him. It was hard to keep my hands off him at all to be fair.

He smiled down at me and stole a chaste kiss before moving us both round to behind the counter.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty straightforward. Pau showed me how to work the cash register and how the stockroom was organized. Not too different from when I worked at Newton's to be honest.

"So you seemed close with Jared's family" I stated curiously. Paul hesitated before smiling wanly.

"Yeah, they've been really good to me. I haven't seen my mom since she and my dad got a divorce. She's remarried now, or so I've read in her very rare letters. My dad works in Seattle a lot, so when I was younger the Cameron's let me stay with them if my dad was away overnight, which was quite a lot. I still get invited every Sunday for dinner, and every holiday my dad and I spend with them."

"Oh, so your dads friends with them too?"

"Yeah. My dad appreciates what they've done for me. He's a good guy, just a bit of a workaholic. He knows about the whole wolf thing and he cool with it. The only thing he's angry about is that I can't go to college because of my temper. Now that I'm calming down though I might have a chance, so my dad is about to become your number one fan for helping me with my anger."

"I haven't done anything though" I giggled uncomfortably as Paul wrapped his arms around me. I hated getting praise for things I hadn't done.

"You're here, and that's more than enough to help" he kissed the top of my head lightly as I rested my head against his chest.

The Cameron's arrived back to the store all with varying expressions of grumpiness.

"Is everything okay?" I asked wearily. Mrs. Cameron's face softened as she turned to look at me.

"Yes dear, just Jared being difficult with the waitress. We went for a meal after Joey, my younger sons, baseball game. Our waitress had a very unfortunate mole on her chin and Jared was very… uncomplimentary about it." She frowned at her eldest son who had the good grace to look sheepish.

"What did he say?" I wondered aloud. It was little joey who answered, giggling as he spoke.

"He said 'jeez does that thing have teeth as well as hair?" and the waitress went bright red! And then Jared said to her 'I bet that thing could solve mathematic equations, it's got to be big enough to store a few of its own brain cells' and then she reported him to security…." By this point joey was in fits of laughter and could no longer continue. I had trouble keeping a straight face myself. Paul face palmed beside me.

"Dude…" he started.

"Oh shut up" Jared grumped, stomping back towards the door. Mr. Cameron leveled a steely glare on him.

"And where the hell do you think you're going?" he barked. Jared quailed a smidgen under his dads expectant gaze

"Well, I was thinking maybe... I was kind of hoping…"

"Spit it out boy" hissed Mrs. Cameron. I stifled my laughter at the look on Jared's face. An expression akin to a deer caught in headlights.

"I was going to go and see Kim." Jared almost whispered. Mrs. Cameron let out a high shrill laugh.

"I think you've had enough fun and games for today. You can close up the shop so that Paul and Bella can go home early." She ordered. Jared looked for a minute like he wanted to argue but then seemed to think better of it. He scurried behind the counter more meekly than I'd ever seen any of the boys.

Mrs. Cameron turned back to me, soft expression back in place.

"How did your evening go then Bella? Better than ours id hope?" she asked kindly.

"Oh yeah, it was great. I think I got the hang of pretty much everything." I grinned.

"She's a natural Mrs. C." Paul chuckled quietly. She smiled kindly at both of us.

"Well that's great. I'll let you get off home now then. Oh, come back tomorrow at the same time and well sort your permanent shifts out then. Pay is every Sunday and you get 28 official days holiday a year, so spend them wisely. Don't worry though, if you ever have to take off for things to do with the pack well not take those off you."

"Thanks Mrs. Cameron, Mr. Cameron, I'll see you tomorrow." I smiled tightly. I hadn't known they knew about the pack so it was a little bit of a shock. I knew they were both native Quileute's though so they must have already known the legends. They could have even worked it out themselves. Sam had said that the council wanted to make life easier for the pack, so I could see how telling the parents would be easier.

Paul took my hand as we walked back outside and up the stairs to my apartment. There were a set of inside stairs but the Cameron's had blocked those off years ago when they were thinking of letting the apartment out separately from running the shop.

I almost fell into bed with Paul after I had washed and changed. I was exhausted and I knew tomorrow wasn't going to be any easier.

Training with Sam and then working in the store.

Somehow I was looking forward to it.

Everything always seemed better with Paul's arm draped over me and his breath on the back of my neck.

I smiled as I fell into a dreamless sleep.

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