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Bella's POV

When I was little, Dad used to tell me stories about places far away that I never thought I'd get to see. He told me of a land with royalty that spoke with a funny accent, a city built on water where people travelled by gondolas to get around. Of a place down under with koala bears and that thought it was cool to BBQ their shrimp. Like I said, I never thought I'd see these places. My husband thought a world tour was a great idea for our honeymoon.

Today I sit sipping tea in a hotel overlooking the Thames River. Yesterday we danced in a night club in Paris. In two days we are going to travel to Italy to the Amalfi coast for some sun and sand.

It's like a fairy tale, with my very own prince charming. One who got my name tattooed on his ass as a wedding present. Please note the eye roll that I'm inserting here, since he knows I'm not big on tats.

I would say the thought was sweet; however I know that the thought was actually a mass amount of tequila that he and his brothers consumed before hitting up their usual tat guy. Though at least he didn't end up like Em, who now has Woody Wood Pecker tattooed on his inner thigh with the beak pointed towards—. You guessed it, his pecker.

The guys really deserved to let loose though, we had a hell of a couple of months leading up to the wedding. Alonzo Wallace's trial was not an easy thing for any of us. Testifying on the stand, having some of the worst moments of my life put out there for all to see was hard. So hard that I spent a few months talking to a therapist to try to come to terms with my attack and having to relive it in front of the world.

Edward stood by me the whole time, never faltering in his support. He even offered to off the bastard so we wouldn't have to go to trial, but I declined. I had horrible visions of him going to jail and leaving me to live my life without him.

In the end, no matter how much the defense tried to play it that I led him on, Lonnie was found guilty of attempted murder. That knife and his verbal threats sealed the deal. He also was sent back east to serve out his life in jail. I told the police about Sam Uley—the actual victim, not the fake ID. They looked into him and found that a guy in Arizona named Sam Uley went missing about the same time as Lonnie's escape. His family was informed, and was finally given some closure when Lonnie agreed to tell them where the body was to avoid the death penalty.

Before the trial even started, Alice gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that she and Jasper named Callie—after the state she was conceived in. Callie was the complete opposite of her rambunctious cousin Faith. Calm and peaceful were the best words to describe her, while Faith was hell on wheels.

When Faith decided she liked me, we bonded. She became my sweet girl who loved to cuddle with me and cried if I left her for too long. However, she is her father's daughter and if there was trouble to be found she was going to get into it. At almost three she was mobile, and all the plants had to be either hung up higher or moved to another house. Faith and plants do not mix, she loved to stick her fingers in and play in the dirt. Faith and TV remotes also do not mix. She loves to hide them from everyone and sits and giggles while we all try to find them.

She has her sweet moments too, curling up on my lap wanting hugs and kisses—the first time she came to me to kiss her boo boo instead of going to Edward, or when she suddenly started calling me Mommy—after checking with Edward that it was ok, I never stopped her. For all intents and purposes, and in my heart, I am her Mommy. Lauren, her biological Mom, was dead, and had only a distant relative or two out there that wanted nothing to do with Faith. So I claimed her as mine, and she claimed me as hers.

Seth fell in with his old friends in Forks, kids from elementary school were so excited to have him back home, and I could tell he was just as happy to be here. I have to say that the safety factor of living in a small town compared to Seattle has helped both Seth and I. We no longer needed to stand by the door with a baseball bat, or worry as much about someone breaking in.

As for old Forks friends, I've also been able to bond with a few of my friends from school, as well as some of Dad and Sue's old friends who were ecstatic to have Seth and I back around. Shockingly my old nemesis Nina had become a good friend since coming home to Forks. Her bullying ways from school gone, and a sweet lady came in her place. After a night of wine and hanging out—when Edward was riding on the east coast and I couldn't go—I found out that her father liked to hit his kids, and her bullying was her way of acting out and coping with the abuse.

I have to add that the move has been good for helping to build bridges between Jake and his Dad Billy as well. For a long time, though Billy loved his son and tried to support him, he found it hard to understand his son claiming he was a woman trapped in a man's body. To Billy, Jake was his beloved son—his only son. Then one day, his son was wearing a dress and more makeup than his daughters combined. Since Jake has been coming back and forth to visit with Seth and I, he and Billy have spent more time together. With that time, Billy has been able to reconcile that sweet little boy he raised with the Jake/Jatina that the boy became. So much so that Billy walked Jake down the aisle when he married Paul a few months ago.

Looking at my life now, I would have never guessed that the bad boy I tried so hard to avoid would be the best choice for me and everyone I love. That a guy with an adrenaline addiction, tattoos and a foul mouth would have the most loving heart, and sweetest soul of any man I'd ever met (outside my Dad). Knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with Edward, to grow old and have a family with him made me giddy inside and so content at the same time. Life might never be perfect, troubles might come and go, but I'd have Edward and that really is enough for me.

"Hey, Princess, wanna get naked and have some fun in that kick ass Jacuzzi tub?" My already naked husband asks.

"Cullen, when don't I want to get naked with you?" Laughing, he rushes over and picks me up to lead me to the next step in our lives together. And I have to say, I really approve of naked-wet fun time with Cullen any day.

*sniffs* it's over...

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