Disclaimer: I don't own Dirty Sexy Money.

Author's Note: Inspired by the O/E challenges on Supernatural, I thought I would challenge myself to write weekly drabbles in DSM – 100 words exactly or 500 words exactly. Using 's word of the day, and the first one was this. So here's a nice little drabble, starring Brian and Nick, taking place after the end of the show. 100 words.


"You know, there's a word for people like you," Brian's voice was unemotional but Nick stiffened on the couch he was lying on. "Well, men like you anyway."

Nick didn't reply, which Brian took to mean he could carry on. "It's from French. The word's 'couvade'." Nick looked at Brian distrustfully.

"It's when a man experiences the pregnancy his wife's going through." Brian's smirking by now, "Although you're not married to Karen yet, are you?"

Despite the nausea and the stomach cramps, Nick sits himself up. "Maybe it's the dodgy shellfish I ate?" Brian smiles angelically at him before leaving.