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The sun began to rise on the frozen earth of a small water tribe up in the east. Kids played in the snow, boys having snow battles, and girls making minature snow angels. Parents of their offspring either went hunting, chatted, or even tagged along in the little games their kids played. In a particular extrodinary decorated building, Queen Kathrine, and King Troy sat on their thrones watching a jester preform some funny antics. At least, he thought it was funny. Queen Kathrine let out a noticble yawn and the jester stopped dancing with his pet seal.

"Please, you my dear pesant, bore my Queen. Guards-" King Troy motioned towards his guards as he spoke. "-show our royal fool the way out."

Without a word, two guards bowed in response, and gripped the poor man by his forearms. The puny man struggled to free himself, but failed, as for the guards were extreamely strong.

In the room of Princess Katara, the beautiful tanned girl brushed her hair as her friend, the Princess of the Earth Kingdom babbled away. Toph was her name. She never usually left her hair down, but today, Katara informed her that her brother, Sokka was home. You see, Toph was more of a tomboy than a real lady-like princess. Queen Tinka, Toph's mom was begging Katara to make her daughter more lady-like. Every attempt Katara tried always caused her dresses to be covered in Earth that Toph would bend.

"Toph, does my hair look decent?" Katara asked, before smacking her forehead.

"Katara, I'm blind, but since most boys try to get under your dress, I guess you're hair looks nice," Toph said while yawning loudly.

"Toph, it's pretty rude to say that boys like to get under my dress. And, cover your mouth when you yawn," Katara ordered playfully.

There was a knock at the door, and Katara called for them to enter.

"Katara, Mother said that you should-Oh jeez, why is Toph here?" Sokka groaned.

"Please be nice Sokka," Katara warned.

It was too late. Toph was already shoving Sokka into the door frame, leaving his body to imprint the white stone. Toph stomped down the hall murrming non-princess-like words. Sokka pulled from out of his body shaped tomb and massaged his aching back.

"What's her problem?" Sokka mummbled.

Katara stood up and flattened the creases in her cyan dress. The shoulders were exposed, and at the wrists, she wore the emblem of her tribe. Two interlocking waves, and a moon in ther center of them. The waist oh the dress were pretty white pearls forming a belt around it. The hem at the bottom of the dress was a darker shade of blue lace.

"Sokka, can you tell Mother that I have to go get Toph? Since, everytime she comes over, you send her stomping away," Katara informed with a sigh.

"Yea, I guess. But why can't Suki ever come over? I mean, she's way prettier tha-"

"Goodbye Sokka," Katara said as she walked out the door.

As usual, Katara found Toph sitting at the beach's edge, resting her chin on her knees. She stared at the horizon, sniffling and whimpering. The chilly breeze sent her midnight hair flying into the wind. Katara sat next to Toph in the snowy ground, and cleared her throat.

"Toph, you know that Sokka-"

"Save it Katara, we both know Sokka likes the Kyoshi warrior Suki. Man, I wish I knew what she looked like. Then maybe, just maybe I could be as pretty as her. Like, Katara, is she beautiful? Does she have a nicer body than me?" Toph's voice began to crack and her eyes glazed over.

Katara rubbed her best friend's back, and her heart clenched as she thought about Toph and Suki's differences. Suki wasn't a royal teen like Toph and Katara. She was actually better than royal. She was trained on Avata Kyoshi's Island, and that meant something. Avatar Kyoshi was a wonderful female Avatar, and Suki was really pretty also. Though she did have blood stains on her clothes and hands sometimes after fighting a foe. But, Katara's parents always found that amazing. A very attractive girl, fighting like a man! But, then there was Toph. Toph wasn't ugly at all. Actually, she was quite attractive with long black hair. The only thing about her was that she was a princess- that never actually acted like one.

And that turned Sokka off all the time.

"Toph, you're beautiful in your own way," Katara said from her heart. "Sokka just prefers Suki, and that's his lost. I know that one day, you'll find somebody alot more stronger and cuter than Sokka. I mean, I think my brother is uglier than a monkey's butt!" Katara laughed, and she heard Toph giggle softly. Toph lunged over to Katara and hugged her tightly, which caused Katara to smile, but silently cry out for help.

Toph was a very strong princess.

"Thanks Katara, I will keep you're words in my heart forever," Toph smiled and patted Katara's back.

"Anytime..." Katara said.

On the WatchTower, the men who overlooked the tiny tribe saw something out at sea. He gasped and sounded the alarm which told everyone what was going on. Back on the beach, Toph and Katars stopped laughing at a joke, and both shared worried glances. Katara stood up and wiped snow off of her dress, and Toph did so too.

"Guess it's time huh?" Toph said lowly as her eyes glazed over again.

Katara looked out at sea and sighed.

"Yes Toph, it is..."

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