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To The Extreme

Edward's POV

We've finally hit the twelfth track in this year's AMA Motocross Championship. Thank God it's in Seattle, Washington my home town so I can sleep in my own fucking bed tonight. I'm so fucking ready for this shit to be over so I can kick back away from these assholes. We've been on this since May.. It's fucking September now and they keep annoying me more each day. And I don't mean my crew, shit, my brother and sister-in-law are my head mechanics and my brother-in-law is my second driver. So, if I meant them, I'd be knocking my family; and that shit isn't cool.

No, what I meant was the fucking competition. There's fucking Crowley who's a big Momma's boy and has to call home every forty-five fucking minutes to tell her that he is still alive. There is Newton, who spends all of his time moaning about how his skank of a girlfriend is cheating on him. And my only real competition in the 250 class James Harris, who is the biggest man-whore alive. All he does is bitch about the lack of quality pussy, or how his wife is trying to bleed him dry in fucking divorce court. If he kept his dick in check, she wouldn't be divorcing his sorry ass.

"Cullen, you ready for this?" Jasper, my brother-in-law and the guy who does the 450 class rides for us gets my attention.

"Hell, Hale, I was fucking born ready." I laugh at my own stupid joke.

"Sure, asswipe. Just remember to smile pretty in the winner's circle, so we can bring in some more of those million dollar endorsement deals."

"Yeah, yeah." I reply sarcastically. We're already one of the most lucrative Motocross teams in the history of the sport. Plus, my ass isn't stupid. I've invested wisely, so when I'm too old for this crap, I can retire and not hang on like some of these guys. I don't want to be like Banner, forty and still trying to race. Fuck no.

"Edward, don't forget, after the race, there's that 'meet and greet' that the local radio station gave out tickets for. You are required to be there for at least an hour, per your contract." Alice, my baby sister, Jasper's wife and head of public relations reminds me.

"Sure thing."

"You're set to ride, Eddie." Emmett, my older brother and second in charge of mechanics lets me know. It shows how secure he is with his manhood, when he doesn't mind that his wife is the chief mechanic; of course, she is ten times better at it than him.

"Don't call me, Eddie." I grumble. Ever since I was born, he's been trying to get that shit past me.

"Whatever. Ride, win, then we get our drink on before we go home and eat some real food. Mom promised to make roast fucking beef, man!" He groans and licks his lips before his eyes get glazed and I know there is no point talking to him, because he is in some sick twisted food fantasy. I often fucking wonder if he and Rose have to use food as foreplay, because Emmett seems to be turned on just by the idea of food.

"Let's get ready." Jasper calls me over in order to do our pre-ride prep.


Four hours, that includes both Jasper and I winning later; and I just want to go crash in my bed. Not that the gnome will let me. She keeps reminding me that I have a fucking contract. I swear, sometimes I wonder why I keep her over efficient drill sergeant ass around. Then I remember she's my sister and the fact she's helped me through it all and remember why. Whatever. I paste on my Colgate smile and go in to meet the fans. Hell, without them, I'd be just a guy riding a dirt bike around.

I sign autographs, politely decline some groupies offer of a four-way. I point them in James', who came in second place *HA!*, direction. I hope they are up for some kinky ass shit. Don't get me wrong, I love women. I'm just picky as hell and not big on girls who look like they've been rode hard and put up wet one too many times.

"Dude, someone looks out of place." I hear Crowley laugh to Newton.

"Shit, that's one hot piece of ass though." Newton replies.

I turn to see what the commotion is about and freeze. She does look out of place, like a virgin hanging out with hookers. And I hate that I have to agree with Newton, but she is one hot piece of ass. Unlike the other girls here, she's covered. Her jeans aren't painted-on, they are fitted but not so tight that you wonder if she needed a jar of Vaseline to get them on. Though they cup her round ass nicely; and I have to fight back the fantasy of fucking her from behind while smacking her plump behind. She is also wearing a long sleeved blue sweater that makes her pale skin glow and shows off what looks to be a nice real set of breasts. I wonder if she'd be offended if I asked to check if they are real? Instead of heels or those high-ass wedge shoes, she's wearing sneakers. She looks like the fucking girl next door; the complete opposite of the usual set of the groupie girls that hang out around Motocross.

I see Newton going in for the kill and I want to slap him and remind him how to treat a fucking lady. Because this girl, woman, whatever screams that she is in fact a lady. I see him talking to her, though she seems to be looking around at anything but him. He continues to press his luck and I have to hold back my laugh as she shuts him down politely and turns away from his lame ass. Score one for the brunette Goddess. Of course, Newton, the ass, goes over to the groupies to make sure he has something to warm his bed tonight.

She begins glancing around the room and our eyes meet. Her face gets this sweet pink blush and I know then that I'm going to have her tonight. I have to fucking have her. I want to be buried in her while she screams my fucking name over and over again. I want to see how much of her that I can make blush. I know that if she is here, then she knows who I am. I'm the top seat in this sport. And I remind myself, I just won this fucking competition tonight; and I'm going to claim my much deserved prize.

Bella's POV

"If I didn't love you so much…" My threat trails off. Seth grins from beside me. We are walking to the tent housing the after the race 'meet and greet'.

"You know you love me, sis. I'm your only sibling." I roll my eyes at my younger half-brother.

"Only because Phil was shooting blanks." I reply.

My parents divorced when I was four, my Mom remarrying soon after to a man named Phil Dwyer. My Dad remarried four years after that to Sue Clearwater the widow of one of his old friends. Though, I love my Mom to death, I chose to stay with Sue and Dad after Seth was born to help them out. I was only nine at the time, but in my head, I was going to be the best big sister and the most help they could ever get. Now, I realize I was probably in the way, though they never made me feel that way. Both of them giving me love and support. Now, thirteen years later I'm still trying to be the best big sister ever. Hence, why I'm sitting at some dirty muddy track where grown men ride weird looking motorcycles around and around and call it a sport.

It was Seth's birthday and I got him the tickets. My friend Angela's boyfriend, Ben, is an intern at a radio station so I got him backstage passes as well. When I gave my brother his gift, he completely lost his cool. He jumped around squealing like a teenage girl who just saw a Jonas brother or that Bieber guy.

"Bella, oh my God, that's Emmett Cullen!" He screams when we get inside the tent. I look to where he is pointing and see a giant man whom I have no idea how he'd fit on one of those little bikes to race.

"He races?" I say shocked. I couldn't help it, he reminds me of a grizzly bear.

"No, jeesh, Bells, don't you know anything?" He says with all his thirteen year old disdain for silly girls who know nothing about his current obsession. "He's like one of the best mechanics in the sport."


"I'm going to see if I can get his autograph." I nod keeping an eye on him as he walks across the room.

"Hello, pretty lady." A smarmy blond guy, with a piercing through his eyebrow and more tattoos than should be legal on his bare arms, says from beside me.

"Hi." I say politely, then turn my attention back to Seth.

"So, I was thinking…" He trails off and it takes all I have not to ask him if it hurts.

"Uh." I make the non-committal noise.

"I was thinking that you and I should get out of here and go back to my hotel for a little post race, race." Really? First, that has to be the lamest come on ever. Second, eww!

"No, thank you." I say politely. Sue and Charlie raised me with manners, and I'm trying to keep my good upbringing in tack so I don't disappoint them.

"Well…" He sputters.

"I'm here with my brother. It's his birthday, so it's all about him today. I'm sure one of those ladies would love to keep you company, though." I point to a group of girls who look like hookers and my stomach flips when I swear I see a little drool come out of the corner of this idiot's mouth.

"Yeah." He replies before heading towards the gaggle of skanks.

I look around trying to spot Seth. When I spot him again, he is talking the head off of some blond guy with a massive amount of curls. My inner snarky bitch wonders if he gets perms. Though I know I should keep my eyes on Seth, something seems to be calling my attention; my eyes drift and collide with a sea of intense green.

Bronze hair, that's a mess, jeans and some rock band t-shit. He's hot. I won't lie, he's getting my panties wet and it's kind of pissing me off, because he is so not my type. I can't help the blush that crawls up my cheeks and the thought of licking that strong jaw line he's rocking. He gets this gleam in his eyes and smirks. Cocky bastard. I firmly turn away from the piece of hotness that knows he's hot; and I'm sure uses it to his advantage all the time. He's probably a cocky man-whore or something and I've learned my lesson about cocky guys. I set my mind on watching Seth, I'm choosing to ignore this hot specimen of cocky yummy goodness. Damnit Bella, stop it! I internally command myself.

Remember Garrett. I remind myself of the only guy I've ever dated, the asshole who broke my heart. The cocky self-assured prick who took my virginity. The asshole who ran off with my now ex-best friend Kate, to Vegas only a week after we had sex for the first time all because they were having a baby together. Pricks.

A warm prickly heat is going up and down my spine. I try to ignore it, but it keeps getting more intense. I need to find Seth and get out of here. I look to my left where I last saw Seth and there he is. The green-eyed, bronze-haired hottie. Shoot.

"Hello." He greets politely, holding out his hand to shake mine. I automatically respond by reaching out as well. The sparks shock me and I wonder what kind of crap they use to clean the floor, that is till I remember it's a dirt floor and berate myself for being an idiot.

"Hi." I reply.

"So, what is a pretty girl doing hiding over here all by herself?" He's getting his cocky swagger back.

"Uhhh…" Intelligent, Bella. I'm starting to think my inner monologue hates me as much as my failing brain.

"Babe, no need to be nervous. I promise I'll only bite if you ask me to." He uses this sexy-ass voice and I'm torn between asking him to bite me or slapping him. I take the road less likely to get me into trouble.

"No, thank you." I respond primly.

"Oh, princess by the end of the night, I'll have you both thanking me and thanking God." He purrs into my ear. Damn my body for tingling.

"Umm… I need to go." I manage to say, trying to extract myself before I do something stupid, like hump him right here.

"You don't need to go anywhere." He says in that damn velvety voice. "How about we grab something to drink?" I shake my head in the negative.

"No, thank you." I need to stop being so polite.

"So sweet." He mummers, "what can I get you?" He ponders to himself, "how about my autograph?" He pulls out a pen and motions towards me like he's going to write on me or something.

I have no clue who this man is, and he's offering me his autograph? Seriously? The arrogance is enough to bring me to my senses.

"No, but would you like my autograph?" I offer back sarcastically. Seriously, who the heck does this guy think he is?

"Bella!" Seth comes running up to me smiling. That smile makes the hell of this night worth it. "Holy crap, you're Edward Cullen!" He says with excitement. "Bella, do you know who this is?" And even though my brother just said his name, I look the asshole pretty boy in his eyes.

"No clue." And grab Seth's hand and begin to walk away.

"Bella, he's like the top guy in Motocross." Seth pouts. "Why couldn't we stay and talk to him, Bella?" Seth gives a little whine.

"It's time to go, Seth, it's past ten. You need to get to bed." Thank goodness for the time, it gives me a valid excuse, because the real reason of 'the hot guy, you clearly have a man crush on, is doing weird things to my hooha and mind, so we need to run,' probably isn't the best thing to say to your thirteen year old brother.

"But, Bella! That was Edward Cullen." He says it like Edward Cullen is more important than the President or something.

"Seth, I really don't give a crap about some idiot with a death wish. It's time to go home." I hear a disgruntled noise and look up to find pretty boy standing there.

"And I could give a fuck about a bitch with a stick so far up her ass, she can barely walk." He retorts and storms off.

"Well, that seemed to go well." Seth says sarcastically.

"You've been hanging out with me too much." I mutter.

"Bella, I live with you, of course, I've been hanging out with you too much." He jokes.

"Let's go home, Seth." I say, suddenly tired. He agrees and soon we are in my old beater heading home.


"You are such a queen Jacob Black!" I shout at my six foot six best friend, who is dancing around my living room in a ball gown. He's showing me his outfits for competing in this year's Ms. Gay America Pageant in Memphis, Tennessee. Last year, he placed fourth, but he swears this year he's taking home the crown and the fifty grand.

"Soon to be the head queen." He jokes.

"I'm sure royalty all over the world is waiting with baited breath for you to join their ranks." I joke.

Jake has been my best friend since we were in diapers. Though even back then, we knew there was something special about him. He was the two year old who took the stick glue and the shiny gold glitter and redecorated said diaper. Yep, he was always fab-u-lous.

"So, our dear Seth tells me that you had a run in with that hottie Edward Cullen and called him suicidal?"

"How do you know who Edward Cullen is?" I say in shock. Jake's idea of sports is shopping clearance sales at the Ladies Big and Tall store.

"Oh, my dear sweet, head in the ground, Isabella, come follow big Momma to the wonderful world of the internet."

Two hours later Jake and I have been surfing the many, many pages devoted to the arrogant pretty boy. He was the new Stetson man, had a Wheaties box and wrote some kind of book about Motocross that was a New York Times' best seller. From what I can tell, he was really famous and worshiped like some demi-God. He is also way hotter in person, though his picture still was able to make my underused hooha tingle.

"Wow." I say in response to the massive amounts of info about Edward Cullen out there.

"I know, right?" He jokes. "I may even have the hunky shirtless poster of his inside my closet." He sighs pointing to the picture of the poster online. Edward Cullen is shirtless in a pair of low slung jeans and some writing, I think in Chinese is placed over his heart. A cross with the word Faith written lengthwise is on his right bicep. Generally, I think tattoos are the tackiest things, but these I want to lick. Damn it.

"Jake, I think I can promise you that that is the only way Edward Cullen would be in your closet." I joke trying to deflect Jake from noticing my shifting thighs. Freaking leaky hooha.

"A girl can dream, can't she?" I roll my eyes when he says this.

"Sure, hun. Though with Paul's hunky ass as your boyfriend, I'm surprised you could even look at Edward Cullen." Ok, Paul is hot. But he is nowhere near Edward Cullen's level. Not that I'd admit that out loud.

"Please, girl, Paul is the one who bought me the poster." He laughs and I really have no smart reply for that.

"Speaking of Paul, where is he with the pizza?" Yep, I'm changing the subject. Jake knows me too well; he rolls his eyes and text Paul to see where he is.


Three weeks after the disastrous meeting with Edward Cullen, I had pretty much shoved it to the back of my mind. I was at my part-time job at the restaurant, where I picked up some extra cash to help pay my school fees. Financial aid is great, but when you're raising a thirteen year old boy you need more than the small refund a semester to live on.

"Seth with Jake and Paul tonight?" Angela asks.

"As usual. I think Paul just enjoys Seth coming over, so he has someone to watch football with and Jake loves to Mother Seth. So, it works out well for all of us." I smile.

"That's good." She smiles. "You got lucky that Jake decided to stay in Seattle, instead of going to San Francisco." That is so true. Jake had applied to a UCSF, but decided to stay closer to home and Paul.

"Bella, catch table twelve, will you?" Tony my manager tells me coming by. The table is right beside my station, but actually located in Heather's. However, I notice she has a huge group of rowdy college guys keeping her busy, so I know why I got the extra table now. I walk over to the group of people. I counted ten of them and sigh. I hope they tip well.

"Hi, welcome to Coral Bay, I'm Bella, can I get your drink order while you check out the menu?" I ask while handing out the menus.

"Sure, babe, I'll have a Corona with lime." The velvet, evil voice taunts me.

Holy shit. It can't be. He's seated right beside where I'm standing. I guess that's why I didn't notice him when I walked up. As I write down the rest of the groups' drink orders, I try to ignore the fact that Edward Cullen is seated at this table and I have to serve him. Of course, the thought of serving him is both heaven and hell. My hooha says, 'oh, yes please,' while my brain says, 'hell, no'. I rush over to put their drink order in and take a much needed deep breath. I can do this. I tell myself. It's kinda sad though, I don't even believe me.

I return quickly with their drinks, making sure to ignore the bad-ass pretty boy, who's button down shirt is open enough where I can see some of his chest which is utterly lickable. I smell cinnamon hot balls and notice that it's coming from him. Oh God, he smells like sex and candy. Yum. Great, now the song is stuck in my head. Wasn't it about a wet dream? Yep, that's Cullen a walking, talking, living, breathing, wet dream.

They are all set to order and I'm thankful for this. I'm as polite and efficient as I can be, with damp panties and a mind that is screaming, 'get the heck out of Dodge'. I notice the older couple keeps shooting Cullen a weird look while he's ordering. Everyone else is straight up, they have no special quirks or needs, but of course, Cullen is difficult and picky. I sort of want to smack him upside the head with my tray, but that probably would a- land me in jail b- mean no tip and c- cost me my job.

"Did you get all that, sweet cheeks?" He asks condescendingly.

"Yeah, everything to the side, steak rare. You want sweet potato instead of the standard white and broccoli instead of the corn." I repeat off my order slip.

"Good, good. Now run along, sweet cheeks, this guy is starving." Unfortunately, I'm standing next to the asstard, who takes it upon himself to smack my ass.

"Edward Anthony..." Is all I hear of the older woman's hiss, as I leave to put in the order and think about offering sexual favors to Sam, the cook, to slip some arsenic into Cullen's.

"Table twelve's order. Be careful we got a picky asshole out there." Sam gives me this weird look, because I rarely complain or swear.

"It'll be about twenty for the main, give me five and I'll have their entrées heated up." He tells me and I salute him. I grab two things of the mini loaves of bread and the assortment of flavored butter pats, taking them back to the table.

"Hi, these are to tide you over while you wait. Your spinach dip and mozzarella sticks will be around ten minutes," always give a longer wait, that's what the cooks say, because anything can happen to delay, "and about half an hour for your main course." I smile. "Is there anything else I can get you while you wait?"

"Can I get a bottle of water?" A blond Goddess, with a face full of disdain asks.

"Of course, anything else?" They decline and I notice Cullen is quiet this time.

After the place calms down some, only three tables in my section are still going. One of them is Cullen's. It's then that I have more time to observe who he is here with. I guess, I shouldn't be surprised that the giant guy from the track and the guy with the perm were joining Cullen. If I remember right, the big guy's last name is Cullen too.

I go about the rest of the evening, dealing with my other tables and making sure Edward Cullen and his people are taken care off. Tony informs me that he is a special guest and to make sure that his table is kept happy. I guess keeping them happy means a flow of alcoholic beverages and meat for the big guy. It's closing time and Cullen and his people have been here for hours, laughing and eating, with no signs of leaving. Tony said we can't close until they are ready to go. It sucks because it's Tony and I stuck here with Sam and Embry, one of the other kitchen guys until pretty boy decides to leave. My feet are killing me, I'm exhausted and the tips tonight have sucked. Freaking economy.

"Bella, go check and see if they need anything else." Tony orders. Not that he's mean about it, but being the boss it's an order. I groan a little standing up on my aching feet and head back out to check on the people who just won't leave.

"Hi, is everything ok here? Is there anything else I can get you?" I offer in the nicest voice I can manage, at almost one am.

"Oh, dear, we're fine." The kind older woman tells me. She then gets a startled look on her face before looking down at her watch. "Oh my word! It's almost one in the morning." She is shocked I guess. "Dear, doesn't the restaurant close at midnight?" She asks me and I give a little nod.

"Yes, ma'am, but it's alright. You all seemed to be having such a great time; we hated to break it up." She was too nice for me to give my real response of, 'My boss worships Cullen, that's why you don't have to go'.

"Could you grab us the bill?" The older blond gentleman, who is kind of a hottie for an old guy asks me politely and I nod. Internally I'm doing a happy dance because this means I can go home soon.

I rush over and do the total on the bill, intending to take it back over and ask if they want a to go box for any of the leftovers, not that the big guy really left anything, but it's restaurant policy. I look up to find Cullen and the older gentleman standing at the checkout register. I walk over and give them their two hundred dollar check, with a smile. I'm handed a black credit card. Wow, it's sleek as hell, never seen one of these before.

"If you can just sign here?" I ask the older man politely. He smiles and signs. Cullen is giving me this know-it-all smirk and I'm trying my best to ignore him. My panties were finally dry and I was damned if I was walking home damp.

"Have a good evening, dear." Older guy, who by his signature is named Carlisle Cullen, says sincerely and I smile.

"Thank you, you as well." I reply. Cullen is still standing there when older Cullen walks away.

"Night, Princess." He draws before following older Cullen to leave.

I take a breath and go get the bucket to bus their table, since Colin the bus boy has already left. The sight of big Cullen's empty plate made me laugh. He had ordered the Molten Lava cake for dessert. And I swear, the plate looks as if he licked it clean. Though the sight of the fifty dollar bill poking out from under one of the plates shocks me, I go to pull it out and a second fifty falls out from behind it. A hundred dollar tip? Holy crow. I've been on shift since seven pm and this was more than all my other tips combined. Not that I didn't deserve it between Cullen smacking my butt and working their table for almost four hours. But, still I felt bad that I didn't get a chance to say thank you.

"Hey, Bella, get out of here, I'll take care of this." Tony lets me know and if it wasn't for the fact it's his fault I'm still here, I'd hug him with thanks.

"See you Tuesday, Tony." I wave and head back to the employee lounge to grab the rest of my stuff before heading home.

The main reason I picked this restaurant to work at was its proximity to my apartment. It only takes about ten to fifteen minutes to walk depending on people and weather. This time of night, with it being clear, it should be ten. Thank God. My feet are protesting to that, even. I finger my pepper spray - even though the neighborhood is relatively safe, you can never be too careful - and begin walking.

Half way home, I could swear I've seen the same car drive by four or five times. It could just be me and my exhaustion talking, but it made me edgy. So, I pick up the pace and finally hit my building. I rush in and up the stairs to mine and Seth's tiny shoebox of a two-bedroom apartment. I take a deep breath as I close and lock the door. If I had the energy, I'd shower, but I lack that. So I shrug off the crisp white blouse and thigh length black skirt before firing off a text to Jake to let him know I'm home. Followed by crawling into bed in my underwear. Cotton boy-shorts are the best invention in ladies undies ever, in my humble opinion. The light from a street light keeps my room from being too dark and I snuggle into my soft pillow. I swear if I wasn't so tired I'd be pissed at myself, for as I drifted off to sleep, all I could see was that damn smirk and intense green eyes.


Sunday was blissfully Cullen-free. I woke up at ten, only because Seth and Paul came in screaming about needing real food. Jake apparently went on an organic food diet, for his complexion for the pageant. So, I ended up frying eggs and bacon. Yeah, healthy I know. After we ate, I made them help me tidy up the apartment. It might be small, but at least it was going to be clean. Paul left around one and Seth talked me into playing Yahtzee with him. Being Sunday, I made sure we both had clean clothes for school the next day. Seth and I got out books around seven and studied while America's Funniest Home Videos played in the background.

Monday didn't go as peacefully though.

"Bella, can't I just stay home this once?" Seth, like most teenage boys is trying to talk me out of sending him to school. I'm standing firm though.

"Seth, get in the car." I laugh and he groans. "Make it every day this week and we'll order pizza and rent movies Friday night." I promise. He beams, because this is a treat.

"Cool!" He rushes down the stairs in front of me and I mentally thank the Cullen table for that nice tip, which allows me the extra money to treat Seth to pizza and movies this weekend.

I drop Seth off at his middle school before driving to Seattle Pacific University where I'm majoring in Early Childhood Education. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my busy days for class and even though I work on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I still have one class on Tuesday and Thursday.

"Bella!" Angela greets as I start walking to our first class.

"Hey, Ang." I smile at her in welcome.

"So, how late did you get stuck at work Saturday?"

"At one am, I finally got out." I roll my eyes and she laughs.

"Yeah, I told Ben that Edward Cullen was at the restaurant and I swear he was so excited I met the guy we had the best sex ever. I'm a little worried though, I mean, was it the adrenaline, or does Edward Cullen turn him on?" She laughs, she might say she's worried, but she knows Ben is hers.

"Oh, I think it was the excitement, Ang, we both know Ben loves his leggy brunettes to have breast." We both giggle and head in to class.


After classes, I pick Seth up from his friend Riley's house. Riley's Mom lets Seth come over for the hour after school that I'm still in class. And even though I've offered to pay her many times, she always declines saying he'd probably be coming over anyways since the boys are best friends.

"So, was today good?" I ask him on the way home.

"It was alright. I mean, school is school." He tells me.

"True." I hold back my laugh. Seth has finally hit that age where school is un-cool. And even though I know he secretly loves it, he'd never admit it in a million years.

We get home and I heat us up some canned ravioli. It's filling, decent tasting and cheap. Especially if you buy it in the big family sized store brand cans. Seth is downing his second bowl when someone knocks at the door.

"Did Jake loose his key?" Seth mutters around his mouth full of food.

"I don't know." I reply going to the door and looking out the peephole. There is a guy in uniform, with a box in his hand. Huh. I grab my pepper spray and put it in my pocket before crack the door leaving the chain on. "Hi, can I help you?" I ask suspiciously.

"Are you Isabella Swan?" I nod. "This is a delivery for you, if you could just sign here." Seth comes to the other side of the door where the guy can't see him, his baseball bat in hand just in case, and I open the door to sign. The delivery guy hands me a box and leaves.

"What is it, Bella?" Seth asks excitedly after we relock up.

"A box?" I reply with sarcasm. He groans.

"Open it."

I have to get a knife to cut through the tape, before I can get it open. Inside there is a note on a brightly wrapped gift that says, For the Kid. I hand Seth the package and he rips it open. It's one of those jerseys that the Motocross guys were wearing and the back says 04 Cullen. What the hell?

"He autographed it, Bella!" Seth is doing this hopping around jiggling his ass in crazy ass happy dance. "This is so cool!" I look in the box and there is a note.


My Mom informed me that I acted like a jackass and I needed to apologize. So, I'm sorry for being a jackass.


Alrighty, then.

How the hell did he get my address? I mean, the jersey made Seth's year and the apology was nice in its own cocky way. But still how does he know my full name and where I live? I mean, if I'd introduced myself as Bella Swan, then I could see Google or something helping him. But all he knew me as, was Bella. Tony. I bet he told him. Damnit. I need that job, so if I go in there bitching I could lose it. Calm down, Bella. What is the likelihood that Cullen is ever going to contact you again? I mean, he was just doing what Mommy told him to do. True.

For the moment I try to push my unease away, and concentrate on how happy Seth is. Seth is what matters, I owe it to Charlie and Sue.


Saturday, Tony let me go at eleven, but paid me till midnight. He said it was to make up for working later last Saturday. Personally, I think it's guilt over giving out my address. Not that I'd confront him with that.

Getting home early kind of threw off my night. Generally, I come in, shower then crash out. Now, I'm wondering if I should go upstairs and get Seth. Yes for selfish reasons, I'm lonely and bored. But then again he's probably sleeping and I'd feel guilty for waking him up. The knock on the door brought a smile to my face. Jake must have told Seth I was home, so he rushed down to hang out with me. I walk over and open the door, trying to figure out why he didn't just use his key.

"Well, good evening, princess." Cullen is standing in front of me, looking all hot and bad boy-esque. I mentally kick myself for not looking out the peep hole first.

"What are you doing here?" Rude, I know.

"Checking out the view, I'm thinking." He looks me up and down. I can't stop the blush as I realize I'm only wearing my normal PJs of shorts and a tank top. Freaking Cullen. "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

"Let me think about that." I pause dramatically. "No." I say firmly.

"To bad," He walks over hefts me up over his left shoulder, shuts the door and smacks my ass. I soon find myself plopped on the sofa.

"What the hell, Cullen?" I demand.

"Such language, princess," He snarks, "Now, sweet cheeks, how did the kid like the jersey?"

"He loved it, thanks." I mumble out ungratefully.

"Good." He nods.

"Why are you here, Cullen?" I finally demand.

"Shit, I don't know." He runs a hand through his unruly hair. "Probably because I couldn't fucking stay away."

"So, stalking me is your solution? Or is this breaking and entering?" I taunt him.

"You know there are so many different ways we can be utilizing that smart mouth of yours, instead of you bitching at me." He tells me. At this he's leaning over me, his eyes almost black. Faster than I could have avoided, at least that's what I tell myself he crushes his lips to mine.

Oh shit.

I push him off, with great reluctance. On so many levels, this is wrong, the main one being I don't know this guy. The other one being, he may in fact be a stalker.

"Sorry, pretty boy, I don't kiss before a second date." I use my sarcastic front to try and scare him off.

"Well, then, we should probably start with a first date." He lifts his eyebrow and I kinda wanna lick that, but that makes me feel like a perv, so I squash that thought.

"Are you asking me out, bike boy?"

"I must be losing my touch if you actually have to ask that." God, he's a cocky bastard. "So, Princess, what are you doing tonight?" You? Bad Bella, stop it.


"So, I'll pick you up at say six?" I roll my eyes.

"Oh, why the hell not. If you go now, you can pick me up at six. But I have to be home by nine thirty." I inform him.

"See you tonight, princess." He kisses the top of my head and jets out the door.

Great, now I have to explain to Jake I have a date with Cullen and talk him into babysitting. And, I need to figure out how to get my lips to stop tingling. It was short, but damn that boy can kiss.

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