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I have gone back and fixed a few errors. This a little introduction to the story and its characters.
The characters will be sort of like their cannon counterparts but a little different.
Lelouch's parents are alive and married. They are only really rich here well maybe.
The names and ages of Lelouch's brother and sister in this story. Again they may not be cannon.
Odysseus 31, Cornelia 29, Schniezel 27, Clovis 25, Lelouch 18, Euphemia, 17, Nunnally 15, Rolo 15, Carine 13, Evelyn 9, Castor 5, Pollux 5.

The ages of his friends Milly 19, Gino, Rivalz, Suzaku, Kallen, Shirley, and Nina are all 18. Anya and Kaguya 15
Rolo and Nunnally are twins. Nunnally isn't crippled or blind.
Castor and Pollux are also twins.
Anya is Nunnally's friend. Kaguya is Rolo's girlfriend or at least she says she is.
Gino and Anya are brother and sister. Kaguya is Suzaku's cousin still.

Even though Euphemia is younger than Lelouch, she is in the same grade. When Lelouch went off to start school. Euphemia refused to leave his side. Since their parents are rich the school decided to let her start a year early. And well because she wouldn't let go of him until they let her go. Also they wouldn't Lelouch graduated early even though he is super smart.

CC is also here and her age and job description are matters of national security.

Lelouch Lamperouge was a lucky man. Everything in life had fallen his way. Since the age of 12 he has had his own space. His parents let him move out to the poolhouse with Clovis. Well poolhouse is a bit of a misnomer. Even though his little brother and sisters crawled into his bed every once in a while, the room was all his. He had all the luck with the ladies. He had dated some the country's finest women. But his heart always returned to one okay maybe two, well make it three. Now he was finally out of high school and out on his own. All his teachers said he was a prodigy. Once when the chemistry teacher was sick Lelouch jumped in and taught the class He could have graduated two years ago. But he had to wait for his sister Euphemia to graduate. He thanked heaven they didn't make him wait for Nunnally and Rolo. Now he was finally out on his own, well sort of. His parents had bought him a house.

The house had been furnished for a few weeks. He had gone and picked furniture and decorations with what CC calls his harem: Milly, Shirley, and Kallen. His friends were responsible for their own rooms. Suzaku and Rivalz were excited. They were finally out on their own and going to live in what Rivalz called the ultimate bachelor pad. If they only knew the truth. Of course Euphemia was coming to the house as she had to protect her big brother. Others were also moving in well just because.

Lelouch arrived. He carried his bags up the stairs towards the front door. Just as he was about to open the door, his butler/bodyguard Jeremiah Gottwald opened the door.

Jeremiah grabbed his bags. "Master Lelouch, you should have told us today was the day. I would have sent a car for you. Kewell, be a good man and take Master Lelouch's bags up to his room."

The other butler/bodyguard Kewell Soresi took the bags up to Lelouch's room. Kewell gave Lelouch a hooded glare. Lelouch just sighed. Kewell's sister Marika had been one of his many conquest during his high school years. He had fun with all of them except for that one black haired girl that just dated him to close to Milly. Jeremiah saw his master just standing there.

"Sayoko, please some tea for the master."

Sayoko nodded. Lelouch walked over to the couch and sat down. Jeremiah saw his master with a little concern.

"Master Lelouch would you like Villetta to give you a massage with a happy ending."

A smile came over Villetta Nu's face. Lelouch shook his head.

"Not now Jeremiah. Suzaku and Rivalz should be here soon."

Villetta was noticeably upset at this turn of events. Sayoko came in with the tea.

Jeremiah nodded and smirked. "I see sir and the special guest will arrive a little later."

Lelouch shook his head. "Very well Jeremiah." If Jeremiah only knew the whole truth.

He goes over to the kitchen.

At that moment Rivalz and Suzaku burst into the house.

Rivalz runs towards Lelouch. "AHHH! We're free!" He looks around the house. He had been here once before. Rivalz sits down next to Lelouch and puts his feet up on the table. One look from Jeremiah makes him put them down. Suzaku just walks over and sits on the reclining chair.

Rivalz has a big smile. "Finally our own huge bachelor pad." He gets some tea.

Lelouch smirks. He knows that is not exactly true. "Well yes but."

Suddenly Milly bursts into the house. "Lulu, I'm here. "

She sees the boys sitting down. Lelouch is on the edge of the couch. Rivalz is next to him. There was plenty of room next to Rivalz. He smiles when he sees her walk in. Milly goes over and sits on Lelouch's lap. He scoots over so she can sit down. He pushes Rivalz who is not happy about this. Milly kisses Lelouch on the cheek. She looks around and puts her arms around Lelouch.

"Oh Lulu this place is great so is my room next to yours."

Rivalz coughs and begins choking on his tea when he hears this. Suzaku looks at Lelouch. Lelouch shrugs. Suzaku knows some of what is going on.

Lelouch puts his arm around her. "Well Milly pop, it's close."

Rivalz is still choking stands up. Jeremiah directed him to the bathroom. Then another surprise. The door opens and in walks Euphemia followed by Rolo and Nunnally. Suzaku smiles when he sees Euphemia. Rolo and Nunnally look around the house in amazement.

Lelouch and Suzaku stand up. Euphemia squeals. She runs towards them. She jumps on Lelouch knocking him back down. She kisses his face. Suzaku stands there holding his arms out.

"Lulu." She looks around. "This is a cool place." She looks over and sees Milly. "Oh is Milly going to be my roommate."

Lelouch tries to push his sister off him just a little. But she remains on top of him hugging him. Nunnally and Rolo look a little jealous at the attention Euphie is getting from Lelouch. Suzaku is jealous of the attention Lelouch is letting from Euphie. Milly shrugs her shoulders.

Lelouch looks at Euphemia. "No Milly isn't you roommate. I have other plans."

He winks at Suzaku. Rivalz, now back in the room, grins at that idea.

"And what are those plans little brother."

They look up at the sound of the voice. It is Cornelia. "Euphemia Elizabeth Suzanne Lamperouge get off your brother. Act your age. You are a woman now."

Euphie does as her sister orders. She slides off Lelouch's lap but is still right next to him. Between her and Milly he is being pressed.

"Well brother what are your plans?" Cornelia asks as she looks towards Suzaku.

Suzaku bristles under Cornelia's stare. Rivalz wants to sit down on the couch but the only option is to sit by Euphemia. However Cornelia's glare tells him that is not a good idea. He goes over to the loves seat on the other side of the room.

Lelouch calmly answers his sister unlike his friends and siblings he isn't afraid of her.

"Yes Euphie's roommate isn't here yet. We have two more friends who are joining us here."

Rivalz looks around. His dream of a bachelor pad is crushed. He knows who is coming.

Cornelia considers that and nods her head.

"Very well."

Then the aforementioned friends come into the house.

"Wow this place is great. Lulu really has great taste."

"Um Shirley could you keep moving. I'm right behind you."

"Oh sorry Kallen." The two girls walk into the house with their bags.

Kewell shakes his head. When is he going to get a break he thinks? He signals for Villetta and Sayoko to help him.

Then two girls push their way through Shirley and Kallen. They rush towards Lelouch.

"Brother Lulu." They yell. One of them stops to push Nunnally. Nunnally hits her back. They begin to fight. The younger girl however does not stop.

"Wow brother Lulu this is a cool place." She pushes Euphie out the way and plops herself down next to Lelouch.

"Hey little Evelyn what's up?"

Euphemia is put off at being moved aside. Over by the door Nunnally and her sister are still fighting. Rolo moves out of the way so he won't get in trouble. Cornelia tries to stop them but is unable to.

"Carine, Nunnally stop it this instant." A voice booms from the door.

They look to the door and see Marianne Lamperouge. Lelouch puts his hands up to his face and sighs. Marianne looks at her children and their friends. Evelyn hugs her brother more. Euphemia pouts. Suzaku wants to go over and comfort her, but his more afraid of Marianne than he is of Cornelia. Shirley and Kallen move out of the way. They go to the love seat and push Rivalz to the floor. Nunnally and Carine stop fighting. They want to tell their mother what happened but she raises her hand to quiet them. She turns to Lelouch.

"Well my dear are all your friends here?"

"Yes mother."

"Very well have you assigned them their rooms?"

"Ya well sort of. Let me see. Rivalz and Suzaku are sharing a room. Milly and Shirley are sharing another. Kallen and Euphie get another. I have the master bedroom. The bottom floor is my office for now. Servants quarters are next to the poolhouse."

His mother nods. "Very well I won't ask you were each room is located. I will trust your judgment. I really wish you would have gone to work for your father. Well you know what you are doing. Where is that little quiet girl with glasses?" Marianne asks while looking towards Euphemia.

"Oh Nina she got an internship at this technological company I started on the condition that she has to stay there. I figured you know."

Everybody looks at Euphie. It happened last year. The girls were out at a resort when these guys came over to harass them. One of them started touching Nina. Euphemia went up to him and slapped him. The men were embarrassed and left. Since that day Nina was obsessed with Euphie. Even going as far as starting the Euphemia Elizabeth Suzanne Lamperouge fan club. Aside from her Suzaku, Nunnally, Milly, Lelouch, and Kallen are the only members. The latter three joined as a joke.

Marianne nods at her son's cleverness. "Very well. Children let's go so Lelouch and his friends can get settled."

They pout. "Mom do we have too."

Then Nunnally got an idea. "Ooo. Mom can I stay with brother so he is not alone."

Evelyn like this idea and hugs her brother tighter. "Ya mommy. We can stay with Lulu."

The idea horrifies Lelouch but he doesn't show his displeasure. He just lowers his head and kisses the top of his sister's head.

"Don't you guys have some school camp to attend to?"

The children grimace. Marianne raises her hand and signals for them to go out the door. The children lower their shoulders. Rolo runs over to Lelouch and hugs his brother goodbye. He gives Euphemia a high five. He takes Evelyn away. She ignores Euphemia.

Carine and Nunnally run over to hug Lelouch. Only his face stops them from arguing about it. Nunnally also goes and hugs Euphemia. Carine just shakes her older sister's hand. The children leave with their mother. Cornelia leaves with her mother. She glares at Suzaku as she leaves. Everybody let's out a big sigh.

After a few minutes Suzaku goes over to the big couch and sits by Euphemia. Rivalz gets up off the floor and goes over to the recliner. He is a little upset that his dream of a bachelor is ruined. But he knows what Lelouch and Suzaku have in mind. That opens things up for Rivalz to strike at Milly. Lelouch lets out his own sigh. Jeremiah comes into the room. He wished Lelouch would have told him about the new conditions at the house. He understands why his master stayed quiet. Jeremiah can be a bit of a gossip.

"Master Lelouch, I have come to inform you that dinner will be served in a few minutes."

"Very well Jeremiah. Well if you guys want to go up and check your rooms before dinner."

Everybody gets up and starts to go towards the stairs. Then the doorbell rings. Lelouch looks around.

"Who could that be?"

Author's note: Lelouch has started his own company. Part of which is the aforementioned technology company. He is considered a prodigy like his older brother Schniezel who did something similar. Odyseuss simply works for his father at his company. Cornelia is working for Schniezel but that could change. Clovis just paints. Seriously that's his job. He sells paintings which I hear are really great.

Lelouch's friends go to school except for Milly and Shirley. Milly is the company spoke person because she is a hot blonde. Shirley despite that fact that she is a bit of a klutz is actually a really good secretary. Kallen is working on a business major for obvious reasons. Suzaku is on an athletic scholarship and is majoring in business arts. Euphemia is just going to college because of Suzaku but majors in business administration. Rivalz is majoring in public relations and I think we know why. Gino is also on an athletic scholarship and it majoring in underwater basket weaving.